Jayme Lamm | The Blonde Side

lamm lamm Jayme Lamm | The Blonde SideA star athlete since the age of 5 when she struggled to pop her first wheelie showing off for a boy, Jayme has always had a knack for adventure and sports. Playing them, watching them, bossing other people around on how to play them – the whole nine. After working in professional sports in PR and marketing for 5 long years, Jayme was finally escorted out of the industry for what some would call non – PC behavior. Hell, it’s served her better than the Astros repeated dismal seasons, has it not?

She is a fan of all sports, but is a fanatical Eagles fan thanks to a Starter jacket. She loves her choking ALCS team, the Rangers, and with or without LeBron, is a Miami Heat fan and doesn’t care who talks smack to her on Twitter because of it.

Jayme is a freelance sports and travel writer based in Houston and is currently in a full-court press writing her hugely opinionated sport’s column, The Blonde Side. Follow her travels for sporting events and check her out on Twitter.

Stanley, that dude's using your cup!

Mike Posner: Top of the World (and Sochi)

What’s it like to sip champagne out of one of the most coveted trophies in sports? Having recently recovered from his jetlag and whirlwind experiences at Sochi, one of the hottest singers/songwriters/producers sat down to give [...]



Interview: ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Erica Rose

The thing about reality television is more often than not; you don’t really see all that much reality. Ironic, yeah? Take for instance the blonde-tiara-wearing Houston hopeful, Erica Rose, first seen on ABC’s The Bachelor, [...]


You see the aphorism we were going for there.

Herschel Walker Has a Lot on His Plate

It’s been more than 15 years since the man retired from the NFL, but to say that Herschel Walker has a lot on his plate these days is a gross understatement. The 2x Pro Bowl [...]


Odds the lights go out at the stadium this year?

Prop Bets Make the World (& Football) Go ‘Round

As much as I love the NFL’s final battle and am enamored with the question of who gets to hoist up the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the very end, there are other things that keep [...]


Image courtesy of DenverBroncos.com

Riding High with Denver Broncos Cheerleader Tara

Don’t you dare be that person who says you haven’t watched much Denver Broncos football this season, because Denver Broncos cheerleader Tara will surely call you out. “There is no way you haven’t watched the [...]


Don't worry. Tthat's the only pun on her name we make in this article.

J-E-T-S: B-R-I-E!

It takes a lot for me to admit someone is funnier than me. Seriously, I’ve always taken great pride in being a “self-proclaimed comedian,” but Brie, a third year veteran on the New York Jets [...]


She turns tables and heads.

10 12 Weird Questions with LA DJ Brandi Garcia

Have you ever met someone who can factually say they party for a living? I met the always-smiling Brandi Garcia a few years ago when she was a DJ in Houston. Garcia had a pretty [...]


But it's for a good cause, so it all works out.

Belting Battioke with Shane Battier

This video started it all. This two minute and 10 second promo video is what catapulted what is now titled Battioke into the nation, extending far beyond the 305 area code and Miami Heat crazed [...]


Our accountant is cheerier than your accountant.

Hail to the Redskins. And the First Ladies of Football!

There’s this thing about being first at something. You’re considered the cream of the crop. The veterans. You set the bar. Everyone imitates you. When it comes to NFL cheerleaders, the First Ladies of Football, [...]


Captain, our Captain!

We Salute You, Michelle: Rams Cheerleader AND Air Force Captain

She’s probably the coolest NFL Cheerleader I’ve interviewed for this series. She’s probably the most beautiful, inside and out, probably the most daring and adventurous, and probably the one that can kick your ass without [...]