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960250 703321939687678 299353118 n Karl SmallwoodKarl Smallwood is the head writer, researcher and all round gopher of Fact Fiend, a site primarily focussed on rounding up all the awesome facts other sites don’t bother covering. He also has Twitter, because of course he does.

He only slows down because he misses the joy of accelerating again.

The Runner Who Couldn’t Stop, Even to Win

Simply put, Politis of Keramos is the only guy in the entire history of running to win three Olympic events in the sport on the same day. If you’re thinking “Hmph, that doesn’t sound that [...]


"You lookin' at me? I will flip you upside down and do to you what my 9th symphony did to all other compositions."

Only an Idiot Would Duel Beethoven

Most of you probably know Beethoven as the guy who played that kick-ass solo in the Bill & Ted movie — oddly, that movie is probably the best representation of the composer ver put to film.  We’re going to [...]


We just have kung fu for kung pao.

The Real-Life Iron Fist

Lam Sai Wing was a master of Chinese martial arts with a fist made of gnarled iron and a list of students so long it’d make Ron Jeremy blush. Throughout his life Lam Sai Wing [...]


He's so fast they had to give his statue articulated joints so it didn't tear itself off the base.

The God of Self-Confidence

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. The ancient Syrian runner, Eubotas of Cyrene was a man who decided to teabag that line and build a statue of himself doing it. We say this [...]



The Art of Video Gamesmanship, Pt. 2

Several weeks ago I penned an article all about how to squeeze more life out of popular video games by playing them wrong on purpose, because there a bunch of video games and (as far as [...]


He was basically your nightmares given flesh.

This Boxer Stopped Fighting to Berate the Crowd

With a name like Kleitomachos, you know this one is going to be good, come on, he’s already got macho right there in his name, he’s halfway to Wrestlemania with that alone. Embodying everything that [...]


Maybe the animals didn't think a man so obviously lacking in muscle was worth eating.

Ass-kicking Atheletes of Antiquity: Carpophorus

Carpophorus is the owner of a name you could only pronounce with a stomach full of whiskey and a wasp in your mouth. It is a name you will seriously contemplate tattooing on your person after reading about [...]



The Belle Is the Ball

Next to the Olympics, the Super Bowl and possibly any motor racing event in which somebody crashes, the World Cup is one of the most popular and most viewed sporting events on Earth. Few people [...]


Even clothes were afraid to approach him.

The Warrior More Metal than Actual Metal

We’ve discussed the pankration on Man Cave Daily before, but for those new to this site, it was basically an event in the ancient Olympics that combined the best parts of the wrestling and boxing [...]


And you thought Boston vs. New York was bitter.

From Hometown Hero to Homeless Zero

Astylos of Crotona was a runner in ancient Greece. Though you’ve likely never heard of him he’s important in the history of sports because he was the world’s first free agent…only he was a free [...]