If you can look like this, that helps, but it's not everything.

10 Seduction Tips from Male Escort Agency CEO Garren James

How many women have wanted you so badly they not only make an appointment but line up to offer you money? Garren James is owner and CEO of Cowboys4Angels, which makes him king of hunk […]


Both are wise, but only one's a girl.

Man Cast Weekly: Smoking Crack with Strangers

Comedian Vic Dibitetto calls in and rockers Wise Girl join us to debate periods vs. a kick in the balls and test our Zombie Homer Simpson Sweet Potato act on women at the supermarket. Say what? It all […]


Here's one for free: ALWAYS check whether the lens cap is on.

10 Things Holly Randall’s Mom Taught Her About Shooting Porn

Not everybody gets paid to watch porn, but Holly Randall is one of the lucky few. You may think you qualify for the job based on your years of experience consuming the stuff, but only Randall qualifies for the […]


The internet used to be fun.

New Man Cast Weekly: Offensensitivity

Gladstone cohosts for the first time, despite our best efforts to stop him! Go listen on or iTunes.


A redhead with bed head.

Podcast: A Male Virgin & a Sugar Daddy Walk into Our Bar…

Man Cave writer and stand-up comedian Paul Schissler co-hosts to talk about his decision to remain a virgin until marriage with our guests, owner Alan Action and Carla, a woman who’s used the site to […]


The gender dynamic changes when men withholds sex.

Dating in NYC as a Christian Virgin

Hi, I’m Paul, I’m 23 years old and I’m a virgin. No, I’m not 800 lbs., and no, I’m not a serial killer; just your average abstinent NYC millennial. I’m saving myself till marriage. The chicks […]



Calif. PhD’s Study Concludes Porn Is Actually Pretty Good For Men

We’re, uh, just throwing this out there into the universe.


Never grip a spear that far down.

Nature’s Most Weaponized Penises

When a young boy is growing accustomed to the relationship with his penis, it does not take him long to realize that a few “pew! pew!” noises can turn what seems to be a mere […]


She also served as technical advisor on the film.

10 NSFW Things Veronica Vain Wants You to Know about Porn

Lots of NSFW within, so don’t say you weren’t warned if you read on, you goons.  Veronica Vain made waves in January when she quit her job in finance to pursue a porn career. Critics […]


There's no way this turtle's name isn't Chad.

You’ve Got to Hear the World’s Douchiest Turtle Having Sex

This is the story of a turtle you will hate in a way you did not believe you could ever hate turtles who don’t bear the mark of Michael Bay. And this is coming from Man […]