"Daddy's lil' monster" is exactly the shirt you'd expect a girl to wear if her boyfriend has "Damaged" tattooed on his forehead.

Excerpts from the Leaked Suicide Squad Script

We won’t see Suicide Squad until it hits theaters next summer, but fans are chomping at the bit to get their hands on any images or footage they can find. Well, we found the next best […]


Does the world still spin when you close your eyes if you're not actually on a world?

Booze in Space!

Drinking in space! Is there any way our species could better demonstrate our dominance over existence? Well, yes. There is one other thing we could be doing in space (hint: each other), but NASA haven’t […]


These are Fantastic drinks.

The Fantastic Four Explained by Cocktails

The Fantastic Four are hoping the fourth time’s a charm with their latest movie, and when something involves a brute trying to clobber others, a guy insisting he’s long, and women disappearing altogether, you know […]


Look out! Here comes Ant-Man with an army of ants!

Ant-Man’s 6 Most Idiotic Moments

The only worse sign than a movie poster saying “Ant-Man” is “even the movie’s own director can’t sit through what happened to it.” We don’t know what Marvel did to the movie, but when you […]


Ma'am, are you okay? Do you need a cab? Oh, you're just a model for a vodka advert? We'll get you a police escort then.

The Six Most Staggeringly Sexist Vodka Adverts

Advertising: convincing fellow humans that something is great no matter what it’s really like. It’s how we created a species of human Judas goats, leading the masses into the mincing blades of capitalism while telling […]


"And here you'll see where we stopped finishing $#!+ before selling it."

The 10 New Stages of Video Game Development

Video game franchise budgets are now larger than any score you’ll ever see in the game, and the only line between work and play is the midnight queue on launch day. Where once we’d have […]


As you can see by their visors, the two main characters represent vastly different ideologies.

5 Revelations That Might Make Halo 5 Interesting

Halo 5: Guardians is the tale of heroic writers trying to add character to “literally faceless suit of armor shoots everything.” It’s the greatest tragic comedy since Shakespeare, but with less original ideas. The hype […]


Plasma is still more appetizing than the cabbage soup diet.

Doctors Hate This Chemical-Free Diet of the Stars!

The stars are always so beautiful, and now we know why they’re so hot. Here’s one smart tip for a chemical-free diet that doctors hate: simply add your food to a pot of water, then […]


Sssssip a sssssscider thisssss ssssummer.

Patio Perfection With Summer Cider Cocktails

Summer means summer drinking, which means ciders and shandies. There are those who snort that these aren’t “proper” drinks. Ironically, the only way to be wrong about which drink to enjoy is by telling someone […]


And don't wear turtlenecks, either, unless you work on a boat or a mountainside, you goon.

6 Reasons to Banish Your Beard

I’m a beard-haver. Not a proud one and not a hipster one, seeing as my beard growing motivations follow the traditional route of a) trying to balance out my rapidly retreating hairline b) covering up […]