Well...that or Stamford. But Stamford's doing okay.

Where Is Gotham City Located? The Answer, at Last…

Is Gotham City more New York or more Chicago? It’s an eternal debate in comics, and one not resolved by the Dark Knight trilogy shooting in both cities. Turns out it to be neither. One […]


Space Bulk.

Nightmare Mode: The Disaster of ‘Space Hulk’

Warhammer 40K is the greatest game setting imaginable. It’s a universe where all the matter wants to kill each other, and all the physics wants to help them, preferably at melee range. Space Marine called […]


Qu'est-ce-que ce dit?

4 Movie MacGuffins That Raise More Questions Than Answers

MacGuffins happen when even the writer just wants to get on with the next fight scene. They’re objects which exist only to give the characters something to do, a reason to live, and a way […]


Look, you can either fight someone with weapons or want to sleep with them, but not both at the same time. Unless you're Daredevil and she's Elektra, and that's not a healthy relationship.

The Misogyny of Monogyny

Misogynists believe that women are inferior to men. Monogynists believe that they’re also inferior to one perfect woman. They’re the most common sub-species of misogynist, because most misogynists aren’t stumbling around the subway screaming about […]


You can't keep a logo that rad off celluloid.

Why Marvel Must Make a Ms. Marvel Movie

Marvel need to skip ahead and make a Ms. Marvel movie right now. We know they’ve already published their movie timeline, but screwing up published timelines is half of all Marvel comic events already. It […]


Anything that has to ask "Are you man enough to do this?" is probably doing so to avoid the question of whether it's worth doing.

The 5 Worst “Manly” Kickstarters

True manliness is about capability, not cooties. Which doesn’t stop dozens of dumbasses from trying to take your money with Matt Black Tactical +!++# Beer-Warmers. We’ve combed Kickstarter to compile a list of most laughably “manly” […]


Call of Duty: Black Ops is the perfect example of what we're talking about.

Zombies Will Never Die: Gaming’s Eternal Enemy

Zombies aren’t just an enemy in games, they’re the enemy of games, a horde of brainless repetition outnumbering and eviscerating what outposts of original thought remain in a dark and gritty virtual world. And they […]


"Well Mr Roosevelt, I'll see your big stick and raise you ANOTHER STICK!"

How Nunchucks Could Save The World

Nunchucks for peace! Idealists claim we must drop our weapons to walk hand in hand into a finer future. But telling people to disarm means you’re fighting them and their survival instincts, and our money […]


"Daddy's lil' monster" is exactly the shirt you'd expect a girl to wear if her boyfriend has "Damaged" tattooed on his forehead.

Excerpts from the Leaked Suicide Squad Script

We won’t see Suicide Squad until it hits theaters next summer, but fans are chomping at the bit to get their hands on any images or footage they can find. Well, we found the next best […]


Does the world still spin when you close your eyes if you're not actually on a world?

Booze in Space!

Drinking in space! Is there any way our species could better demonstrate our dominance over existence? Well, yes. There is one other thing we could be doing in space (hint: each other), but NASA haven’t […]