Now how you expected a cashier to punch up your purchases.

Tales from Walmart II: Violence by the Pound

Last time, I discussed some of the sexual shenanigans that went on during my three-year nightmare working for Walmart. And what goes better with sex? Why, violence of course! And yes, I witnessed more than […]


Zucchini: grows like weeds, tastes like water.

The MCD Guide to Sneaking a Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch

Every August 8th thousands of people across the States celebrate an obscure holiday known as Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night and it entails exactly what you’re picturing in your head right now. Sneaking out […]


The jury's decision hinged on some obscure claws.

The 12 Weirdest Lawsuits of All Time

Being a judge must be difficult. Not only do you have to decide the fate of people on a regular basis, you also have to deal with some of the most ridiculous lawsuits that anyone […]



The Worst Things that Ever Happened on a Riding Mower

For many suburban, middle-aged males, owning a riding mower is the ultimate reward for a lifetime of toil. A mechanized, potentially hazardous steed that both symbolizes a man’s mastery of the 5,000 or so square […]


We're always hungry, so this explains a lot.

Study: Hungry Men Attracted To Bigger Women

A British study has discovered that hungry men are more attracted to curvier women with larger breasts. Hunh. Well ain’t that an odd thing. But hang on — whose hypothesis was this? Was a scientist […]


Good and cheap -- just like you, but good!

Fake It Till You Bake It with 8 Killer Recipes from ‘Good and Cheap’

Leanne Brown is a friend to bachelorkind.


These are really good seats.

Minor League Madness

Professional sports, and especially baseball, tends to play things safe where it comes to team names. With the exception of the Braves, Indians, and the Reds (a slur on communists?), there’s not even really much […]



Review: ‘Good Advice From Bad People’

The title of personal finance writer Zac Bissonnette‘s new book, Good Advice From Bad People, is high-concept enough to give the average book store jacket peruser a pretty fair idea of what’s to come. “Hmm… […]


Neat trick: If you borrow Roddy Piper's sunglasses, this sign transforms to say "OBEY."

Tales from Walmart: Sex in Aisle 12

During the early 2000s, I spent three long, miserable working for what many consider (and with good reason) to be the absolute worst company in the world. People in depressed areas might know it as […]


Birds taking to the skies.
 (courtesy of Bird Flight Media)

Bird Advertising Takes Flight

One of the biggest complaints about advertising (besides it often lying about whatever it is taking about) is that it’s not “green” — paper and plastic and all kinds of paraphernalia used to promote a […]



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