Porn Company Launches Indiegogo To Fund First Ever Sex Tape Filmed In Space

Who says porn can’t be innovative? After all, the adult film industry is a billion dollar one, so actually, it only seems logical that the major players are all looking to get a foot up on the others.


She is the reddest of heads.

Podcast: How to Get Away with Clown Murder

The upper limit of acceptable John Cusack in a film, polyamorous marriage, the extinction of the English redhead, and El Camino love connections with cohost Paul Schissler and model/actress/filmmaker Julia Collier. Go listen on or iTunes or live […]


Neither of these men looks like this. Although Brendan does look like the steak.

Podcast: Food Is Sexier Than Sex

Woooooo! It’s a three-day weekend! Time to talk Pantera cruises, Playboy model threesomes, and the secret origin of Burning Man with SDR Show host Ralph Sutton and light-wizard Bentley Meeker. Let’s get audio and visual! Go […]


They're an adorable couple. It's okay to admit that.

Love, Laughter & Horrific Crime

Writers/podcasters/comedians/couple Mandy Stadtmiller and Pat Dixon join us to discuss their many projects, including TMI-ary, News Whore, NYC Crime Report, and The Nearly Naked Lady Hour (it comes with a bacon bar!). Go listen on or […]


No boys allowed? Aw, crumbs.

Podcast: We Should Have an Orgy

Man Cave writers Gladstone and Maura Quint join the show to discuss the science of mocking people, bad sex, and whether you can be an honorary Jew. (Hint: you can’t. But that won’t stop us from […]


We've left your hosts out of this photo as a courtesy. 
(image: Marc Mauro, courtesy of Sarah Russi)

New Man Cast Weekly: National Lingerie Day with Sarah Russi

Lingerie model Sarah Russi joins the boys to talk Juggalo Rehab, creepy prisoner letters, and flirting with Amanda Seyfried’s dog. We figure out which leaders from history we’d have sex with, drink some Cuervo tequila and Fireman’s […]


If you can look like this, that helps, but it's not everything.

10 Seduction Tips from Male Escort Agency CEO Garren James

How many women have wanted you so badly they not only make an appointment but line up to offer you money? Garren James is owner and CEO of Cowboys4Angels, which makes him king of hunk […]


Both are wise, but only one's a girl.

Man Cast Weekly: Smoking Crack with Strangers

Comedian Vic Dibitetto calls in and rockers Wise Girl join us to debate periods vs. a kick in the balls and test our Zombie Homer Simpson Sweet Potato act on women at the supermarket. Say what? It all […]


Here's one for free: ALWAYS check whether the lens cap is on.

10 Things Holly Randall’s Mom Taught Her About Shooting Porn

Not everybody gets paid to watch porn, but Holly Randall is one of the lucky few. You may think you qualify for the job based on your years of experience consuming the stuff, but only Randall qualifies for the […]