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Watch Stunt Rider Surf On His Motorbike

Stunt rider Robbie ‘Maddo’ Maddison does what seems like the impossible and catches a wave on his dirt bike.

13 hours ago

Monster SuperStar BackFloat floating Bluetooth speaker

Gear: Superstar Speaker Makes A Splash

Water and electronics generally don’t mix… unless you’re talking about Monster’s SuperStar BackFloat waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

15 hours ago

Qu'est-ce-que ce dit?

4 Movie MacGuffins That Raise More Questions Than Answers

MacGuffins happen when even the writer just wants to get on with the next fight scene. They’re objects which exist only to give the characters something to do, a reason to live, and a way […]

23 hours ago


The Pogues Make Their Own Whiskey, Perhaps Inevitably

How did it take till now to get a Pogues brand whiskey? The only thing more fitting would be like…nothing. Via Paste, the many-membered band is putting their name on a new bottle of the stuff from Skibbereen’s West […]

Writers–23 hours ago

Gonna say this is...non? Heinous?

Bill & Ted Are Back (as a Porn Spoof)

The Wyld Stallyns just got a little wylder. Adult film studio WoodRocket, which has never shied from parodying that which must not be parodied (Weird & Naked UHF??! You cannot parody Weird Al without tampering in […]