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Florida Woman to Judge: ‘F–k This Court, You Take It Up The Ass’

Tamah Jada Clark, Florida Woman, feels her civil rights were violated when “she was arrested nearly five years ago,” via Raw Story. Do tell, Tamah, do tell. Tamah Jada Clark alleges that her civil rights […]



Video: CBS News Anchor Reads Kanye West ‘Awesome’ Lyrics

It. Is. Awesome. (Unlike the original Kanye song)



Try To Watch Without Laughing; Man Farts ‘Imperial March’

Do your best and try to not laugh as this guy farts the ‘Imperial March.’


The jury's decision hinged on some obscure claws.

The 12 Weirdest Lawsuits of All Time

Being a judge must be difficult. Not only do you have to decide the fate of people on a regular basis, you also have to deal with some of the most ridiculous lawsuits that anyone […]



The Worst Things that Ever Happened on a Riding Mower

For many suburban, middle-aged males, owning a riding mower is the ultimate reward for a lifetime of toil. A mechanized, potentially hazardous steed that both symbolizes a man’s mastery of the 5,000 or so square […]


These are really good seats.

Minor League Madness

Professional sports, and especially baseball, tends to play things safe where it comes to team names. With the exception of the Braves, Indians, and the Reds (a slur on communists?), there’s not even really much […]



Review: ‘Good Advice From Bad People’

The title of personal finance writer Zac Bissonnette‘s new book, Good Advice From Bad People, is high-concept enough to give the average book store jacket peruser a pretty fair idea of what’s to come. “Hmm… […]


Screw Rock and Hogan: TRUE wrestling champions are skinny, awkward, unfunny, and absurdly irritating.

The 11 Most Embarrassing Championship Wins In Pro Wrestling History

For something as absurd as pro wrestling, most of their championships are decided in a somewhat-realistic manner. One athlete bests another thanks to superior power and athleticism, and walks around with a shiny belt until […]


It's a dirty job, but someone had to do it.

Review: ‘Mother Nature Is Trying to Kill You’

Immediately after seeing the title of this book, I knew it was going to be hard giving it a fair and honest review. I love the disturbing and horrible side of nature, and Dr. Dan […]


Or life.

The Absolute Worster (or Bester?) in Public Access Television

President Gerald Ford summed up the utopian theme of what public access television should be: educational; cultural; innovative; excellence. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you happen to have the same sense of humor that I do), […]