Not that Pumpkin Peach Ale sounds like a brilliant drink, either.

Budweiser Accidentally Insults Self in Super Bowl Ad

Budweiser is chasing its own tail. The once mighty king of beers suffered some market research this autumn when it was found that nearly half of American millennials had never tried the King (?) of […]


Did you know you're not allowed to use the term "Super Bowl" in a headline even though your tax dollars pay for a military flyover that costs half a million bucks?

Excerpts from ‘Groundhog Day 2: Super Sunday Shuffle’

This Sunday marks the first time in history that everyone’s two favorite American holidays, the Super Bowl and Groundhog Day, have fallen on the same day. In honor of this historic event, we are honored […]


Who's a good boy! Who's a good boy? NOT YOU!

The Puppy Bowl Has Lost Its Way

Are you gonna watch the Puppy Bowl? Most likely, you are. I mean, who doesn’t love staring at a couple dozen roly-poly scampering pooches, squeeing with joy as they run around with a plush football […]


Which one is this again?

‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare': Advance Order Madness

Call of Duty, the series flogged so far below and beyond itself they’ve given it an exoskeleton to keep it going for one more game. It’s been extended so far past its natural life that […]


Now let's get hammered and play some Magic.

The 7 Craziest ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Cards

Magic: The Gathering: the most addictive thing you can do with cards without buying cocaine on credit. And probably more fun. And more expensive in the long term. People have put more effort into rearranging […]


Hey, what gives? That soul's not dark, it's blazing bright!

‘Dark Souls II’ as a Guide to Life

Most self-help books are anesthetic for your dreams of success: technically they’re part of an operation to make things better, but all they do is put you to sleep and then you wake up with […]


Green by Keith C Clarke

Review: ‘Green’

Green is a novel about race with golf as the backdrop, which makes the title appropriate in the sports sense. But if the author, Keith C. Clark, was trying for some kind of socially-conscious double […]


"Your party encounters an Ork. Your party immediately apologizes." (Source: Games Workshop)

Welcome to Ork Valhalla

We’ve already seen how Warhammer 40k is the most awesomely violent gaming universe imaginable, and now we’ll meet the only species which enjoys it from the inside. In every other fantasy orcs die to let […]


Good morning, Dr. Dowling. From here, things will only get worse.

A Day in the Life of…Australia

graphic by Brendan McGinley Happy 114th birthday, Australia! The country, that is–not the continent, which is much older but only slightly less deadly. (Hey, at least its bird-eating spiders don’t have a naval fleet…yet). But since everyone knows […]


Keep checking your watch like those inventions will ever get here, you liars.

Four Ways ‘Back to the Future Part II’ Lied to Us

As you’ve no doubt seen many, many times on your Facebook wall (oftentimes with erroneous dates), next year is the year Back to the Future Part 2 is supposed to be a reality. Like many, […]



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