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Not sure which of the deadly sins we're most overcome by here.

Just One Question: Sara Sampaio on Her Carl’s Jr. Ad

Sara Sampaio is a busy woman. Not only is she a Victoria’s Secret model and perfect woman, but she just filmed a Carl’s Jr. advertisement. The burger chain is known for its risqué TV commercials starring sexy stars […]

Writers–5 hours ago

Only one of those guys is Blue Beetle,  though all of them are pretty blue.

‘Convergence: Blue Beetle’ #1 Exclusive Preview

There sure have been a lot of versions of Blue Beetle. Superman’s always an invulnerable alien, Batman’s an orphaned detective, but Beetle has been a cop, an inventor, a high school student, and, by turns, given an […]

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Putin on the spritz

Ukrainian Brewery Makes “Putin Is a D***head” Beer

Well somebody’s been taking their iodine pills. First Ukrainian astrologers named a star “Putin-Huilo” and now that unflattering phrase has made it to that other treasure of the heavens: beer. Ukrainian brewer Yurko Nazaruk explains how […]


So many conflicted feelings right now.

Make a Connection in ‘The Names’ #8

The Names is probably Peter Milligan’s most cogent work to date, aided in no small part by artist Leandro Fernandez’s versatility and the fact that printing methods (and art standards) are up to their most minutely […]


She...she is very attractive.

Olivia Carey’s Hottest Instagrams

Olivia Carey is not one but two kinds of Miss Mauritius — she won the title in 2007 then represented Mauritius at Miss World and Miss Universe in 2008. She is unbelievably attractive, even for beauty queens. Sadly, […]


Our future is imaginary too. *chugs more Thunderbird*

10 Weird Questions: Imaginary Future

Imaginary Future isn’t afraid of the tough questions. But since we don’t have any of those, we had to pose the musician some weird ones instead.


Man, if she ever duets with Prince, that's going to turn into an Abbott & Costello act real fast.

Niki Darling Is “Done” with You

Niki Darling has pipes. And gams. And personality. This last is what concerns us at the moment, because the singer, whose collaboration with DJ Ryan Skyy is guaranteed to get you out on the dance […]


Homina homina homina, Jimena!
(credit: Jimena Sanchez via Instagram)

Jimena Sanchez’s Hottest Instagrams

Jimena Sanchez has been dubbed “The Mexican Kim Kardashian” of late because that’s what media outlets do: they take a recognizable name or phrase and hammer it into the ground. Now what they should have said is that […]


A redhead with bed head.

Podcast: A Male Virgin & a Sugar Daddy Walk into Our Bar…

Man Cave writer and stand-up comedian Paul Schissler co-hosts to talk about his decision to remain a virgin until marriage with our guests, owner Alan Action and Carla, a woman who’s used the site to […]