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960250 703321939687678 299353118 n Karl SmallwoodKarl Smallwood is the head writer, researcher and all round gopher of Fact Fiend, a site primarily focussed on rounding up all the awesome facts other sites don’t bother covering. He also has Twitter, because of course he does.

The mule is a beast so American it had to be created by George Washington.

Surprisingly Badass Facts About the Mule for Mule Day

According to an official act of Congress from 1985, October 26th is “Mule Appreciation Day.”So why is there a day on our calenders dedicated to the offspring of a horse and a donkey? Well it [...]


The very portrait of badass.

With Fists like These, Every Door Is Unlocked

Ankō Itosu, better known by his title of “the father of goddamn karate!” was a man who accomplished feats you’d normally only read about in the comment sections of YouTube videos on MMA fights. The [...]


Hey, you can't do that in publ--oh, that's rope. Carry on.

What’s a Rope Slider and Why Is He So Badass?

Robert Cadman may not be a name that leaps off of the page, but over in jolly old England it’s the name of a folk hero famous for his rope-walking and pistol-shooting exploits. According to [...]


There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

Real Answers to Ask a Stupid Question Day Queries

According to the calendar we bought as a joke three years ago, September 28th is National Ask a Stupid Question Day. The day was started sometime in the ’80s by a group of well-meaning teachers [...]


If this rope's a'bendin' don't help a'send in.

Somersaulting Niagra Falls in an Ape Suit

A tightrope walker may not immediately strike you as a kicker of asses, but that’s only because you’ve never heard of Charles Blondin, a tightrope walker of such skill and ability he could cook an [...]


Guard your faces, cows.

He Bit Cows’ Faces for a Living

As much as their reputation paints them as docile, oddly stupid creatures, cows are animals you do not want to mess with. They’re over a thousand pounds of muscle with a skull thicker than a [...]


This was an easier graphic to find than the 10,000 horses who actually represented her.

The Real Warrior Princess

When the words “Warrior Princess” march their way into a conversation, there’s really only one woman people think of and that’s Xena. As awesome as we think Xena is, we think it’s sad that the [...]


Liszt-en to this guy!
(credit: Herman Biow via Wikipedia)

Franz Liszt Pulls Mountains of Sex

When you think of careers that would make women fight over your discarded clothing, concert pianist probably ranks somewhere near sewage treatment worker and that guy who tackles streakers at football games. Apparently nobody ever [...]


"Greetings, fellows! 'Tis I, your illustrous friend, Sir Potato!"

Suprisingly Badass Facts About the Potato

For everyone who missed the memo, August 19th is national potato day, before you go off and Google it, no, we’re not making that up. But so is October 27th. That’s right, the potato is [...]


Nobody mourns you, Nero.

Ass#()!% Athletes of Antiquity: A Real-Life King Joffrey

There’s an old saying that “money can’t buy you happiness,” which is true, but money can buy you Olympic glory. Don’t believe us? Just ask Emperor Nero who bribed his way to victory so hard [...]




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