Brendan McGinley

Mr. McGinley is the editor of Man Cave Daily. Shame on him.

It's pronounced "TAY-ah" if you were wondering.

Podcast: Naked Pancakes

Football, sex, and pancakes with no pants on? Penthouse Pet of the Year and Rock of Love winner Taya Parker has Sunday all figured out. The only shame of it is we interviewed her on a […]


Look at that majestic topography!

Anna-Christina Schwartz Is Heavenly

Be careful: looking directly at model Anna-Christina Schwartz has been known to cause blindness. Like most angels she’s radiant, and if you don’t believe she’s an angel, here’s proof in the form of her flying: Isn't […]


If we hadn't just used the "bowl you over" headline for Dolphins cheerleader Monica, you'd definitely be reading it here.

Get Your Mind in the Gutter with ‘Harley Quinn’ #23!

Happy Hanukkah! All we wanted was more Harley Quinn, who’s currently enjoying a spate of “Little Black Book” variant covers and that’s still not enough Harley. This book is so good it would have to get worse before […]


We're pretty sure the thermometer isn't complaining.

Ayanna Jordan Just Broke the Thermometer

Can you imagine how good a singer/songwriter must be? Because she’s about the hottest model we’ve ever seen and that’s not even her primary career. From an economic standpoint, it only makes sense that her […]


Even the Mercedes Benz logos look pop-eyed at her.

Monika Clarke Has That Special Something

There’s no shortage of beautiful and talented women on Man Cave Daily, but even so, Monika Clarke is something special. The Australian (aw, no–she’s got a sexy accent? You’re trying to kill us here) model […]


This, but 18 times.

36 Models Pillowfight in Smile Pillows’ 2016 Calendar

What kind of sexy shenanigans are going on in slumberland? It all started with glamour photographer Ryan Astamendi posting this picture of some 36 of the most gorgeous models alive, including friends of Man Cave […]


Supernova by name, supernova by occupation.

Anastasia Nova Radiates Heat

Los Angeles, you lucky dog. You get all the gorgeous Russian models. Sure, they probably want to get warm after all those higher longitudes, but you’d think a few would trickle into NYC just to […]


If she wasn't already hosting two shows we'd invite her to take over ours.

Ana Kasparian Has a Lust for Life

We had one hell of a fun (read: drunken) Sunday morning with Ana Kasparian, co-host of The Young Turks and host of The Point, when she came to New York. So when she agreed to answer our weird questionnaire, we […]


Her selfies are more artistic than your wedding photos.

Chelsea Pereira Wants You to Look Good

If you’re anything like the guys at Man Cave Daily–we are so, so sorry. But now that you’re here, we should all eat better. Let’s be honest, the “cheese sausage and beer, and also the […]


He could be any one of these boxes and we wouldn't know it.

Alleged Budweiser Trespasser Is Named Bud Weisser

He’s got as much right to be there as anybody.* St. Louis’s Fox 2 Now reports that Bud Weisser, 19, was “taken into police custody” and “issued summonses for trespassing and resisting arrest” after making his […]



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