And that's coming from a site called Man Cave.

The 5 Maddest Men in Manvertising

Mad Men was about advertisers being incredibly sexist @$$#()!%$ over half a century ago, and modern advertisers still think it was an educational program. Which is either a tragic shame or a terrifying example of […]


The sad part is; someone had to take this picture.

I’m in the Top 1% Strongest People in the World

Recently, while sitting around a bonfire late at night with a handful of my closest friends, I made a bold statement; “I believe that I am in the top 1% strongest people in the world.” […]


He has himselfed much favor.

The Greatest Hollywood Villain (Is Not Who You Think!)

The Brits are great at exporting villains. Need someone to play a Nazi? A terrorist Nazi? A space Nazi? Go to the brits, they’ve got Merciless Empire running through their veins. So it should come […]


He's certainly a comedic genius.

5 Dinosaurs Too Awesome to Be Trapped in Jurassic World

Jurassic World is on the way, and it’s even more anachronistic than ever. It feels more dated because the original movie was 22 years ago than because the original era was 140 million. But dinosaurs are […]


The title doesn't exactly flow.

Review: From Broken Up to Bro 2.0

I’m going to start this review off with a couple disclaimers. First, I’ve never been much of a fan of self-help books. Second, I probably don’t fall into the target demographic that this book is […]


It died hard, but the franchise still died.

The Death of Die Hard (and an Easy Resurrection)

An excellent ’80s movie taught us how excellent ’80s movies would form the basis of a future utopia, but Bill & Ted were merely John the Baptists. Die Hard was the true revelation. We’ve already examined […]


Would you like a replicator while we're promising impossible stuff?

Mars One vs. Fighting a Dragon: Which is Less Realistic?

Welcome to Dragon One, a mission to send humans to fight a dragon in 2025. Which is plenty of time for the checks to clear. This is the tale of human progress, the heroic story […]


And none of them is Screech, although he is kind of a lunatic.

4 Singers Who Got Famous Screeching like Lunatics

When you’re an entertainer it’s often not merely enough to be talented. You need to have a gimmick. Whether it’s Lady Gaga’s random bric-a-brac ensembles or Kanye West’s public personae of a spoiled child, a performer […]


If you're prepared for Mad Max's life, you're prepared for anything except human kindness.

The Mad Max Guide To Self-Improvement

A Mad Max Guide to Life could be leathering up to leave your life behind, cruising the highways with other equally liberated souls. And if that’s what you were looking for, go for it! Be […]