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Screw Rock and Hogan: TRUE wrestling champions are skinny, awkward, unfunny, and absurdly irritating.

The 11 Most Embarrassing Championship Wins In Pro Wrestling History

For something as absurd as pro wrestling, most of their championships are decided in a somewhat-realistic manner. One athlete bests another thanks to superior power and athleticism, and walks around with a shiny belt until […]


It's a dirty job, but someone had to do it.

Review: ‘Mother Nature Is Trying to Kill You’

Immediately after seeing the title of this book, I knew it was going to be hard giving it a fair and honest review. I love the disturbing and horrible side of nature, and Dr. Dan […]


Or life.

The Absolute Worster (or Bester?) in Public Access Television

President Gerald Ford summed up the utopian theme of what public access television should be: educational; cultural; innovative; excellence. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you happen to have the same sense of humor that I do), […]



Completely Inappropriate Valentine Cards

Love hurts, but not as much as its side effects. However your soul is stung, it’s nothing compared to the sting of chancres, lesions, sores, and unbearable new knowledge of what the differences between those […]



Completely Inappropriate Valentine Cards

Graphics & additional text by Brendan McGinley Love hurts, but not as much as its side effects. However your soul is stung, it’s nothing compared to the sting of chancres, lesions, sores, and unbearable new […]


How many meanings can you think of for "mushroom cloud"? Two. The number is two.

Apoopalypse Now!

by E. Reid Ross The topic of poop isn’t a people pleaser. I get that. But this is for your own good. This is something you need to know. It’s precisely because we don’t like […]


You're eating Thanksgiving dinner in the mirror universe today!

These Thanksgiving-Flavored Foods Should Not Exist

During the fall season, the most non pumpkin-flavored thing on the planet is, oddly enough, pumpkin itself. Seriously, have you ever tried eating pure, unseasoned pumpkin straight out of the gourd or can? It’s awful. […]


What you can't see is the mantis is wearing a tiny t-shirt with Steven's face on it.

Enter the Bug Man

by E. Reid Ross If you’re looking for a career in the entertainment field, the good news is that you don’t have to be a brooding pretty boy or a top-heavy anorexic in order to […]



The Most Bizarre SkyMall Products

written by Rob Fee If you’ve ever been stuck on a long flight, chances are you’ve flipped through the pages of a SkyMall catalog. While some of the products are innovative and somewhat useful, many […]


This isn't a cut scene. This is the game's final boss battle.

The Oddest Video Game Ever?

by Jason Iannone As you probably gathered from all our penis jokes, beer references, hot girl galleries, and tributes to men who can beat the living daylights out of six people while eating a 48-ounce […]



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