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Green by Keith C Clarke

Review: ‘Green’

Green is a novel about race with golf as the backdrop, which makes the title appropriate in the sports sense. But if the author, Keith C. Clark, was trying for some kind of socially-conscious double […]


Order up! Whether or not that's a double entendre is entirely up to you! 
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Former Hooters Waitress Reveals What It’s Really Like

It’s been over 30 years since the first Hooters restaurant opened in Clearwater, FL, and it’s hard to argue with the success of their business model. With a global brand worth $1 billion and hundreds […]


If we ever found ourselves in the Arctic we can practically guarantee we wouldn't be smiling like that.

Review: “Dimestore Explorer”

While everyone technically has a grandpa (two, actually, according to current research,) not everyone is lucky enough to have one with good stories to tell. I mean sure, most of them have a couple entertaining […]


Sleep Crawfish

Review: Sleeping With The Crawfish

Before D. J. Donaldson wrote forensic mysteries and medical thrillers, he taught high school science and was an anatomy professor at the University of Tennessee. Normally this sort of background isn’t much of an asset […]


And coming next spring: Mindsouler

Review: Timothy Zahn’s ‘Soulminder’

Fans of Star Wars beyond the movies might recognize Timothy Zahn as the Hugo Award-winning author who wrote Heir to the Empire, in which he introduced the world to the nefarious Grand Admiral Thrawn. As […]


Tackle gear is appropriate everywhere except for weddings and closed-casket funerals. These are the things you learn in such books!

Review: ‘Mantiques: A Manly Guide to Cool Stuff’

Unless you’re the type of guy who has a wardrobe that includes at least one white seersucker suit and enjoys saying things like “how droll…” in casual conversation, telling your buddies that you plan on […]



The Worst Things that Ever Happened on a Riding Mower

For many suburban, middle-aged males, owning a riding mower is the ultimate reward for a lifetime of toil. A mechanized, potentially hazardous steed that both symbolizes a man’s mastery of the 5,000 or so square […]


These are really good seats.

Minor League Madness

Professional sports, and especially baseball, tends to play things safe where it comes to team names. With the exception of the Braves, Indians, and the Reds (a slur on communists?), there’s not even really much […]


When your name is Life, you sort of have to become a doctor. Like that philosophy professor we had who was named Boring.

Dr. Life

Transcription and intro by E. Reid Ross Interview conducted by Brendan McGinley You’ve probably seen Dr Jeffry Life before. He’s been plastered all over the internet lately, and chances are good he’s snuck a picture or […]


From Russia, with lust

So Your Daughter is Growing Up Hot

I waited until relatively late in life to start having kids. It’s just the way it worked out. With my son, this could present a problem if he decides to become an athlete, as pretty […]




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