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Mr. McGinley is the editor of Man Cave Daily. Shame on him.

Oh, to live in a world with three Anne McDanielses.

Girlfriend Audition: Anne McDaniels

Anne McDaniels is a pistol. Sorry…actually, that should read Anne McDaniels is a pistol-wielding lady. But you knew that from our interview with her and the Ten Weird Questions she answered. When not firing guns or […]

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Gee, she's keen. (courtesy of PIn-Ups for Vets)

See Pin-Ups for Vets’ 10th Anniversary Calendar

Remember our pals at Pin-Ups For Vets? The award-winning not-for-profit just released its 10th annual calendar “that will once again raise funding to improve the lives of hospitalized Veterans and deployed troops.” Pin-ups and supporting […]

Writers–20 hours ago

Reviewing ourselves as boyfriends, we found Man Cave "sorely lacking in key areas" crucial to this lady's happiness. Two stars, do not buy us.

The Summer Review of Everything

Did you have a nice summer? We did. Beer, barbecue, beach…these are the jewels in the treasure chest of a man’s soul. So it shall be until the equinox, when the sun turns, the earth […]

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She is what you might call "a haunting beauty."

Shelby Keeton’s Hottest Instagrams

Shelby Keeton is a model from Corpus Christi, TX and, if her Instagram account is any indication, the best mom ever. She’s also a trained boxer who can knock your lights out, which we respect, […]


She's sweet to even talk to us.

Caroline Wozniacki Serves Up Sweetness

Caroline Wozniacki is not only the 4th-ranked women’s tennis player in the world, she’s…wait, we don’t have to add anything to that. That alone is an incredible achievement. But say you did want to continue singing […]


We like our burgers like we like our Batmen: bitter over the death of their parents.

Batman: The Burger

Comic Book Resources reports that two different companies are licensing DC Comics heroes to create some fast food dishes that frankly, like superhumanly tasty. As reported by CBR’s Robot 6, patrons can enjoy the dark taste […]


Prepare yourself for the most cringe-worthy video of the year.

Safe Sex PSA Video Ruins Condoms for Everyone

Okay, let’s have a frank talk about what happened here. Because you probably have a lot of questions and I don’t want you to be confused about the risks and rewards of watching this video […]


Ringel and ready to mingle.

The Delta Saints’ Ben Ringel Is Our Kind of Dude

The Delta Saints are a rootin” and/or tootin” good time, and you’d do well to go see them live. Catch them before they bop off to Europe for September. We did, and we refused to […]


Ironically, she's not the least bit craggy.

Maja Krag’s Hottest Instagrams

If there’s something rotten in Denmark, it sure isn’t Maja Krag. The Danish beauty is pristine and vivacious, which according to this thesaurus we have on hand, is the exact opposite of rotten. She’s been modeling […]


Monique Gaxiola of the Los Angeles Temptation.

LFL Footballers KK Matheny & Monique Gaxiola

By now you know we’re fans of the Legends Football League, and hopefully you are too. It’s gritty, ultra-competitive, and boiling over with fan enthusiasm. We’re all here for love of the game. But you […]