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Because the white rabbit is Justin Bieber. Oh God, Justin Bieber has slept with VS models and you haven't.

5 Weird Search Terms You Used, You Mooncalf

Woo boy! It’s almost five and that means drinking time! Let’s bang out a Five Weird Search Terms so the boss doesn’t suspect we already started drinking this morning at our desk. The rules, as […]

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Now you can demolish your breakfast the way Rousey demolishes opponents.

Ronda Rousey Is Going to Annihilate That Sandwich

Here’s that Ronda Rousey Carl’s Jr. commercial you’ve been looking forward to, if only because you wanted them to prove us right about calling this sandwich “a knockout.” The only part we got wrong was […]

Writers–21 hours ago

It's on.

LFL Footballers ChrisDell Harris & Dakota Hughes

When last we checked in with the Legends Football League, Western Conference contenders Monique Gaxiola and KK Matheny were set to brawl for it all. And boy, was it close, but the Mist eventually trumped LA. […]

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Mike Finoia and Ralph Sutton can just take this podcast over and make it enjoyable as far as we're concerned.

Podcast: Cliffhanger! Pt. 2: Final Reckoning

Comedian Mike Finoia & SDR Show host Ralph Sutton join us to discuss standup, bombing, joke theft, and The Fat Jew fallout. Also: weed. Lots and lots and lots of talk about weed.

23 hours ago

Onward--to adventure!

‘Battleborn’ Producer Chris Tomas: a Tapestry of Many Colors

A first-person shooter with 25 playable heroes–does that sound good or what? Add in the fact that it’s multiplayer and done by Gearbox (yeah, Borderlands) and it doesn’t just sound good but looks good, you […]