Both of our countries are just the United Kingdom’s storage lockers, aren’t we?

America vs. Australia: Which Nation is Better?

by Alli Reed and Aaron Dennis-Jackson This weekend is Australia Day, a holiday extremely popular in Australia and nowhere else for perfectly understandable reasons. But while Aussies gather eagerly to see which of their number [...]



Jelly Belly Debuts Beer-Flavored Bean At San Francisco Food Show

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Beer lovers are in for a sweet surprise thanks to a jelly bean the Jelly Belly Candy Company debuted in San Francisco over the weekend. The Fairfield-based candy company unveiled [...]


Our hero.

GUY CODE: YES! Fireman Puts Out Blaze with Beer!

Don’t think. Just let your training take over and click this glorious link to the most uplifting story of fire fighting in our lifetime. Yes, better than Rescue Me. And you don’t even have to [...]


Tailgate Fan Foods and Drinks 2013

Video: Best Tailgate Foods And Drinks Of 2013

Tailgate Fan looks back at the best foods and drinks from the 2013 tailgating season.


Bloody Mary

TGF: Recipe For Fennel-Spiked Bloody Mary

Need to spice up those drinks? Try fennel in your next Bloody Mary!


Raw and ragged, just like your hangover.
(Photo: Ross C. Hardy for Man Cave Daily

Bloody Mary Time!

There’s no better way to start a day then with alcohol, and the Bloody Mary has, for years, been the preferred method of doing just that. But how do you make it? There are so [...]


A picture taken on December 29, 2010 in Paris shows a glass being filled up with champagne. Days before New Year's Eve, French researchers have found scientific evidence for what many champagne tipplers have long known -- that the bubbles are the key to a good bubbly.

TGF: Cheers to Champagne Records

What’s New Year’s Eve without some bubbly? Savor these Champagne world records.


“Champagne is gonna party enough for the both of us!” *hic! sob! *

New Year’s Eve for Lonely Failures

Happy New Year! Good. Glad that’s out of the way. Let’s never say it again, hmm?


By our tally, the three people in this photo are the equivalent of one woman, one machine, and 1.15 sad drunks.

Is This the Life of a Maserati Owner?

by Brian Cullen “Right this way, sir.” said my chauffeur. And here’s where I stop myself. Normally, I’d play this by doing the whole “a chauffeur? Pour moiI?” thing. But not today. Today I didn’t [...]


"Sweet! Today we drink our lunch!"

Review: Newcastle Black Ale Cabbie

by Brendan McGinley When a box we couldn’t fathom arrived from a sender we’d never met, we were baffled. Then we opened it up and found a toy taxi. This was rapidly turning into an [...]