There's no way this turtle's name isn't Chad.

You’ve Got to Hear the World’s Douchiest Turtle Having Sex

This is the story of a turtle you will hate in a way you did not believe you could ever hate turtles who don’t bear the mark of Michael Bay. And this is coming from Man […]


And we forgot all of them already.

10 Weirder Questions with Joanna Angel

Back in April, we asked her 10 weird questions, and it was good. But can you ever really get enough of Joanna Angel? All of our porn-science says no. Then it removes its glasses and […]


Boys make passes at lasses in glasses with perfect as--you know what? Let's not push a good rhyme too far.

Siri-ous Conversation

The name “Siri” means “Beautiful victory” in Old Norse, and if you want proof, look no further than the goddess who goes by that name in adult films. The award-winning performer recently nabbed TLA Raw’s […]



VIDEO: Wilder Sex Fails with Syd Wilder

What’s sex with Syd Wilder like? Apparently more awkward than you ever imagined. The YouTube beauty & comedienne hosts her friends to share their most cringe-worthy capers. There are a lot of lessons to these […]


Pretty much how everyone imagines blondes.

Why Blondes Make the Best Girlfriends

National Blonde Day is a faux holiday created years ago to promote the film Legally Blonde 2. But who are we to question what nature hath given us? Society has placed a weird premium on […]


Neat trick: If you borrow Roddy Piper's sunglasses, this sign transforms to say "OBEY."

Tales from Walmart: Sex in Aisle 12

During the early 2000s, I spent three long, miserable working for what many consider (and with good reason) to be the absolute worst company in the world. People in depressed areas might know it as […]


009 Lingerie Day

Lingerie Day 2014!


Our 11th question was "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" but it turns out she really is an Angel, so we bit our tongue.

10 Weird Questions with Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel is a gorgeous, funny woman who happens to be one the most genuinely nice, down-to-Earth celebrities I have ever met. She also happens to be one of the most successful female adult film […]


You know every one of these people is using a mouse that came with Windows '95.

The Dumbest Yahoo! Answers, Part X

It’s that time again; that time when we gather around the warm glow of the internet to read and mock the lack of basic knowledge or, in some cases, completely whacked-out insane musings of people […]