Nick Leftley's back!

Podcast: Fighting Everything All the Time

Comedian Nick Leftley returns, and the boys talk toddler boxing, drunk-fighting your ex’s brother, and ask which villain we could beat up. All this, and the fun of playing Stuff Brits Like! Throw out your […]


He's a whore! She's a doctor! Can these two find ANY common ground? (Note: Mr. Procida is not a literal whore.)

Podcast: As Above, So Below

As above, so below. But mostly in the middle where your sexy parts are. This week’s guests are Billy Procida, a stand-up comic who chronicles his adventures in love and sex with The Manwhore Podcast, […]


Yay, Alia's back!

Podcast: Nina Agdal Eats Spaghetti with Her Feet

Comedian Alia Janine talks about playing a strip club, and shows her double-jointed toes. Then we compare our favorite Muppets; it’s not always beer and porn, guys. …we also talk about beer and porn. Go listen on or iTunes or else evil hath won this day!


She specifically requested you--yes, YOU, the one reading this--listen to it.

Podcast: Jessica Drake Wants to Teach You about Sex

Porn star and sex educator Jessica Drake reveals men’s biggest mistake in the bedroom but we forget what it is because we’re too enthralled with her ebullient manner. She also explained why she added sex instruction to […]


Cameron Russell just sounds like the name of two or three Academy Award-winning directors.

5 Weird Search Terms You Used, You Lickspittle

Let’s play the internet’s game! Giving the chilly-willies to hard-working Man Cave editors with your eerie search terms. But we’re going to hold hands, get through this together, and when we’re done, we’ll learn something […]


"Fialho" is a pretty intriguing search term on its own.

5 Weird Search Terms You Used, You Cockalorum

Yeah, it’s a Man Cave Daily weird search terms roundup, because Friday is the weirdest day of the week. It’s not quite weekday, it’s not yet weekend. Like you, it contains multitudes while never really […]


"This is Paul Blart. Is it fair to say he is the perfect opposite of you?"

Watch Paul F. Tompkins & Joe Manganiello Discuss Stripper Names

Everyone loves Paul F. Tompkins, except for stupid people with no taste or sense of humor. The comedian is host of the sweetest gig ever over at Made Man, in which he pours a cocktail […]



Porn Company Launches Indiegogo To Fund First Ever Sex Tape Filmed In Space

Who says porn can’t be innovative? After all, the adult film industry is a billion dollar one, so actually, it only seems logical that the major players are all looking to get a foot up on the others.


She is the reddest of heads.

Podcast: How to Get Away with Clown Murder

The upper limit of acceptable John Cusack in a film, polyamorous marriage, the extinction of the English redhead, and El Camino love connections with cohost Paul Schissler and model/actress/filmmaker Julia Collier. Go listen on or iTunes or live […]


Neither of these men looks like this. Although Brendan does look like the steak.

Podcast: Food Is Sexier Than Sex

Woooooo! It’s a three-day weekend! Time to talk Pantera cruises, Playboy model threesomes, and the secret origin of Burning Man with SDR Show host Ralph Sutton and light-wizard Bentley Meeker. Let’s get audio and visual! Go […]