A view this good is worth a reviewing.

The Spring Review of Everything

It’s spring for several more hours, and you know what that means. There’s still time for another reviewin’ o’the products by the CBS Local crew. Stuff lands on our desk, we pass it on to these incorrigible […]


This ass shot is a literal ass shot.

Hot Girl Shot in the Butt with Gummy Bears in Slow-Mo

Proving that Rule 34 is alive and well, My Rules Media posted a video of good sport and downright gorgeous young woman Golden Moeras taking a pressurized shot of Gummi Bears in the tush. And […]


BBQ awaits!

Keep It Weird in Austin

Over 100 people a day are reportedly moving to Austin, Texas. This may seem like a heck of a lot of hipster hopefuls and Dell grunts, but with its relatively low cost of living and […]


(Carls Jr.)

Ding Dong Ice Cream Sandwich Launches At Carl’s Jr.

Get ready for a decadent dessert at Carl’s Jr.


(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Insane Guy Decides To Eat Entire White Castle Menu In One Sitting

You may think that because they are known for the sliders that this stunt would not be that insane. You are wrong.


We're definitely anti-mad scientist, however.

5 Signs You Are Anti-Science

Science has brought us many remarkable things: powdered alcohol, vape pens, an ability to blow up the world 40 times over. but some people still resist its charms. Many, without even realizing it, are not […]



KFC Tray Typer Bluetooth Keyboard Lets You Type While Eating Fried Chicken

The maker of finger lickin’ good chicken wants to make sure you don’t get that smart phone all sticky while enjoying their fast food.


(Taco Bell)

Quesalupa – A Quesadilla And Chalupa Hydrid – Is Coming To Taco Bell

After testing the new item in Toledo, Ohio, Taco Bell says it is rolling the Quesalupa out nationwide!



Genius Chef Creates A Burger Wrapped In French Fries

Behold the French Fry Burger Bomb!


Drink like a fish, run like a horse, win like a MAN!

Kentucky Derby Party Drinks

The Kentucky Derby is the official kickoff of Spring and all this talk of May weather has you amped up and ready to see which of the manny horses will pack a punch. Oh yeah, […]