Screw Rock and Hogan: TRUE wrestling champions are skinny, awkward, unfunny, and absurdly irritating.

The 11 Most Embarrassing Championship Wins In Pro Wrestling History

For something as absurd as pro wrestling, most of their championships are decided in a somewhat-realistic manner. One athlete bests another thanks to superior power and athleticism, and walks around with a shiny belt until [...]


We'll miss your realistic animation and your lack of personality.

Ten(ish) Reasons Everyone on Pandora Is Dead by Avatar 2

It’s been four years since audiences were amazed by Avatar’s stunningly beautiful computer graphics, and James Cameron’s equally stunning decision to not even bother writing a plot. Millions of viewers were moved by the struggle [...]


A capella is the only understandable reaction to music made by lovebots.

5 Ways To Get Lucky without Daft Punk

“Get Lucky” isn’t a song, it’s an audio patch for errors in the human soul. It’s the ’70s filtered through four more decades of audio technology to resonate with the groove center of the human [...]


If we remember the lessons of Moby Dick correctly, they say all nature is conquestable.

Take Your Son Camping Like a MAN!

What is this roof and four walls you are living in? I’ll tell you what it is, bucko, it’s a compromise. It’s the ball-shrinking, emasculating shackles placed on a man by a society that wants [...]


Donkey Kong's anger management classes never really paid off.

Badass Nintendo Villains Hall of Fame

With a stable of lovable cartoon heroes, Nintendo is unquestionably the kid-friendly option in the games console market. But maybe this soft, doughy reputation of Nintendo’s is undeserved– after all, they can take credit for [...]


Roger that.

The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

Australia’s top cosplayers have managed to build and showcase their own costumes while upside down and covered in spiders, and still look damn good doing it. Also, they’re all unbelievably kind, warm, and friendly. What [...]


Even his name is cool. Like, literally, "Son of Cool."

Forget St. Patrick, Learn From a Real Irish Hero

St Patrick is the most famous Irishman in the world, and almost as famous for not actually being Irish. But that’s not the problem. The problem is how St Patrick the man is utterly unsuitable [...]


Burn Notice exists in a weird world where sullen IRA members congregate in Dublin, and Miami cops don't bother responding to large-scale explosions.

The 5 Worst Irish Accents Ever Caught on Film

St. Patrick’s Day is once again upon us. The time of year where Americans celebrate  Ireland’s legacy to the world: its myths, legends and the fact that a country that’s only about the size of [...]


It's a dirty job, but someone had to do it.

Review: ‘Mother Nature Is Trying to Kill You’

Immediately after seeing the title of this book, I knew it was going to be hard giving it a fair and honest review. I love the disturbing and horrible side of nature, and Dr. Dan [...]


See? More powerful.

Screw ‘Man Of Steel,’ THIS Is Superman

Zack Snyder recently retold Superman’s origin story, and it was like a liquid-nitrogen-hauling truck driver retelling the story of Terminator 2: missing all the important points and focused mainly on whining. But this should have [...]