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And now we're down for the count.

Devanny Pinn: Good Girl Gone Bad

Everybody wants to work with Devanny Pinn. The proud scream queen not only acts but writes, produces, and directs much beloved horror films when not popping up in feature films and TV series. But where many [...]

Writers–24 hours ago

Great writer, total bad Azz.

Brian Azzarello’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Finale

Brian Azzarello doesn’t mince words. The Chicago native and DC Comics veteran has cut out a reputation as a dynamic storyteller with an unmatched command of dialogue. Between the two, he’s got a left hook and a right jab [...]


Oh boy, somebody found a way to make John Wayne Gacy even scarier.

Dark Cabaret to Keep Halloween Spooky & Fun

Dark cabaret! What is it? Who plays it? Does it involve the ladies in stockings who kick very high? The answer to all of these questions is: “Halloween!” Which is to say, there’s no better [...]


And then the CHUDs came at them.

Review: ‘Honeymoon’ Does A Lot with Little

A couple ventures into the woods for a budget honeymoon at the bride’s family cabin, but something in the woods has other plans for them in this ultra-low budget horror that far belies its production [...]


Taking a page out of a classic book.
Photo: Lucy La Riot

Kenley Collins Is a Classic

Kenley Collins is a designer, model, and badass ‘billy musician whom you might recognize from when you still had a girlfriend who made you watch Project Runway. These days she’s designing for Ariana Grande, and also [...]


We won't make it *too* weird, though. We didn't even wear flippers this time.

10 Weird Questions: Candace Kita

You already know Candace Kita is amazing from reading our interview with her last month. The polyglot wowed us so much we asked her to come back and give us a second chance to show her our real [...]


Sound advice from the book itself.

Peek Behind the Veil in ‘Secret Origins’ #6

We’ve got previews atop previews this week, as we reveal the secret origins of not one but three of DC’s raddest characters: Wonder Woman, Deadman, and Sinestro. Three characters that have absolutely zero to do [...]


We promise you this picture is rightside-up.

Reviews: Grayson, Batgirl, Sabrina

Grayson #3 It only took three regular issues and a one-shot for Grayson to become DC’s best book, bar-none. The New 52’s stable has been getting increasingly stronger, but nothing is anywhere near the level of craftsmanship found [...]


Does anything ever happen in the bayou that doesn't involve weapons and revenge?

Everybody’s Dying in ‘Red Hood and the Outlaws’ #35

According to DC, this is the issue where Jason Todd finds out he’s the only member of the Outlaws who isn’t on drugs. And sure, that sounds terrible. We can all agree, a team full of [...]


Let's be honest -- none of us in her league.

VIDEO: Syd Wilder Will Not Marry You

Syd Wilder won’t marry you. She won’t tell you how old she was. She won’t date you if you meet her at the gym, or if you’re in the entertainment industry. So that’s the bad [...]




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