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One listen, and you'll agree, she is the most wonderful woman on earth.

Kacie Marie Visits Man Cast Weekly!

Remember our Valentine’s Day interview about dating a musician with psychedelic doo-wop crooner (and pinup model and actress) Miss Kacie Marie? Well she hung out with us on the podcast to explain her love of whiskey. We […]

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Supergirl Melissa Benoist

Melissa Benoist Pics as Supergirl REVEALED!

CBS just gave us a first look at actress Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El, a.k.a. Supergirl, last daughter of Krypton. Here are fast facts about the new series. SUPERGIRL stars Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers/Kara Zor-El […]

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You know how to review, don't you? You just put your lips together and blow.

The Winter Review of Everything

Welcome back to Man Cave’s seasonal review! Companies send us products, and we tell you why they’re horrible. Or maybe great–in which case we show you their picture and recommend them. But more likely bad, in […]

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Go for the glory!

2000 Women Want to Party with This Man

Everyone should dance. Unless you can’t, because you’re missing a body part–LIKE YOUR HEART, because that’s the only part of you required to dance. Can’t get out of your chair? Wiggle your ears and blink your eyes. Any […]


Hey, these Lanterns are plainly red. What gives?

‘Green Lantern Corps’ #40 Ends with a Bang

What’s this? TWO DC previews in one day? Truly the New Gods have blessed Man Cave! According to our source at DC (not to be confused with The Source in the DCU): “John Stewart comes face […]


"You don't scare me, Darkseid. I've got David Goyer on me side, and 'e's the most powerful bloke in the DC Cinematic Universe."

Darkseid Is in ‘Constantine’ #23

The last time we ran a preview of DC’s Constantine, we said “All Hell’s a’comin’,” like we didn’t rip that straight out of Preacher. But it was true then, and it’d be true now if something much worse […]


La femme Nikita. La tres femme certainment.

Nikita Klæstrup’s Hottest Instagrams

The internet is currently going wild over a Danish student-politician, Nikita Klæstrup (not, as was mistakenly said, a career politician). And we don’t blame the internet one bit. Klæstrup is gorgeous, and her Instagram feed is proof. Plus […]


Kenley GFA

Girlfriend Audition: Kenley Collins

When we last checked in with designer, model, and musician Kenley Collins, she was answering our weird questions. It went so well, we figured we’d up the ante and ask her to be our girlfriend. Of course, […]


Just some of McDuffie's creations.

Meet the Dwayne McDuffie Award’s First Winner

I never met Dwayne McDuffie, but I miss him. Two days before McDuffie passed away, I was sitting in a bar with Ivan Cohen, sometime-writer here and the guy who had hired me for an […]


You know it's true in your heart.

New Podcast: Ray Liotta is a Wolf-Man

The boys imagine a perfect afterlife, figure out which Spider-Man villain is a pedophile, and prove Goodfellas is the perfect mob movie. podcast. It’s a new Man Cast Weekly! Listen on or enjoy it on iTunes if you want to […]




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