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960250 703321939687678 299353118 n Karl SmallwoodKarl Smallwood is the head writer, researcher and all round gopher of Fact Fiend, a site primarily focussed on rounding up all the awesome facts other sites don’t bother covering. He also has Twitter, because of course he does.

Julie D'Aubigny: utter badass

Real Badasses Whose Lives Were B-Movies

Thanks the ironic popularity of movies with hilariously ridiculous premises like Sharknado, Shaolin Soccer and Hobo With a Shotgun, there’s a real demand these days for stupid movies. However, because Hollywood only seems to want […]


We think she's called Five Plums cause that's the average number of swollen bruises she leaves you with.

No Crane, No Gain

Ng Mui, a.k.a., Five Plums, was a legendary female martial artist known for inventing more ways of shattering a man’s collar-bone than college football and Jägerbombs combined.


Most knights are only iron after they don their armor. But Francois WOKE UP THAT WAY.

Meet the Real-Life Mountain: The Iron Knight

François de Vivonne was a 16th-Century, French knight who is famous for being the last man killed in authorized single combat in France. That’s a shame because we think he should be better known for being […]


High five back at you, friend groundhog. High five indeed.

Surprisingly Badass Facts About the Groundhog for Groundhog Day

For many people their only (limited) exposure to the creature Google assures us is called a groundhog and not a land hamster is probably the film Groundhog Day, which is kind of a shame because groundhogs […]


No peace but through victory.

The New York Yankees of Chariot Racing

Alkibiades was an Athenian aristocrat who, using his vast wealth and reach was able to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of coming first, second and fourth in the same race. If you’re think Alkibiades pulled […]


The crowd found it lewd and booed.

Winning Streak

Orsippus of Megara may not have been the most famous ancient athlete or even the best, but he was certainly the one with the most balls. We know this because Orsippus was the first athlete […]


AKAA Motobu Chōki

The Tile-Throwing Karate Eccentric

Motobu Chōki is known as one of the 20th Century’s greatest karate masters by the eight people who are aware of who the hell he is, which is a shame because everyone should know who […]


The mule is a beast so American it had to be created by George Washington.

Surprisingly Badass Facts About the Mule for Mule Day

According to an official act of Congress from 1985, October 26th is “Mule Appreciation Day.”So why is there a day on our calenders dedicated to the offspring of a horse and a donkey? Well it […]


The very portrait of badass.

With Fists like These, Every Door Is Unlocked

Ankō Itosu, better known by his title of “the father of goddamn karate!” was a man who accomplished feats you’d normally only read about in the comment sections of YouTube videos on MMA fights. The […]


Hey, you can't do that in publ--oh, that's rope. Carry on.

What’s a Rope Slider and Why Is He So Badass?

Robert Cadman may not be a name that leaps off of the page, but over in jolly old England it’s the name of a folk hero famous for his rope-walking and pistol-shooting exploits.