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Of course to every spider you meet, you're Godzilla.

The New Ways Spiders Are Becoming Even More Horrible

You may have noticed that during Pope Francis’s recent visit to the U.S., the media completely skirted the issue of arachnids. I’m guessing that’s because when you acknowledge the the fact that spiders exist, it’s […]


The title doesn't exactly flow.

Review: From Broken Up to Bro 2.0

I’m going to start this review off with a couple disclaimers. First, I’ve never been much of a fan of self-help books. Second, I probably don’t fall into the target demographic that this book is […]


And none of them is Screech, although he is kind of a lunatic.

4 Singers Who Got Famous Screeching like Lunatics

When you’re an entertainer it’s often not merely enough to be talented. You need to have a gimmick. Whether it’s Lady Gaga’s random bric-a-brac ensembles or Kanye West’s public personae of a spoiled child, a performer […]


Look, about these neediness issues you have. I... I think we should see other people.

A Cat Lover’s Comprehensive Guide to Dogs: A

So you’re in the market for a new pooch. Are you looking for an imposing guard dog? A huggable companion for the kids? Something small and hairless to stuff in your Hermes handbag while dodging […]


For legal reasons they can't call it "Cold Mountain."

Review: ‘Cold Heart’ by Chandler McGrew

According to his bio, Chandler McGrew grew up in Texas and later spent a decade in Alaska. Fittingly, his latest suspense-thriller novel, Cold Heart, starts out in Houston but spends a lot of time in […]


We're gunning for pun of the week.

‘Everly’ Actress Jennifer Blanc-Biehn

The beauteous actress Jennifer Blanc-Biehn will soon be appearing (on February 27th, to be exact) alongside the also quite beauteous Salma Hayek in the action/horror movie Everly. She was kind enough to take some time […]


manana hjortsberg

Review: ‘Mañana’ by William Hjortsberg

I have to say that I went into reading William Hjortsberg’s Mañana with mixed feelings. The setting is in one of my favorite places in the world (Mexico), but the story also heavily involves one […]


Green by Keith C Clarke

Review: ‘Green’

Green is a novel about race with golf as the backdrop, which makes the title appropriate in the sports sense. But if the author, Keith C. Clark, was trying for some kind of socially-conscious double […]


Order up! Whether or not that's a double entendre is entirely up to you! 
credit: Thinkstock

Former Hooters Waitress Reveals What It’s Really Like

It’s been over 30 years since the first Hooters restaurant opened in Clearwater, FL, and it’s hard to argue with the success of their business model. With a global brand worth $1 billion and hundreds […]


If we ever found ourselves in the Arctic we can practically guarantee we wouldn't be smiling like that.

Review: “Dimestore Explorer”

While everyone technically has a grandpa (two, actually, according to current research,) not everyone is lucky enough to have one with good stories to tell. I mean sure, most of them have a couple entertaining […]



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