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960250 703321939687678 299353118 n Karl SmallwoodKarl Smallwood is the head writer, researcher and all round gopher of Fact Fiend, a site primarily focussed on rounding up all the awesome facts other sites don’t bother covering. He also has Twitter, because of course he does.

Guard your faces, cows.

He Bit Cows’ Faces for a Living

As much as their reputation paints them as docile, oddly stupid creatures, cows are animals you do not want to mess with. They’re over a thousand pounds of muscle with a skull thicker than a [...]


This was an easier graphic to find than the 10,000 horses who actually represented her.

The Real Warrior Princess

When the words “Warrior Princess” march their way into a conversation, there’s really only one woman people think of and that’s Xena. As awesome as we think Xena is, we think it’s sad that the [...]


Liszt-en to this guy!
(credit: Herman Biow via Wikipedia)

Franz Liszt Pulls Mountains of Sex

When you think of careers that would make women fight over your discarded clothing, concert pianist probably ranks somewhere near sewage treatment worker and that guy who tackles streakers at football games. Apparently nobody ever [...]


"Greetings, fellows! 'Tis I, your illustrous friend, Sir Potato!"

Suprisingly Badass Facts About the Potato

For everyone who missed the memo, August 19th is national potato day, before you go off and Google it, no, we’re not making that up. Although most people see ground apples as dirty clumps of [...]


Nobody mourns you, Nero.

Ass#()!% Athletes of Antiquity: A Real-Life King Joffrey

There’s an old saying that “money can’t buy you happiness,” which is true, but money can buy you Olympic glory. Don’t believe us? Just ask Emperor Nero who bribed his way to victory so hard [...]


Zucchini: grows like weeds, tastes like water.

The MCD Guide to Sneaking a Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch

Every August 8th thousands of people across the States celebrate an obscure holiday known as Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night and it entails exactly what you’re picturing in your head right now. Sneaking out [...]


The B.S. stands for Broken Sword, which HAS to be a B.S. story (but isn't!)

Thailand’s Most Unstoppable (& Unbelievable) Warrior

Phraya Pichai Daab Hak is the absolute mouthful of a name given to an ancient Thai warrior famed for his martial arts skills, bravery and the fact he once swung a sword so hard it [...]


He only slows down because he misses the joy of accelerating again.

The Runner Who Couldn’t Stop, Even to Win

Simply put, Politis of Keramos is the only guy in the entire history of running to win three Olympic events in the sport on the same day. If you’re thinking “Hmph, that doesn’t sound that [...]


"You lookin' at me? I will flip you upside down and do to you what my 9th symphony did to all other compositions."

Only an Idiot Would Duel Beethoven

Most of you probably know Beethoven as the guy who played that kick-ass solo in the Bill & Ted movie — oddly, that movie is probably the best representation of the composer ver put to film.  We’re going to [...]


We just have kung fu for kung pao.

The Real-Life Iron Fist

Lam Sai Wing was a master of Chinese martial arts with a fist made of gnarled iron and a list of students so long it’d make Ron Jeremy blush. Throughout his life Lam Sai Wing [...]




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