The Devil Wears Me

You know every one of these people is using a mouse that came with Windows '95.

The Dumbest Yahoo! Answers, Part X

It’s that time again; that time when we gather around the warm glow of the internet to read and mock the lack of basic knowledge or, in some cases, completely whacked-out insane musings of people […]


See? It's a circle. We've proven our case.

Your Guided Tour of Pointless Pop Culture Homages

When people love a movie or a show or a video game or what have you, and they have even a tiny shred of artistic talent, their natural inclination is to honor their much loved […]


How can it be perfect if it's not resting on the rich mahogany of a vintage pool table?

My Quest To Find The Perfect Savory And Salty Cocktail

Liquor and I don’t get along too well. This is mostly because I don’t enjoy the flavor of searing pain. That’s all hard liquor is, really. “Drink this thing and it will get you drunk, […]



Disney World: Childhood Versus Adulthood

With the controversial stealth film Escape from Tomorrowland wiling its way across America, we thought it was time to reconsider the Scariest Happiest Place on Earth from our own semi-adult perspective. by Luis Prada Every year, my […]



Gif Life Lessons VI: Pain & Glory Edition

GIFs! You love them. We all do. They’re easily digestible and they repeat on you endlessly. Well, if they’re easily digestible they wouldn’t repeat on you. Man, I messed that one up right out of […]


We see neither dogs nor watches. This entire premise is a sham!

Deluxe Editions Must Be Earned, Game Publishers

Growing up, I wore out my Jurassic Park VHS tape. When the Jurassic Park trilogy came was released on Blu-ray, I bypassed the normal trilogy boxset in favor of the Ultimate Trilogy Gift Set, which […]


You're probably here because you can spell "Magdalena Frackowiak" but misspell "naked."

5 Weird Search Terms You Used to Get Here

Well look who decided to join the party! You probably came here by Googling “Pickles as sex toys?” or “How to get away with a murder and not get caught,” but instead you found yourself […]


Oh well, it's still better than what you'll find on Craigslist.

5 More Creepy Squatters Living Where They Shouldn’t

We’ve told you about some creepy secret squatters before, but creeps are like cockroaches: every time we uncover five, there are twenty more nobody’s discovered yet. So here are five MORE vagrants and wastrels just hanging out […]


Can't even tell you how many times we regretted blowing right by that "Keep Out / All Dead Inside" barricade.

The Most Ignored Warning Labels on Earth

Warning labels exist for a reason. They’re there because some people will use a product incorrectly, then they’ll get hurt or end up in the hospital with some thingy rammed up their butt, and they’ll […]


“Just spread your cheeks a little bit more…”

The Horrors of Going to the Doctor for the First Time in Years

For the first time in well over a decade, I paid my doctor a visit. Well, saying “my doctor” implies that I’ve had the same doctor for a long time and I just haven’t visited […]