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Now we're gonna have fun forever.

My Drunk Music Festival in South Beach Part 3

In case you missed part one of my epic Miami experience, click here. For part 2, click here.

10 hours ago

Or whatever it's called in French.

Facts and Stats: The WWF/E European Championship

In 1997, WWF was nearing what would become known as the Attitude Era, a time in wrestling focused on hot angles, bloody matches and scantily clad women. Prior to that, Bret Hart and his Hart […]

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(EA Sports FIFA 16)

EA Sports Adds Women’s National Teams For FIFA 16 Video Game

With the Women’s World Cup kicking off in Vancouver, Canada in a few days, the video game giant announced the addition of twelve Women’s National Teams to FIFA 16 game.

16 hours ago

Tough to sneak up on people when you glow, but that's why Lobo is the best.

‘Lobo’ #7 Is Literally Mind-Blowing

Of all characters in DC Comics’ New 52 reboot, Lobo has surely undergone the biggest shift. The character who once began as a spoof of how ludicrous Wolverine was (back in the day when Marvel’s mutant could […]

Writers–17 hours ago

(Photo via Instagram/HassanWhiteside)

Watch Hassan Whiteside Make Fun of His Mortal NBA 2K Rating

Hassan Whiteside, the rebounding, shot-blocking, skull-crushing machine for the Miami Heat, is still hung up on his NBA2K rating it appears. You see, despite the monstrous season averaging a double-double while throwing down a barrage of 20-20 […]

18 hours ago