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What's manlier than tequila? Tackling a deadlier bug tongue-first!

Get Ready To Eat Insects

Fifty percent of all television is now food programs, and when our hundred billion descendants dig through the layers of poisoned plastic and find them they’re going to think we’re taking the piss. Some of […]


There's probably a right way to wear a fedora, but boy, you'd have to be James Bond to show people you aren't part of the douche brigade. credit: Thinkstock

Pick Up @$$#()!%$: Don’t Call Them Artists

Pick Up Artists (PUA) are men who treat seduction like a video game: practicing techniques for victory, gathering online to discuss solutions, and treating women like brainless objects built only for their entertainment. The way […]


"Warlord" is one of those jobs that a lot of people have, but no one has ever written on a tax return.

Apparently We’re All Blood Elves Now

World of Warcraft isn’t so much a game as a population, complete with their own language and customs. It’s a more involving virtual fantasy world than The Matrix: in World of Warcraft anyone can pretend […]


Dear Seeking Advice. Your haplessness has led you into the very dangerous territory of taking the counsel of sociopathic furballs.

Ask A Cat for National Cat Day

Cats have their lives together. You leave a dog alone for two hours and he surrenders to a Lord of the Flies-type post-apocalyptic nightmare in which the only currency left with any value is his […]


Ha ha ha! Go, li'l guy, go!

Spooky or Funny? Gaming’s Weirdest Glitches

The most fundamentally funny thing is something going wrong which can’t hurt you. Which is why gaming glitches are hilarious. You’re an immortal hero and things are going insane–it’s like being a Jackie Chan movie […]


Now in fairness, this is a family business, so all the yelling is par for the course.

Things Your Boss Needs To Stop Saying This Boss’s Day

Tomorrow is National Boss’s Day, founded by a young lady working for her father. And that’s a very touching gesture, but not all of us are so lucky. Look, in life there must be bosses. […]


"Then we mix all of these in a big bucket and WOOHOOO!"

Interesting Vodkas For National Vodka Day

October 4th is National Vodka Day and that’s not nearly enough. We need a week, a month, an entire season. This clear alcohol is one of the most popular liquors in the world, not just […]


"Are you looking at me, through the sites of a five-pound cannon?" (Source: World of Tanks)

Etiquette in a ‘World Of Tanks’

Some people think etiquette isn’t important in a world where everyone can kill each other. This is known as the “Tarantino argument,” and like all Tarantino arguments it ends in foul language and murder. The […]


"Waiter, why is my coffee blue?"
"I couldn't say, sir. Why is your cocktail brown?"

Four Coffee Cocktails for Pure Productivity Power

Caffeine and alcohol are our modern magic potions, and just like the old days, people who don’t understand how they work think a long incantation will summon something better: “Tall mocacchino venti cup double foam […]


Take 'em all

This Badass Day in History: September 25

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States probably wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for days like today. Why is that? Because September 25 is one of the most important days on the calendar for this […]



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