Look Out, Drugs. Turtles Are the Smuggler’s Item of Choice
Upset Over Salad & Wildcat Loss, KY Man Punches Grandparents
The Winner Of Zimbabwe's "Mr. Ugly" Competition Is An Inspiration
Man Gets Caught Smuggling 48,000 Cans Of Heineken Disguised As Pepsi ColaAlcohol is illegal in Saudi Arabia and some people go to great lengths to smuggle it into the Middle Eastern country.
Porn-Induced Target Orgy Thwarted by Brave Crying Baby
Eat a 30-lb. Burrito & Win Part Ownership of a Restaurant
The 10 Weirdest Sex Scenes in Hollywood
Klay Thompson Probably Regrets Cheating on Hannah Stocking
Here Are Some Lingerie Models Having a Cake Fight
Online Fiancé turns out to be Real World Girlfriend with Sex Toy
Is Young David Koechner in This McDonald's Training Video?
The Worst Part of This "Fork in Penis" Story...

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