Strange but True

Half-Naked Model Walks City Streets...but Nobody Notices
Guy Steals Beer Truck, Runs Over Self with Beer Truck: Cops
Drunk Duck Fights Dog in Baffling Bar Brawl
This Man's Beard Has Ruined No-Shave November For The World
Man Arrested Attempting to Sing Justin Bieber at Innocent Children (Twice)
Man Gets Caught Smuggling 48,000 Cans Of Heineken Disguised As Pepsi ColaAlcohol is illegal in Saudi Arabia and some people go to great lengths to smuggle it into the Middle Eastern country.
Man Books Vacation of a Lifetime While Black-Out Drunk
Cat Goes on Seven-Week Bender
4 Godzilla Films That Were Too Insane To Make
Soccer Hooligans Throwing Goddamn Chairs Now
"Hell on Wheels" Arrested in West Virgina
Austria Transport Ministry Regulates Hoverboard Use
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