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Sneak Peek & Review: Mark Millar’s Starlight #2

In the debut issue of Starlight (Image Comics, $2.99), Mark Millar pulled off something that is a rarity in the world of comic books: he tugged at our heart strings, and deftly took just a [...]



RAT QUEENS: Sass and Sorcery

“It’s like D&D…if your campaign was a combination of Lord of the Rings and Sex & the City.” That was how Image Comics’ surprise hit Rat Queens was described to me before I’d cracked open the [...]


Hellboy oh boy!

Mike Mignola on Hellboy’s 20th Anniversary

Once in a while I’m reminded of an anniversary — whether it’s for an awesome movie, TV show, book, or even a product — and immediately think, “Damn…now I feel really old.” Because that awesome [...]


Courtesy of Mark Millar

Mark Millar on ‘Starlight’ (with Exclusive Preview!)

Some people spend their days excitedly awaiting special occasions – the events that are asterisked, circled and underlined on their calendars with an enthusiastic red marker: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Festivus…but not me. I just wait [...]


Probably in the top four or five best comics in history to star a talking space raccoon.

Interview: MARVEL artist Steve McNiven!

by Blake Northcott Even the most casual comic book reader has a “must read” list – those select few titles that are so significant, so compelling, so “holy crap I need this in my collection” [...]


The hellraising quartet of Rat Queens

REVIEW: ‘Rat Queens’ #1 from Image Comics

Don’t get me wrong – I love the Big Two. Marvel and DC are responsible for some pretty bad-ass comic books on a very regular basis, and my pull list is never without at least [...]


Booze, babes, and sharks. Yes, yes, this all checks out. (All photos credit: Blake Northcott/Man Cave Daily)

One ‘Kick-Ass’ Party!

by Blake Northcott When Mark Millar (yes, that Mark Millar) emailed and asked if I would be at the San Diego Comic Con, I had to reply with a despondent “No,” followed by the saddest [...]


Does what it says.

REVIEW: ‘KICK-ASS 3′ issue #1

by Blake Northcott Creating a great comic book character is difficult. Creating an iconic comic book character, one that transcends the printed page and leaps out into the mainstream, is nearly impossible. Which makes what [...]


Thor - God of Thunder #1, courtesy of Marvel Comics

5 Reasons to Start Reading ‘Marvel NOW!’ Right Now

by Blake Northcott Does Stan Lee need my endorsement? Of course not. His beloved company is firing on all cylinders: top selling comics, movies that generate billions, Scarlet Johannsen in skin-tight leather – it can’t [...]


VESCELL #6 Cover - by John ‘Roc’ Upchurch

Guns, Gals, & Astral Travel  

by Blake Northcott Comic book fans, at heart, are treasure hunters. It’s virtually impossible to purchase and read every single book that comes out each month; with time and money being a factor, fans are [...]