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Stone Brewing Co. Discontinues Stone Pale Ale, Releases Details On Brewing It At Home

After launching 19 years ago, Stone Brewing Co. has announced the end of their very first (and flagship) beer Stone Pale Ale. As a consolation to fans of the ale, Stone also released detailed instructions on how to brew Stone Pale Ale at home.


You know how to review, don't you? You just put your lips together and blow.

The Winter Review of Everything

Welcome back to Man Cave’s seasonal review! Companies send us products, and we tell you why they’re horrible. Or maybe great–in which case we show you their picture and recommend them. But more likely bad, in […]



Taste Test: The E-40 Sluricane Premixed Hurricane Smells Like Tara Reid, Tastes Like Candy

When E-40 released his own premixed Hurricane cocktail called Sluricane we had to try it.


Up, up and down the hatch!

Comic Book Beers You Must Try

As reported by our pals at Live 105, Rogue Brewing just released a Hellboy beer in honor of the beast’s 21st birthday. Hooray! You’re old enough to drink now, Hellboy! The red ale (of course. What […]



Hellboy Turns 21 And Gets A Rogue Ale Named In His Honor

Mike Mignola’s iconic comic book character Hellboy has just turned 21 and in honor of the occasion Oregon’s Rogue Ales has launched a Hellboy themed brew.


Not that Pumpkin Peach Ale sounds like a brilliant drink, either.

Budweiser Accidentally Insults Self in Super Bowl Ad

Budweiser is chasing its own tail. The once mighty king of beers suffered some market research this autumn when it was found that nearly half of American millennials had never tried the King (?) of […]


Wet your thistle of Scotland today!

Och Aye’ It’s Hogmanay!

New Year’s Eve, when much of the western world shares a common anniversary. And like most anniversaries there’ll be feelings of nostalgia for days gone by and feelings of hope for days to come. And […]


She is at the top of the list.

Holiday Gifts We Really Want in 2014

We review a lot of stuff. We also get sent press releases about a lot of things that never make it to us for review. Where the best of one meets the longing for the […]


We lager like that.

It’s National Lager Day!

As if you needed an excuse to drink beer, today is National Lager Day. And there’s no better day for this cold-brewed beverage than the middle of December, when Old Man Winter shakes his fist threateningly at […]


He also likes horses named Flowers, for what that's worth.

ELITE DAILY: Nick Offerman Sure Loves Whiskey

For better or for worse (it’s better), America has adopted Nick Offerman as its dad or cool uncle or maybe your girlfriend’s father you’ll never be able to impress but he doesn’t judge you that […]


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Fictional Cocktail Party!

Hollywood’s habit of pitching any possible tie-in to kids is like a reverse junkie habit. Did you like that? Have a skateboard of it. Have a toothpaste of it. Have a Slurpee of it! (Obviously, the trend is alive […]

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