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Five minutes after finishing that painting, Edward Hopper burned the whole place to the ground, saying "Reality could never match the perfection of art."

Find the Answers in “American Vampire: Second Cycle” #5

Vampires have been done to death, and by nature, after death. Or maybe just undeath. Look, the taxonomy is beyond us. Or to put it in vampire-speak, it remains unknown, for we have not tasted the [...]


Dream of a world where identical Ashley sextuplets smile at you from their backyard bikini shenanigans.

Jessica Ashley’s Hottest Instagrams

If you’re not familiar with hazel-eyed Playboy Playmate Jessica Ashley, today is the luckiest day of your life, at least by the “admiring Playmates” standard. Her bow-bam-pow curves are a match for even the steeliest Formula-1 driver. Hey, [...]


Lady, you can't come at us that adorable right out of the gate, or we won't be able to speak and this interview's already over.

Candace Kita Works Harder

Candace Kita may be the hottest woman alive. Now obviously she’s nine kinds of knockout, but that’s not why she’s so entrancing. For that, you have to look at everything the actress and model has going on when not at her [...]


If you have enemies with names like Lord Death Man and Professor Gorilla, you're living a way cooler life than anybody you know.

Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga

If there’s one thing the ’90s taught us, it’s that kids just love Batman and manga. And the ’00s. And the ’10s. Actually…it may just be that everybody, everywhere, forever, loves Batman and manga. We’d [...]


(courtesy of Anderson PRG)

Paola Núñez: Bold & Beautiful

Paola Núñez might not be familiar to English-speaking audiences, but in Mexico she’s one of the most widely recognizable telenovela stars, having acted since age 12. Now she’s hit the states on Telemundo, in the titular [...]


Man, that's hot. that supposed to be hot?

Never Turn Your Back on an Angry Wonder Woman (Preview)

Wonder Woman has benefitted the most of any character in DC’s New 52. She received the biggest overhaul of DC’s popular characters, and the one most befitting of the character’s growth from the ’40s to the [...]


And we forgot all of them already.

10 Weirder Questions with Joanna Angel

Back in April, we asked her 10 weird questions, and it was good. But can you ever really get enough of Joanna Angel? All of our porn-science says no. Then it removes its glasses and [...]


...we are going to all the wrong bars.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Hottest Instagrams

Alright, put on your mental armor, men. You’re about to undergo the most challenging ordeal of your day: staring at pictures of the most sensual woman alive. It won’t be easy. In all likelihood it will [...]


And this isn't even the biggest fight in this issue!

Fear Trumps Resolve in ‘Injustice: Year Two’ Chapter 22

As you know, we’re avowed fans of Injustice: Gods Among Us. This series is so good we wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually got incorporated into the multiverse of continuities that DC Comics is currently mapping. But [...]




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