Brendan McGinley

Mr. McGinley is the editor of Man Cave Daily. Shame on him.

He's a whore! She's a doctor! Can these two find ANY common ground? (Note: Mr. Procida is not a literal whore.)

Podcast: As Above, So Below

As above, so below. But mostly in the middle where your sexy parts are. This week’s guests are Billy Procida, a stand-up comic who chronicles his adventures in love and sex with The Manwhore Podcast, […]


Fontana is a really fun name to say.

5 Weird Search Terms You Used, You Mumpsimus

Yeah, it’s Friday! And if we all survive this week’s amassed search terms from hell, we just might make it to two-for-1 pints at P.J. McShakey’s, the place with that waitress who we think likes […]


Drunk Badger hangover

Drunk Badger Is That One Guy at the Bar

Why can’t we have fun without some mean drunk picking a fight? It’s always some little hairy guy that wants to take on somebody bigger. Case in point: this drunk badger. Oh man, which of you guys […]


Say, this isn't Omega Men, it's X-Women!

Save (Yourself from) the Princess in ‘Omega Men’ #3

Omega Men is not a title that plays around. It’s evil empire versus intragalactic rebels, but this ain’t Star Wars. Everyone’s hands are dripping with blood here. It’s a nuanced title about two sides that see […]


Don't Kros him.

Still Time to Back ‘Suicide Squad’ Creator’s Vampire Comic on Kickstarter

John Ostrander’s been writing badass comic books for decades now, but the number of you coming to this site searching for Suicide Squad tells us you don’t need to reminded. Creating that title for DC Comics, […]


Chocoholics take note.

All-Chocolate Beer Coming Your Way…Or Is It?

You might think of beer as all barley and hops, or if you’re a Bud drinker, as corn and beer that has already passed through someone else’s urinary tract. But there are all manner of […]


Brady suspension

Tom Brady Suspended Six Games for Sighing Too Heavily

An embattled Tom Brady was suspended an additional six games today as he was found in contempt of kangaroo court. The incident occurred when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell upheld a four-game suspension for Brady’s role […]


Girl, you know you're looking good, don't even pretend.

10 Weird Questions: Maryjean

Maybe it was a bad idea to pitch some weird questions at the beautiful Maryjean. The confessed pot lover was 100% ready for what we had to throw at her: never try to out-weird a stoner. […]


They're rad. Now you know.

We Came as Romans Play “Two Truths and a Lie”

Don’t tell anybody we let you in on this, but We Came as Romans is the nicest batch of guys. Sure, they might savage a stage with high-speed metal chords and vocals that mix hardcore […]


Yay, Alia's back!

Podcast: Nina Agdal Eats Spaghetti with Her Feet

Comedian Alia Janine talks about playing a strip club, and shows her double-jointed toes. Then we compare our favorite Muppets; it’s not always beer and porn, guys. …we also talk about beer and porn. Go listen on or iTunes or else evil hath won this day!