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10 Gadgets We Want from the Consumer Electronics Show

The Las Vegas Consumer Entertainment Show (CES) comes and goes like a storm — leaving a ton of high-tech devices in its wake. Finding what there is to get excited about isn’t easy. But we [...]


Poised for greatness.

‘Muscle Confusion’ but His Brain Is Sharp

You’ve probably seen Mike Vecchione on Last Comic Standing or The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, but now he’s releasing his very first standup comedy album, Muscle Confusion, and we should all be excited. The [...]


Of course the real Maximinus was bigger. You're looking at his father, Miniminus Thrax.

The Peasant Soldier Who Became Emperor

Not every athlete in history wants to be one. Some feel like they have a more important calling and even though their natural ability could see them become superstars, some athletes just want a different [...]


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‘Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge’ Wants You to Build the Next New “Thing”

Few reality shows, make than none, require their contestants to possess the kind of creativity, skill and overall chutzpa as does the SyFy network’s Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. That’s because it’s not about just [...]


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GUY CODE: 5 Catholic Saints Who Loved Beer

St. Patrick wasn’t Irish, which explains why the emerald isle’s patron saint wasn’t know for partying like a beast. But you know who did? St. Augustine of Hippo. The future doctor of the church’s entire [...]