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Get ready, because we have like three more puns on her name.

5 Weird Search Terms You Used, You Slubberdegullion

Keep making the internet weird, you beautiful slubberdegullions, and we’ll keep providing you the results that reward your inquisitive nature. It’s another roundup of real search queries used by you, the public, and your partner in […]

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She's easily the hottest Agathe on the planet.

Agathe Teyssier’s Hottest Instagrams

Agathe Teyssier is a French model who is dangerously attractive. If your heart is not susceptible to the girl next door look, proceed to her Instagram gallery, but all others don protective eyewear (a sleep […]



Change Is In the Air in ‘Batman/Superman’ #25

You will believe a Superman can bat-glide in the latest issue of Batman/Superman! Issue #25 sees the depowered Clark Kent still acting like a burr in the butt of Vir vespertilio pro tempor Jim Gordon. The former commissioner of […]


Want to see Moe of her?

Ingrid Moe Is a Woman of Mystery

Ingrid Moe is a bit of a cipher. There’s scant information about this beautiful Norwegian model, and no interviews we could dig up. But her pictures are so good they’re worth approximately 1,170 words. We […]


Michael Strahan just seems like he defeats every challenge in life with a smile and a crisply ironed shirt.

Michael Strahan Knows How to Dress, Party

We dabble in the dapper arts sometimes on Man Cave Daily, because there are occasions when man must put down the video game controller and venture outside in something nicer than sweatpants. At such times we defer […]


If the Justice League ever arranges themselves around you like this, they have elected you their leader. It is curious, but it is their way.

Memories Wane in ‘Detective Comics’ #45

Jim Gordon is the Batman now, and the Batman is a giant, bunny-eared battle suit. It’s the way the world is now, son, and we’re along for the ride no matter what. But does the […]


Alternatively we could show you a picture of a burger but...nah.

Podcast: Meat Your Future Self

Welcome to October! Home of Man Cave’s favorite holiday unless you’re the house that gives out religious tracts instead of candy. The rest of us are getting amped for Halloween with a full month of […]


We also would have accepted "Garrn, Baby, Garrn" for Affleck-film-themed puns.

5 Weird Search Terms You Used, You Crepehanger

Why does crepehanger mean a pessimistic killjoy? We’d tell you to look it up but you’d probably come up with a reason not to. Still, it’s a weird term, right? Everybody loves crepes. They taste […]


We've died and gone to Valya-lla. (Photo: Gary Miller)

Valya Romanova Is the American Dream

While you were opening your fifth can of beer, Valya Romanova was opening her ninth textbook to get a master’s (with honors!) in medicine. The South Beach model’s day gig is as a physician’s assistant. She […]


The only thing they agree on is they want to avoid all the states in between them.

Twitter Beef: Metro LA vs MTA Talk Baseball

Los Angeles. New York. Two great cities that couldn’t be less alike, except for both thinking they’re America’s greatest city. It was perhaps inevitable that these two would butt heads over the Dodgers, a team […]