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lamm lamm Jayme Lamm | The Blonde SideA star athlete since the age of 5 when she struggled to pop her first wheelie showing off for a boy, Jayme has always had a knack for adventure and sports. Playing them, watching them, bossing other people around on how to play them – the whole nine. After working in professional sports in PR and marketing for 5 long years, Jayme was finally escorted out of the industry for what some would call non – PC behavior. Hell, it’s served her better than the Astros repeated dismal seasons, has it not?

She is a fan of all sports, but is a fanatical Eagles fan thanks to a Starter jacket. She loves her choking ALCS team, the Rangers, and with or without LeBron, is a Miami Heat fan and doesn’t care who talks smack to her on Twitter because of it.

Jayme is a freelance sports and travel writer based in Houston and is currently in a full-court press writing her hugely opinionated sport’s column, The Blonde Side. Follow her travels for sporting events and check her out on Twitter.

We're not ruling out the possibility that she has several clones running around to achieve everything required of her.

Jets Flight Crew Kristina L. Plays Hard, Works Harder, Cheers Hardest

You know that saying, “You have just as many hours in a day as Beyonce?” Well, I’m pretty sure Kristina has more than Beyonce because she manages to get more done (WITH A SMILE ON HER [...]


Carter and our intrepid reporter.

Chris Carter Reinvents Himself

If you’ve ever met a professional athlete, at least a good one, you come to learn there is no such thing as an “off-season.” No matter what your contract looks like or how healthy you [...]


She's got a sweet tooth and a sweeter heart.

Ben-Gals’ Cover Girl Lauren C. Goes 100%

Meet cover-girl Lauren C. from the Ben-Gals. Yes, you can see the beautiful Lauren gracing the cover of the 2015 Ben-Gals calendar, but you get to actually hear a bunch of cool things about here [...]


If you were this cool at 21, we'd like to see the picture.

Ryan Reed’s Drive To Stop Diabetes

To meet an athlete with purpose outside of their sport is rare. Trust me, I’ve interviewed hundreds of athletes young and old, talented and barely so, good and bad. NASCAR driver Ryan Reed (driving the [...]


The irony is they're so identically perfect it's impossible to rank them.

The Rankin Twins Just Keep Getting Better

Double the pleasure. Double the fun. Double the talent. That pretty much sums up what the world thinks of twins, right? And drop-dead gorgeous blonde twins? Well, we probably can’t say what most of the [...]


Come on, that's like the third-best pun we've ever written.

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Colts Cheerleader Hannah Y.

Every once in a while a fellow female walks into your life and you realize immediately you’re going to be the best of friends. Indianapolis Colts cheerleader Hannah Y. doesn’t know that yet, but it’s [...]


Why are you looking at the photo credit like that? Did we spell his name correctly?

Boundless NRG: Texans Cheerleader Liz

There may be a debate across the country (and especially in Texas) on who really is America’s Team, but there is no mistaking who has Houston’s heart when it comes to their sweethearts – that [...]


Busts bad guys, loves football and dogs, is proof God exists.

Surrender to Monique, a First Lady of Football

Animal lover, firm believer in a judgment-free friend-zone, dancer, lover of all things military, culture and football, Monique is a prime example of an NFL cheerleader. And not just any NFL cheerleader, but an esteemed [...]


Dang, Andretti, save some cool for the rest of mankind.

Marco Andretti: Staying on Track

With the 2014 IndyCar season closed out, there’s nothing more for drivers like Marco Andretti to do but look ahead. Not finishing the season quite as he had hoped, Andretti still has a lot on [...]


We're fans of her if you haven't noticed yet.

Titans Cheerleader Jena Has Boundless Energy

Whoever said there’s no accounting for taste would know how wrong they were if they ever accounted for our taste in accountants: Jena, a captain of the Tennessee Titans cheerleaders, is one impressive lady. And sure, we could gush [...]




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