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Brendan McGinley

Mr. McGinley is the editor of Man Cave Daily. Shame on him.

Women love werewolves. Truth.

It’s Whiskey Time in ‘Fables: The Wolf Among Us’ Ch. 3

Fables is Vertigo’s flagship title, and inspiration for the extremely popular The Wolf Among Us from Telltale Games. Then DC made a comic book based on that game, bringing everything full circle and concluding the universe. There is […]

Writers–18 hours ago

Don't worry, angels, Man Cave will catch you.

Meet Victoria’s Secret’s Fallen Angels

The last time Syd Wilder donned lingerie to spoof Victoria’s Secret, our holidays got so happy they started poking into our funny bone. We don’t need to to tell you how funny and/or sexy something has […]


Father-son bonding is the true meaning of the holidays.

‘Deathstroke’ #3 Celebrates the Holidays in a Bloody Fashion

Remember the old days, before he was ubiquitous in video games, TV shows, and even kids’ cartoons, when Deathstroke was just a dude who harassed the Teen Titans and handed them crushing defeats–all while clad […]


They've been naughty, but only to be nice.

It’s Ho-Ho-Homicide in ‘Red Hood and the Outlaws’ Annual #2

“Nobody’s happy, everybody’s dead,” that’s been the theme of Red Hood and the Outlaws. But when the gang finds themselves kids again, you’ll be feeling the nostalgic comfort that can only come from seeing Santa […]


Our 11th weird question was going to be "Who's your favorite Man Cave Daily writer?" but she checked off E) None of the above.

Ten Weird Questions with Brooke Lewis

We love a woman with a sense of humor, and Brooke Lewis certainly has one about herself. The self-described “jackess of all trades” (not Jill?) is known primarily for her work as a scream queen, […]


She is at the top of the list.

Holiday Gifts We Really Want in 2014

We review a lot of stuff. We also get sent press releases about a lot of things that never make it to us for review. Where the best of one meets the longing for the […]


And that day, 'twas the police themselves arrested by the sight of her.

The Complete Jen Selter Photos & Interview

In case you missed the serialized interview with Instagram fitness superstar Jen Selter here, here, here, and here, we’ve collected them all for you below. Why? Because we love you, and more than that, we love Jen […]


She's totally Meital.

Meital Dohan Will Make You Scream

Meital Dohan is a woman who makes things happen. After a lifetime spent in theater and film,the actress-turned-playwright-turned-author-turned-director added a lateral title to her resume: singer. Now the U.S. is discovering what Israel already knows: this polyglot […]


Only the raven's wayward. Mark's a straight shooter.

Wayward Raven’s Mark Frankel

Hey, look who we ran into at New York Comic Con! CBS Local’s own Mark Frankel. The very fellow who helps make it possible for us to bring you Man Cave Daily every day is […]




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