Drunk Badger hangover

Drunk Badger Is That One Guy at the Bar

Why can’t we have fun without some mean drunk picking a fight? It’s always some little hairy guy that wants to take on somebody bigger. Case in point: this drunk badger. Oh man, which of you guys […]


He was later chased by Gromit, with Wallace in hot pursuit.

Drunk Squirrel Acts Just like You, Ruins Everything

A BBC story that reads more like something out of The Daily Mail is reporting that a squirrel threw itself one hell of a rager, running rampant on a club’s taps, smashing some bottles, and […]


Grohl rebuked his bending the knee, because the Foo Fighters are plainly Wildlings.

Foo Fighters Bring Fan on Stage to Drum for His Birthday

Foo Fighter’s front man and Westboro Baptist Church troll Dave Grohl gave a fan a birthday present that will last a lifetime. According to his YouTube page, Anthony Bifolchi was near the front row of the concert, holding […]


Some idiot probably thinks Alessandra Ambrosio is a mermaid.

5 Weird Search Terms You Used, You Goon

You know the story: you look up weird search terms, Man Cave, as always, turns out to be what you were looking for all along. These are the bizarre queries that brought you to our […]


Assuming its name brought you to us, that is.

Return of the 5 Weird Search Terms You Used

Oh, happy traveler! You have quested long and far on the internet, and here, at last, have you arrived at the font of all knowledge. Man Cave Daily is your final destination for all search […]


And none of them is Screech, although he is kind of a lunatic.

4 Singers Who Got Famous Screeching like Lunatics

When you’re an entertainer it’s often not merely enough to be talented. You need to have a gimmick. Whether it’s Lady Gaga’s random bric-a-brac ensembles or Kanye West’s public personae of a spoiled child, a performer […]


(Photo by Loren Kerns/Flickr)

Your Beards Are As Disgusting And Dirty As A Toilet, Says Science

Hey beard growers: next time you’re in the shower, you may want to give your facial hair some extra scrubbing.



Florida Man Breaks Into Ex’s Home, Poops on Everything

What’s the first order of business after getting released from prison after getting arrested on charges of domestic battery, criminal mischief, and resisting arrest? For Michael Anthony Johnson, a true Florida Man, it’s breaking into […]


(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Video: Cooking Bacon With Machine Guns

The internet always has a little something new for us to marvel over. The latest craze is people cooking bacon with their machine guns.


Never grip a spear that far down.

Nature’s Most Weaponized Penises

When a young boy is growing accustomed to the relationship with his penis, it does not take him long to realize that a few “pew! pew!” noises can turn what seems to be a mere […]