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Ruby Rhod will dance at a b-ball game if that is what Ruby Rhod wants to do.

An Alien Archeologist’s Biography of Chris Tucker

In the distant future when our civilization crumbles due to nuclear fallout, pollution, or the more likely alien invasion, there will come another. These future inhabitants will want to learn about our past culture, history, […]


A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no rapper's more coarse than a horse of course, but cursing in verse can be worse than a curse if you're too terse to disperse your words.

The Unintentionally Hilarious Side of Rap

Rata-tat-tat! That’s the sound of my gat. Rappers love to be viewed as hardcore gangsters who will not only shoot you once but hundreds of times because they’re overachievers at heart. The most notorious rappers […]


How you think you look.

How to Make a Number One Hip Hop Song

There is a career path out there for everyone (maybe) and for most young males in this society that dream usually involves music (or someone to just pay them to masturbate). Who doesn’t want to […]


All pictures in this article will be left-aligned for propaganda purposes.

Join the Lefty Revolution!  

by Josh Hrala Dear Concerned Citizen, This is our rallying call. We ask that you please join us this Thursday to protest the Righties’ overbearing and oppressive ways. We meet at noon in front of […]


The reality of being a hacker is all your friends assume you can fix their computer. But we know you can't, because you don't have any friends.

How to be a Hacker (According to 1995’s ‘Hackers’)

by Josh Hrala Movies try and tell us every couple of years what it is like to be a “hacker.” I have seen all of these movies and therefore am a 1337lolhxzorz that can take […]


Not tipping is also part of how not to tip.

How Not to Tip at a Restaurant

by Josh Hrala Going to a restaurant is one of the most fun things one can do in life, right up there with watching people getting hit in the junk (the America’s Funniest Home Videos way, not the […]


"Sir? You are being abusive and I am going to have to BSoD you."

How Not to Treat Tech Support

So your computer is on the brink of dying, pop ups for porn sites and penis enlargement supplements are invading your desktop to the point you can’t even click any of them closed. Or, you […]


Because if you do, there's an internet meme about you.

How to Work Out (like a Jerk)

by Josh Hrala   Everyone knows that having muscles is a surefire way to get the ladies (definitely don’t try to get smart). When I go to the gym I see guys doing all of […]


You're all going to look back at your Instagram feed in 20 years and shake your head in embarrassment.

How to Out-Hipster the Hipsters

Are you tired of fitting into the boring-ass mainstream culture that is today? Why not look into the future, be the cutting edge, show the world you make the trends. No, this isn’t a script […]


Careful what you wish for.

How to Keep Your True Love (gulp!) Forever

by Josh Hrala No matter what the occasion it’s always important to be on your A-game. If you aren’t as dapper and classy as I then this is your lucky day bud because I have […]



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