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IMG_20131125_074254Brian Cullen really, really enjoys robots but doesn’t understand how they work. He also enjoys drinking beers, and has a pretty solid understanding of how that works. You can read about his musings about both on Twitter @BucketCullen.

Meat your challengers

Found: NYC’s Best Burger

“C’mon,” said my editor. “We’re going to the Battle of the Burger next week.” “What is that.” I said, without a question mark. “What are those words you just said to my face.” “It’s a [...]


PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 06: Matt Bessette and Levi Koenen tailgate prior to the 2014 Vizio BCS National Championship Game between the Auburn Tigers and the Florida State Seminoles at the Rose Bowl on January 6, 2014 in Pasadena, California.

TGF: Top 17 Jell-O Jigglers Collegiate Molds

Jell-O stepped up their gelatin game, making college football-themed molds. We’re ranking them, because we can.


Everyone's first round pick (Photo: Thinkstock)

Draft Day? No, Draught Day!

Hey sports fans! Draft Day is upon us, so we thought we’d drink our way through it, one round at a time. Remember–the draft itself takes place over three days long, so it’s a good thing we’ve [...]


The Most Interesting Man in the World handed out cacti in Madison Square last week and you missed it because you were moping over Cinco de Monday.

¡Cinco de Funday!

By now, you’ve all heard the news. Cinco de Mayo is on a Monday this year. And that means most of you are muttering “aw, shucks” under your breath and putting away your hysterical sombreros [...]


Photo: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Our Predictions for the 2014 Baseball Season

Say gang, don’t you love sports? Me too! I like it when the multi-millionaire with a club hits a leather orb and the it somehow says something about America and our relationships with our dads. [...]


You don't know how long we agonized over using "Bock in black" since it's not a roasted stout.

The Best Bock Beers, Period

If you’ve never had a bock (and Shiner doesn’t count. More on that later) then here’s the quick primer: “bock” is the general term that can be used to describe a number of sub-varieties, like [...]


Jay-Z has nothing on Kermit.

The Secret History of the Muppets

When you take a step back and really consider the legacy of the Muppets, it’s absurd. Yet somehow, Jim Henson and his creative collaborators have invented a world where the idea of puppets sounds mundane, [...]


CHAPEL HILL, NC - FEBRUARY 20: North Carolina Tar Heels fans storm the court after a win over the Duke Blue Devils during their game at the Dean Smith Center on February 20, 2014 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. North Carolina won 74-66.

TGF: Top 5 Greatest Team Rivalries In Sports

Isn’t it better when the teams hate each other? Here are the top 5 team rivalries in sports.


The future of American justice looks a lot like a substandard remake of its past.

The Little-Known History of RoboCop

Two men enter a room. “Ok, so, first imagine robots. You with me? And now imagine cops, ok? Now…combine them.” “Okay…” “But wait wait wait….this robotic cop? Is basically Jesus.” “Yeah, and Detroit is Jerusalem! [...]


NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 24: A woman walks past an advertisement referencing Super Bowl XLVIII, which will be played in East Rutherford, NJ in two weekends, on January 24, 2014 in Times Square in New York City. In preperation for the Super Bowl, New York City is turning sections of Times Square and Broadway into "Super Bowl Boulevard," which will feature events such as games, concerts and a toboggan run.

Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

People watch the Super Bowl for the commercials too. Here are the top 5.




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