Barbara Purcell

Purcell MCDBarbara Purcell is an Austin-based yoga instructor with anger issues. In addition to breathing, she specializes in Pilates, awesome stretches, and insane arm balances. She has been featured on Tyra Banks, Playboy Radio, and Cosmo Radio, empowering others to put the “ho” in holistic. Check out her website here.

BBQ awaits!

Keep It Weird in Austin

Over 100 people a day are reportedly moving to Austin, Texas. This may seem like a heck of a lot of hipster hopefuls and Dell grunts, but with its relatively low cost of living and […]


Older readers hear Kenny Loggins right now. Younger readers hear Sterling Archer.

Beyond the Danger Zone: the Hot/Crazy Matrix Re-Examined

Take it from a woman who ranks high above the Crazy Line: The Universal Hot vs. Crazy Matrix is a brilliant overall analysis of the fairer sex–and it should be required viewing for both men […]


Try not to think about the fact that she's roleplaying as an elderly obese elf.

Winter Solstice: The Longest, Sexiest Night of the Year

As the days are about to become longer, let’s celebrate the earth’s upcoming axial tilt with the longest night of the year—December 21st. While you’re out that evening enjoying a champagne-fueled holiday party (or drinking PBR by […]


Lettuce feed you (Photo: Man Cave Daily)

Here’s Why Veganism Sucks

Who’s up for a mouthwatering tofu steak and a heaping side of kale and quinoa? (Bonus points if you can pronounce that last one, let alone choke it down.) Then you, my friend, might be […]


Summer Solstice Yoga in Times Square (Photo: Man Cave Daily)

Summer Solstice: The Longest, Sexiest Day of the Year

Still working on your summer solstice plans for this June 21st? Get ready for a day filled with bendy yoga chicks taking over Times Square, an expat community renowned for its world-class looks prancing around […]


Don't have a meltdown.

AAAAH! International Panic Day is Coming!

Tomorrow is the annual holiday few are officially aware of though millions celebrate unknowingly. International Panic Day, a celebration of all things anxiety, aims to create greater awareness of the unexpected and episodic freak-outs so […]


Plank you very much. (Photo: Man Cave Daily)

The History of Pilates is Surprisingly Hard Core

by Barbara Purcell Spring is here, my friend, and the gloves have finally come off (hats and coats and heavy sweaters, too). It was a long winter and we both know your Sunday afternoons mostly […]


Babs Ryan Brenizer

I’m With Cupid

by Barbara Purcell Cannibal Cop had it all wrong: OKC is about taking hot women to dinner, not heating women up for dinner. But what’s a single guy (or a “sweet meat” salivating nut job) […]


The silent sixth reason: to have anybody who can end this crippling loneliness (credit: Thinkstock)

Here’s Why Redheads Make the Best Girlfriends

by a Redhead Haven’t given much thought to being with a redhead? Think again. With St. Patrick’s Day upon us, let us turn our attention away from Guinness pints and leprechaun paraphernalia to examine perhaps […]



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