Brendan McGinley

Mr. McGinley is the editor of Man Cave Daily. Shame on him.

Neither of these men looks like this. Although Brendan does look like the steak.

Podcast: Food Is Sexier Than Sex

Woooooo! It’s a three-day weekend! Time to talk Pantera cruises, Playboy model threesomes, and the secret origin of Burning Man with SDR Show host Ralph Sutton and light-wizard Bentley Meeker. Let’s get audio and visual! Go […]

Writers–5 hours ago

That's a lot of bullet holes for a hand-to-hand combat tournament.

Prepare for War in ‘Mortal Kombat X’ Ch. 21

Mortal Kombat! The very name compels one to shriek martial arts noises, shout “Finish him!” and then pull out someone’s spine. Okay! Whoa! Maybe not that last part. But the rest for sure. DC sent […]

Writers–9 hours ago

The '70s were a magical time when girls dressed like this but absolutely nothing men wore could be considered stupidly ugly.

Watch the Evolution of the Swimsuit in Under 2 Minutes with Amanda Cerny

Bathing suits–we all love them, unless they’re the man-thong that Borat wore. (Kids, remember Borat? He was the Ernest P. Worrell of the ’00s! Adults, remember Ernest? He was the–ah, forget it.) Fortunately model Amanda […]


It's just so beautiful.

The Rock Marries Screen Junkies’ Nick Mundy

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has long been known to be not just one of the greatest wrestlers of all time but one of the most awesome guys around. His sense of humor and willingness to […]


Amanda Conner can draw and write the entire DCU forever, as far as we're concerned.

Get Sneak Attacked by ‘Convergence: Action Comics’ #2

The modern superhero began with Action Comics, and now it’s apparently ending with it. All of DC Comics’ continuities (yes, continuities, not just one) are heading straight for a brick wall called oblivion. All of the various […]


Flatten two defenders and score a touchdown? Someone buy this woman a beer.

Watch LFL QB Ashley Salerno DESTROY Two Defenders at Once

Dang, you would think players would learn to stop tackling high on Ashley Salerno. The Los Angeles Temptation quarterback is such a juggernaut when she’s running the ball you have to wonder why she’d ever even pass it. You […]


His name's Ron, and his cave's got the essentials. His story checks out.

This Guy Really Loves His Man Cave

YouTube user RonEssential really loves having a man cave. We thought nobody enjoyed one more than us, since ours gets free beer and interviews with Victoria’s Secret angels, but no. RonEssential loves his man cave for […]


But does he own steel-toed bowling shoes? Man Cave investigates.

Youth Brigade’s Shawn Stern on Punk Rock Bowling

Punk. Rock. Bowling. As succinct a portrait of my suburban teenage years as the phrase “No girlfriend, dammit,” but with the complete opposite amount of joy. When the only places open to kids after 9 p.m. are […]


They're an adorable couple. It's okay to admit that.

Love, Laughter & Horrific Crime

Writers/podcasters/comedians/couple Mandy Stadtmiller and Pat Dixon join us to discuss their many projects, including TMI-ary, News Whore, NYC Crime Report, and The Nearly Naked Lady Hour (it comes with a bacon bar!). Go listen on or […]