Life Is a Bonus Round

Okay, we wish for even more Deadshot. And Michael Jai White to play Bronze Tiger everywhere.

5 DC Superteams We Want to See on Film

The Avengers was really the Revenge of the Nerds, avenging comic book fans on a world which spent two decades saying superhero movies were stupid. Now Marvel movies make more money than several countries. And […]


Let Mario teach you how to come out of your shell.

6 Relationship Tips From ‘Mario Kart 8′

Modern education spends several years on how historical armies murdered each other, and zero seconds on how we should deal with relationships. Which may explain why so many of them end badly.


Which one is this again?

‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare': Advance Order Madness

Call of Duty, the series flogged so far below and beyond itself they’ve given it an exoskeleton to keep it going for one more game. It’s been extended so far past its natural life that […]


Now let's get hammered and play some Magic.

The 7 Craziest ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Cards

Magic: The Gathering: the most addictive thing you can do with cards without buying cocaine on credit. And probably more fun. And more expensive in the long term. People have put more effort into rearranging […]


Hey, what gives? That soul's not dark, it's blazing bright!

‘Dark Souls II’ as a Guide to Life

Most self-help books are anesthetic for your dreams of success: technically they’re part of an operation to make things better, but all they do is put you to sleep and then you wake up with […]


"Your party encounters an Ork. Your party immediately apologizes." (Source: Games Workshop)

Welcome to Ork Valhalla

We’ve already seen how Warhammer 40k is the most awesomely violent gaming universe imaginable, and now we’ll meet the only species which enjoys it from the inside. In every other fantasy orcs die to let […]


This man is piloting the Harrier of Wisdom and you are but a humble terrorist dangling from the Sidewinder of Truth.

Better Living Through Arnold Schwarzenegger

You might think the only lesson in Schwarzenegger movies is “Don’t fight gigantic Austrians.” And that if you have to teach someone that, you’re not so much spreading morality as preventing natural selection. But we […]


What's manlier than tequila? Tackling a deadlier bug tongue-first!

Get Ready To Eat Insects

Fifty percent of all television is now food programs, and when our hundred billion descendants dig through the layers of poisoned plastic and find them they’re going to think we’re taking the piss. Some of […]


There's probably a right way to wear a fedora, but boy, you'd have to be James Bond to show people you aren't part of the douche brigade. credit: Thinkstock

Pick Up @$$#()!%$: Don’t Call Them Artists

Pick Up Artists (PUA) are men who treat seduction like a video game: practicing techniques for victory, gathering online to discuss solutions, and treating women like brainless objects built only for their entertainment. The way […]


"Warlord" is one of those jobs that a lot of people have, but no one has ever written on a tax return.

Apparently We’re All Blood Elves Now

World of Warcraft isn’t so much a game as a population, complete with their own language and customs. It’s a more involving virtual fantasy world than The Matrix: in World of Warcraft anyone can pretend […]



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