Brian Cullen

IMG_20131125_074254Brian Cullen really, really enjoys robots but doesn’t understand how they work. He also enjoys drinking beers, and has a pretty solid understanding of how that works. You can read about his musings about both on Twitter @BucketCullen.

Beer vs Food

TGF: Seahawks’ Watered-Down Beer Or Royals’ Expired Food?

The Seahawks and Royals deliver on the field. But they shortchanged fans at the concession booth, with watered-down beer and expired food.


There is no such thing as too much fun. We proved that. We proved that math here.

The Masquerade Is On Till the Masks Come Off

I don’t always drink Dos Equis. But when I do, I usually end up attending a hidden masquerade party, hobnobbing with lovely, well-dressed people, and eating reptiles. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.


Tale of the Tape Cleveland Browns vs. Gust of Wind

TGF: More Dignified Losing To Cleveland Browns Or Strong Gust Of Wind?

The fading Bengals lost to the surging Browns, not really an NFL powerhouse. Is it more dignified to lose to the Browns or a gust of wind?


Cardinals Royals Cinderella Story Tale of the Tape

TGF: Arizona Cardinals Or Kansas City Royals The Better Cinderella Story?

The Arizona Cardinals lead the NFC with a 7-1 record. How do they compare to the Kansas City Royals, this year’s other Cinderella team?


More boom is more fun.

Review: ‘Sunset Overdrive’

The plot of Sunset Overdrive is as follows: you work for a company named FizzCo. (basically a cross between the worst parts of Walmart with the reach and brand recognition of Coca-Cola). They invent a [...]


Peyton Manning Ron Artest tale of the tape

TGF: Is It Worse to Anger Peyton Manning Or Ron Artest?

Did the Broncos scoreboard guy or the fan who threw a soda at Ron Artest make a greater enemy?


Tom Brady vs. Air Dancer Tale of the Tape

TGF: Tom Brady Vs. An Airdancer, Who Is Floppier?

Tom Brady seemed to flop in a recent Pats-Jets game. How does he stand up to one of those inflatable things you see outside of car dealers?


Adrian Peterson Anakin Skywalker Tale of the Tape

TGF: Adrian Peterson Or Anakin Skywalker, Worse Fall From Grace?

Adrian Peterson’s fall from grace has been epic. But does it measure up to that of Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader?


Minnesota Vikings vs. actual Viking massacre in 1066

TGF: Which Viking Massacre Was Worse?

The Packers destroyed the Vikings in Week 5. Was it worse than an actual Viking massacre?


Steve Smith Justin Timberlake Tale of the Tape

TGF: Steve Smith Vs. Justin Timberlake, Better After The Breakup?

Sometimes a breakup is the best thing for everyone. How have Steve Smith and Justin Timberlake done?




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