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Fake It Till You Bake It with 8 Killer Recipes from ‘Good and Cheap’

Leanne Brown is a friend to bachelorkind.


These are really good seats.

Minor League Madness

Professional sports, and especially baseball, tends to play things safe where it comes to team names. With the exception of the Braves, Indians, and the Reds (a slur on communists?), there’s not even really much […]



Review: ‘Good Advice From Bad People’

The title of personal finance writer Zac Bissonnette‘s new book, Good Advice From Bad People, is high-concept enough to give the average book store jacket peruser a pretty fair idea of what’s to come. “Hmm… […]


Neat trick: If you borrow Roddy Piper's sunglasses, this sign transforms to say "OBEY."

Tales from Walmart: Sex in Aisle 12

During the early 2000s, I spent three long, miserable working for what many consider (and with good reason) to be the absolute worst company in the world. People in depressed areas might know it as […]


Birds taking to the skies.
 (courtesy of Bird Flight Media)

Bird Advertising Takes Flight

One of the biggest complaints about advertising (besides it often lying about whatever it is taking about) is that it’s not “green” — paper and plastic and all kinds of paraphernalia used to promote a […]


It's a dirty job, but someone had to do it.

Review: ‘Mother Nature Is Trying to Kill You’

Immediately after seeing the title of this book, I knew it was going to be hard giving it a fair and honest review. I love the disturbing and horrible side of nature, and Dr. Dan […]


Elephant included for scale.

Australian Thieves Steal 11-ton Mango

Oh, Australia — you do love living up to your twin stereotypes of A) drunk and B) criminal. If you’re not stealing penguins, you’re using some kind of incredible vehicle to make off with an […]


Robert Rhine has a...passion for corpses 
(Photo courtesy of Robert Rhine)

‘Girls and Corpses’ Publisher Robert Rhine

Lots of folks like girls…but corpses? To find both together, grab a copy of Girls and Corpses magazine. Publisher and “Deaditor-In-Chief” Robert Rhine is the driver for this wild ride. As he explains… Man Cave […]


This joke will pay off later.

The Terrifying Future, Part 2!

Remember when we gave you an awful glimpse of The Terrifying Future? Your ordeal isn’t over, Sam! You’re destined to bounce through time like a quantum ping pong ball, until you’ve comprehended every awful thing […]


How many meanings can you think of for "mushroom cloud"? Two. The number is two.

Apoopalypse Now!

by E. Reid Ross The topic of poop isn’t a people pleaser. I get that. But this is for your own good. This is something you need to know. It’s precisely because we don’t like […]



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