Spicy and bitter go together--just like your ex!

National IPA Day: Hoppier Beer Improves Spicy Food, Sam Adams Finds

It’s the end of the work day and you’re feeling thirsty. Well lucky for you somebody created a faux holiday to enable your borderline alcoholism! 


Your love of beer may be your undoing, but at least it will always love you back.

Your Choice In Alcohol (Explained By Relationship Status)

We’ve all heard the expression “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?” from people dangling off the precipice of friendship. Well, we at Man Cave Daily have decided to do just […]



The Pogues Make Their Own Whiskey, Perhaps Inevitably

How did it take till now to get a Pogues brand whiskey? The only thing more fitting would be like…nothing. Via Paste, the many-membered band is putting their name on a new bottle of the stuff from Skibbereen’s West […]


Chocoholics take note.

All-Chocolate Beer Coming Your Way…Or Is It?

You might think of beer as all barley and hops, or if you’re a Bud drinker, as corn and beer that has already passed through someone else’s urinary tract. But there are all manner of […]


These are Fantastic drinks.

The Fantastic Four Explained by Cocktails

The Fantastic Four are hoping the fourth time’s a charm with their latest movie, and when something involves a brute trying to clobber others, a guy insisting he’s long, and women disappearing altogether, you know […]


Ma'am, are you okay? Do you need a cab? Oh, you're just a model for a vodka advert? We'll get you a police escort then.

The Six Most Staggeringly Sexist Vodka Adverts

Advertising: convincing fellow humans that something is great no matter what it’s really like. It’s how we created a species of human Judas goats, leading the masses into the mincing blades of capitalism while telling […]


"Fialho" is a pretty intriguing search term on its own.

5 Weird Search Terms You Used, You Cockalorum

Yeah, it’s a Man Cave Daily weird search terms roundup, because Friday is the weirdest day of the week. It’s not quite weekday, it’s not yet weekend. Like you, it contains multitudes while never really […]


(Photo: ALEXANDER KLEIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Danish Bar Lets You Shock The Bartenders While They Make Drinks

Leave it to Europe to come up with a really bat [BLEEP] crazy promotion.


Sssssip a sssssscider thisssss ssssummer.

Patio Perfection With Summer Cider Cocktails

Summer means summer drinking, which means ciders and shandies. There are those who snort that these aren’t “proper” drinks. Ironically, the only way to be wrong about which drink to enjoy is by telling someone […]


A view this good is worth a reviewing.

The Spring Review of Everything

It’s spring for several more hours, and you know what that means. There’s still time for another reviewin’ o’the products by the CBS Local crew. Stuff lands on our desk, we pass it on to these incorrigible […]


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Flaming Moe

Fictional Cocktail Party!

Hollywood’s habit of pitching any possible tie-in to kids is like a reverse junkie habit. Did you like that? Have a skateboard of it. Have a toothpaste of it. Have a Slurpee of it! (Obviously, the trend is alive […]

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