How many meanings can you think of for "mushroom cloud"? Two. The number is two.

Apoopalypse Now!

by E. Reid Ross The topic of poop isn’t a people pleaser. I get that. But this is for your own good. This is something you need to know. It’s precisely because we don’t like [...]


You're eating Thanksgiving dinner in the mirror universe today!

These Thanksgiving-Flavored Foods Should Not Exist

by Jason Iannone During the fall season, the most non pumpkin-flavored thing on the planet is, oddly enough, pumpkin itself. Seriously, have you ever tried eating pure, unseasoned pumpkin straight out of the gourd or [...]


What you can't see is the mantis is wearing a tiny t-shirt with Steven's face on it.

Enter the Bug Man

by E. Reid Ross If you’re looking for a career in the entertainment field, the good news is that you don’t have to be a brooding pretty boy or a top-heavy anorexic in order to [...]



The Most Bizarre SkyMall Products

written by Rob Fee If you’ve ever been stuck on a long flight, chances are you’ve flipped through the pages of a SkyMall catalog. While some of the products are innovative and somewhat useful, many [...]


This isn't a cut scene. This is the game's final boss battle.

The Oddest Video Game Ever?

by Jason Iannone As you probably gathered from all our penis jokes, beer references, hot girl galleries, and tributes to men who can beat the living daylights out of six people while eating a 48-ounce [...]


Can't tell if this is turning us on to pudding or off to butts. Better watch it 100 more times to be sure.

Make Your Pudding…Twerk?

by Brendan McGinley Twerking. We all love it. Some of us even do it, secretly, in our rooms, wishing for just one minute we could feel pretty. Sigh… This totally not overblown cultural phenomenon has [...]


20 Gross Tweets from 20 Cute Girls

by Rob Fee We all know that guys are disgusting creatures. The only hope left for humanity is the illusion that girls are these delicate, wonderful creatures that don’t do all those repulsive things. Unfortunately [...]


It's a commentary on artists who sign their work. "But don't you see," sighs the exasperated Jack Russell terrier, "The art IS the signature!" Then he sips a coffee and scoffs at things.

The World’s Most Disgusting Art

by E. Reid Ross Remember that “Piss Christ” guy, Andres Serrano, and the controversy he stirred up back in the 1980s? Well, he was neither the first, nor will he be the last to scoop [...]


Is This Weird Ad a Real Brazilian Starbucks Commercial?

by Brendan McGinley Update: YouTube has no sense of humor and has taken the video down, even though it contains neither nudity nor sex. So here it is on Vimeo instead. We no longer like [...]


This is some weird fetish stuff that, honestly, I’m not into. Have some respect for yourself, young lady.

…But Is It Porn?

Not seeing any pictures? Try clicking this link: by Rob Fee So originally we wanted to do a series of innocent stock photos and stick the logo of a certain online adult film company on [...]