Jayme Lamm | The Blonde Side

lamm lamm Jayme Lamm | The Blonde SideA star athlete since the age of 5 when she struggled to pop her first wheelie showing off for a boy, Jayme has always had a knack for adventure and sports. Playing them, watching them, bossing other people around on how to play them – the whole nine. After working in professional sports in PR and marketing for 5 long years, Jayme was finally escorted out of the industry for what some would call non – PC behavior. Hell, it’s served her better than the Astros repeated dismal seasons, has it not?

She is a fan of all sports, but is a fanatical Eagles fan thanks to a Starter jacket. She loves her choking ALCS team, the Rangers, and with or without LeBron, is a Miami Heat fan and doesn’t care who talks smack to her on Twitter because of it.

Jayme is a freelance sports and travel writer based in Houston and is currently in a full-court press writing her hugely opinionated sport’s column, The Blonde Side. Follow her travels for sporting events and check her out on Twitter.

If you're not listening to Drew Holcomb, you're only cheating yourself. And your ears. And, to be honest, Drew Holcomb, because that guy works hard.

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