America's hero.

Tim Howard Talks Tequila, Turf & the Silver Lining in FIFA’s Meltdown

Tim Howard took time out of his busy schedule as Captain America to stop in at Bounce Sports Club in New York City to talk about El Jimador Tequila, Tourette’s Syndrome, turf, and how FIFA […]


Hey, that head isn't shrunken, it's gigantic!

The 5 Best NYC Dates You Never Heard of

New York is such a great dating city. But what do you do after the first date drinks and dinner? Besides a million things. This city never fails to offer up all kinds of esoteric entertainment […]


BBQ awaits!

Keep It Weird in Austin

Over 100 people a day are reportedly moving to Austin, Texas. This may seem like a heck of a lot of hipster hopefuls and Dell grunts, but with its relatively low cost of living and […]



Beer Mile World Classic Is Coming To San Francisco

Beer and sports go hand in hand but usually that is merely the fans. The athletes get involved in the Beer Mile.


If you don't drink, you miss the most important part, which is having something to do in between chatting with your buddies at the party or bar.

How To Get Drunk Without Drinking

Let’s face it; getting drunk is fun. We all like being drunk, it’s pretty much the main reason why we drink. Some people just don’t feel like drinking, though. Whether the booze is too strong […]


Every day is a celebration round these parts.

Dos de Mayo Adventure!

I don’t always get laid but when I do, it’s with the help of The Most Interesting Man in the World.* *This lede is lying.


Drink like a fish, run like a horse, win like a MAN!

Kentucky Derby Party Drinks

The Kentucky Derby is the official kickoff of Spring and all this talk of May weather has you amped up and ready to see which of the manny horses will pack a punch. Oh yeah, […]


One Mariota round!

The 2015 NFL Draught Guide

Put down your calculator because no matter how much you manipulate the numbers, one thing is clear: you can’t afford an Apple Watch. Aside from the watch, nothing is as stark a reminder of your lack […]


(Fernet Francisco)

‘The Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik And Partners Launch Fernet Francisco

San Francisco has been classically known as a city that is crazed with fernet and now they have their very own local version called Fernet Francisco.


Putin on the spritz

Ukrainian Brewery Makes “Putin Is a D***head” Beer

Well somebody’s been taking their iodine pills. First Ukrainian astrologers named a star “Putin-Huilo” and now that unflattering phrase has made it to that other treasure of the heavens: beer. Ukrainian brewer Yurko Nazaruk explains how […]


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Flaming Moe

Fictional Cocktail Party!

Hollywood’s habit of pitching any possible tie-in to kids is like a reverse junkie habit. Did you like that? Have a skateboard of it. Have a toothpaste of it. Have a Slurpee of it! (Obviously, the trend is alive […]

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