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When your house has red and blue lighting, even laundry is dramatic.

Man Cast Weekly — Dancing Fool 2: Electric Boogaloo

Concluding last week’s two-part binge-drinking and bull$#!++ing, Miss Kacie Marie confers with Man Cave on dirty dancing, figuring out your dominatrix style, and dating a homeless ghost. She also plays her single “Girls from Mars” in full for […]

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Foxx by name, fox by trade.
(courtesy of Jayme Foxx)

Girlfriend Audition: Jayme Foxx

Jayme Foxx knows you get her confused with Jamie Foxx. But to paraphrase Office Space, why should she change the name she’s had all her life when Eric Marlon Bishop is copying her style? The foxier Foxx […]


We're suddenly parched.

Anne McDaniels Is the One You Want

Anne McDaniels is all woman, but there are few men who can keep up with the actress and model’s hard-driven hobbies. This Wisconsin blonde loves boxing, cars, football, guns, heavy metal, horror, and whiskey. Sounds like your speed? Oh, […]


Men die. Legends are forever.

The Good Ol’ Days Are Back in ‘Convergence: Justice Society of America’ #1

Hey, fankid–going to Chicago this weekend for C2E2? No? Aw, don’t be sad. DC is throwing you a comic convention right here in their “Convergence” crossover, that brings back legendary creators from every era of […]


Any one picture of hers is hotter than our entire timeline, including the photo of that forest fire.

Rosie Mac’s Hottest Instagrams

Turns out there’s more than one Mother of Dragons. And like most stepmoms, she’s even hotter than her predecessor. The internet is currently losing its collective mind over blue-eyed, dark-haired Rosie Mac, who stands in for […]


You might survive, but that tree...that tree is boned.

‘ADR1FT’ Is Amazing

Man Cave recently wandered over to Times Square to meet and greet and 505 Games, and play Payday 2 on a movie screen. While that’s the absolute best use of a day and our lives are fantastic, it contrasted […]


When Supergirl first appeared, Superman was all, "A flying GIRL!" like that was the weirdest thing he, a flying man who fights radioactive gorillas, had ever seen.

Sacrifice Is Demanded in ‘Convergence: Adventures of Superman’ #1

Earlier this week we showed you what happens when the original Superboy gets called to fight for Metropolis‘s right to exist. But what about his lesser-known spin-off character, Superman? The so-called “Man of Steel” enjoys […]


Miss Kacie Marie is the ginchiest.  (Photo courtesy of Miss Kacie Marie)

Man Cast Weekly: Dance, You Fool! (Pt. 1)

We liked Miss Kacie Marie so much as a guest we brought her back as a co-host! In our first two-part podcast we talk about all the dating mistakes you’re making, tapdancing hillbilly criminals, loving someone’s flaws, and the […]


And this is the show where we first encountered her.

Wise Girl Frontwoman Abby Weitz

Abby Weitz was always going to be a musician. At 18 she founded The Lookaways with some friends and her punk career was off and running. Six years later she switched up to power pop […]


The La-Z-Boy of the future will be almost unrecognizable.

Lost Sun of Krypton: It’s ‘Convergence: Superboy’ #1

Superboy! Not technically the last son of Krypton, but the first son of Krypton + Earth DNA. But it’s a different kind of sun that concerns him — the kind that’s supposed to be fueling his […]