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If you can't have high times and hard laughs, at least get high laughs out of hard times.

Eric Powell on The Goon’s 15th Anniversary

Very rarely is a comic book these days the product of a single man’s labors. Even rarer does that comic shoot to the top of the indie scene, and rarest of all, does it do […]

Writers–39 mins ago

It's not every day you get to geek out with royalty.

‘DMC’ Creator Darryl McDaniels

Darryl “DMC” McDaniels needs no introduction. So we won’t introduce him. If you don’t know the legendary musician, you’ve got a lot more reading to do than we can help you with. He’s a founding father of […]


Future Barry is a jerk, but he's a sharp dresser.

Reflect on the Past in ‘The Flash’ #38

Barry Allen is not a guy with a lot of time on his hands. Fortunately, he has plenty of space, since he can circle the earth in the time it takes you to say “circle the […]


There are a lot of beautiful woman out there, but only the great ones offer to douse you in alcohol.

Erin Heatherton: Killer Curves, Good Sport

You never figure you might one day have to choose between attending your grandfather’s funeral and bantering with a Victoria’s Secret Angel. But apparently this is the CW dramedy we live in. And sorry, Angels, but […]


Question #1: Are you always this chiaroscuro?

10 Weird Questions: Kenley Collins

What’s shaking with designer, model, and musician Kenley Collins? Only one way to find out, and that’s to make her uncomfortable with our typically awkward inquiries. To the Weirdmobile!


Crisis on Infinite Batmen!

‘Future’s End’ Writers Dan Jurgens & Keith Giffen

[Spoilers abound, so don’t read this interview until you’ve set your peepers on The New 52: Future’s End #38.] The last time we interviewed Dan Jurgens and one of his The New 52: Future’s End co-writers, Green Arrow got himself […]


Also, his name is an anagram for Slimey Tee, but that's not relevant here.

‘Grayson’ Writer Tim Seeley

Tim Seeley is a self-made man. The writer and artist made his name in comics with a hard work ethic, a creator-owned vision, and a willingness to prove his craft rather than get boxed into a […]


That's just gross. And you knew it was gross but you published it anyway, DC.

Meet the New Two-Face in ‘Future’s End’ #38

Eye-yi-yi! It’s Robin vs. Batman Beyond vs. Batman vs. Batman-Joker! All because Brother Eye has tracked Terry McGinnis from “Beyond” to “Slightly Less Beyond” and dispatched its very own terminator in the form of a […]


More like Shawn Killer-sen, right guys? Guys?

‘Mortal Kombat X’ Writer Shawn Kittelsen

Is Shawn Kittelsen the nicest guy in comics? No, that’s Jim Lee. Everyone knows it’s Jim Lee. But we do know Kittelsen is really, really nice. And the thing with nice guys is they can only […]


It's like a Rob Zombie song got made into a comic. No, not The Nail. This right here. Klarion.

Everything’s on Fire Forever in ‘Klarion’ #4

Ah, Ann Nocenti, comics has missed you. The trippy writer crafted some beloved comics thanks to her thoughtful style, an all-too-uncommon trait in the x-treme firefight that was the ’90s. Then she lit out for High Times, […]




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