Porn Company Launches Indiegogo To Fund First Ever Sex Tape Filmed In Space

Who says porn can’t be innovative? After all, the adult film industry is a billion dollar one, so actually, it only seems logical that the major players are all looking to get a foot up on the others.


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Insane Guy Decides To Eat Entire White Castle Menu In One Sitting

You may think that because they are known for the sliders that this stunt would not be that insane. You are wrong.


And none of them is Screech, although he is kind of a lunatic.

4 Singers Who Got Famous Screeching like Lunatics

When you’re an entertainer it’s often not merely enough to be talented. You need to have a gimmick. Whether it’s Lady Gaga’s random bric-a-brac ensembles or Kanye West’s public personae of a spoiled child, a performer […]


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Your Beards Are As Disgusting And Dirty As A Toilet, Says Science

Hey beard growers: next time you’re in the shower, you may want to give your facial hair some extra scrubbing.



Dude Literally Punched A Bear Trying To Attack His Chihuahua

“I ain’t lettin’ no bear eat my puppies. That ain’t gonna happen.”


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McDonald’s Customer Uses Kiosk To Make Massive 4-Pound, $25 Cheeseburger

McDonald’s has rolled out a “Create Your Taste” kiosk at select locations where you can build your own custom McD’s burger and one Chicago man took it to the extreme.


(Photo via Raw Story)

Florida Woman to Judge: ‘F–k This Court, You Take It Up The Ass’

Tamah Jada Clark, Florida Woman, feels her civil rights were violated when “she was arrested nearly five years ago,” via Raw Story. Do tell, Tamah, do tell. Tamah Jada Clark alleges that her civil rights […]



Video: CBS News Anchor Reads Kanye West ‘Awesome’ Lyrics

It. Is. Awesome. (Unlike the original Kanye song)



Try To Watch Without Laughing; Man Farts ‘Imperial March’

Do your best and try to not laugh as this guy farts the ‘Imperial March.’


The jury's decision hinged on some obscure claws.

The 12 Weirdest Lawsuits of All Time

Being a judge must be difficult. Not only do you have to decide the fate of people on a regular basis, you also have to deal with some of the most ridiculous lawsuits that anyone […]