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Competitive Eater Takes On Massive Ridiculous 12 Patty Jalapeno Cheeseburger

Matt ‘Megatoad’ Stonie is back with another food challenge. This time his challenge is a massive and frankly ridiculous cheeseburger.


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Danish Bar Lets You Shock The Bartenders While They Make Drinks

Leave it to Europe to come up with a really bat [BLEEP] crazy promotion.


This ass shot is a literal ass shot.

Hot Girl Shot in the Butt with Gummy Bears in Slow-Mo

Proving that Rule 34 is alive and well, My Rules Media posted a video of good sport and downright gorgeous young woman Golden Moeras taking a pressurized shot of Gummi Bears in the tush. And […]


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Watch All 6 Star Wars Films At Once In Insane YouTube Video

Don’t think you’ll have time to watch a six previously released ‘Star Wars’ films before the release of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’? Never fear …


And that's coming from a site called Man Cave.

The 5 Maddest Men in Manvertising

Mad Men was about advertisers being incredibly sexist @$$#()!%$ over half a century ago, and modern advertisers still think it was an educational program. Which is either a tragic shame or a terrifying example of […]



Porn Company Launches Indiegogo To Fund First Ever Sex Tape Filmed In Space

Who says porn can’t be innovative? After all, the adult film industry is a billion dollar one, so actually, it only seems logical that the major players are all looking to get a foot up on the others.


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Insane Guy Decides To Eat Entire White Castle Menu In One Sitting

You may think that because they are known for the sliders that this stunt would not be that insane. You are wrong.


And none of them is Screech, although he is kind of a lunatic.

4 Singers Who Got Famous Screeching like Lunatics

When you’re an entertainer it’s often not merely enough to be talented. You need to have a gimmick. Whether it’s Lady Gaga’s random bric-a-brac ensembles or Kanye West’s public personae of a spoiled child, a performer […]


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Your Beards Are As Disgusting And Dirty As A Toilet, Says Science

Hey beard growers: next time you’re in the shower, you may want to give your facial hair some extra scrubbing.



Dude Literally Punched A Bear Trying To Attack His Chihuahua

“I ain’t lettin’ no bear eat my puppies. That ain’t gonna happen.”