Life Is a Bonus Round

Ha ha ha! Go, li'l guy, go!

Spooky or Funny? Gaming’s Weirdest Glitches

The most fundamentally funny thing is something going wrong which can’t hurt you. Which is why gaming glitches are hilarious. You’re an immortal hero and things are going insane–it’s like being a Jackie Chan movie […]


"Then we mix all of these in a big bucket and WOOHOOO!"

Interesting Vodkas For National Vodka Day

October 4th is National Vodka Day and that’s not nearly enough. We need a week, a month, an entire season. This clear alcohol is one of the most popular liquors in the world, not just […]


"Are you looking at me, through the sites of a five-pound cannon?" (Source: World of Tanks)

Etiquette in a ‘World Of Tanks’

Some people think etiquette isn’t important in a world where everyone can kill each other. This is known as the “Tarantino argument,” and like all Tarantino arguments it ends in foul language and murder. The […]


"Waiter, why is my coffee blue?"
"I couldn't say, sir. Why is your cocktail brown?"

Four Coffee Cocktails for Pure Productivity Power

Caffeine and alcohol are our modern magic potions, and just like the old days, people who don’t understand how they work think a long incantation will summon something better: “Tall mocacchino venti cup double foam […]


Maybe it's you, not her.

The Friendzone: Where His Cowardice Is Her Fault

The “friendzone” is the idea that women place poor men into a region where they’ll never have sex. It was invented by frustrated men upset that women won’t sleep with them, and is more embarrassing […]



Doctor Who’s Next?

Every few years Doctor Who becomes a terrible joke as people wonder Who’ll become spacetime’s most charismatic and jurisdiction-escaping abductor of young women. Peter Capaldi has already taken control of the TARDIS, insamuch as that […]


A successful conclusion

Cocktail Cabinet: Brightly Colored Bottles

Impressive and effective are two different things. The most enjoyable option is both. A mere drinks cabinet can restrict itself to the colors of a glazed autumn, a beautiful array of ambers and clarity, but […]


There aren't enough weaponized landscapes in racing games.

4 Racing Games that Need Sequels

Racing games are about speed and winning. That’s how you short circuit human adrenal glands. The recently released Mario Kart 8 is reminding an entire generation of how racers rule, a game so great it doesn’t […]


Old-school Superman let you know real fast whose town you were in.

The Lamest Copies of ‘Action Comics’ #1

For three-quarters of a century nothing has lived up to its name as hard as Action Comics #1. And you know that’s true because on Sunday it once again set the record for the highest […]


Nobody likes a Viking.

What’s Your (Awful) Social Media Personality?

The ninja endures excruciating physical strain to succeed at difficult tasks. Standing out online means not calling yourself the exact same thing as tens of thousands of other people. So “social media ninjas” suck at […]



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