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960250 703321939687678 299353118 n Karl SmallwoodKarl Smallwood is the head writer, researcher and all round gopher of Fact Fiend, a site primarily focussed on rounding up all the awesome facts other sites don’t bother covering. He also has Twitter, because of course he does.

Barnacles aren't even viruses, you stupid cartoon.

The 6 Most Ridiculous Fictional Viruses

Did you know that according to the World’s most depressing novelty calender October 3rd is Virus Appreciation Day? Neither did we until we googled it make absolute sure our interns weren’t trying to mess with […]


That lion does not skip leg day.

Real-Life Hercules Punched a Lion to Death

Polydamas of Skotoussa is a literal larger-than-life athlete from history, his size was such that in his own lifetime he was consistently compared to demigods like Herakles (by them) and Kratos from God of War […]


"No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to endure as a cultural icon for another six decades."

3 Common Pop Culture Questions Answered

Pop culture is full of annoying questions that never seem to get answered. Why do the Transformers turn into trucks instead of cruise missiles? Why doesn’t John McClane retire? It’s questions like these that simultaneously […]


Special passive-aggression edition.

The Art of Gamesmanship, pt. 3

As we’ve talked about twice before, the best thing about video games is that you can actually have more fun with them if you choose to intentionally play them the wrong way. Since then the […]


More like Ninja 'Fraiden.

The Lost Art of Fighting Game Instruction Manuals

Instruction manuals used to be a video game staple. However over the last few years they’ve gradually been phased out in lieu of pieces of paper reminding you that you’ll need to pay extra to […]


He only used farm tools to give the earth a fighting chance.

The Boxer Who Forged Tools with His Bare Knuckles

Okay, in this series of chronicling all of the balltastic adventures of awesome athletes from history we’ve made a number of hyperbolic statements in the names of comedy. So we’d just like to get this […]


Julie D'Aubigny: utter badass

Real Badasses Whose Lives Were B-Movies

Thanks the ironic popularity of movies with hilariously ridiculous premises like Sharknado, Shaolin Soccer and Hobo With a Shotgun, there’s a real demand these days for stupid movies. However, because Hollywood only seems to want […]


We think she's called Five Plums cause that's the average number of swollen bruises she leaves you with.

No Crane, No Gain

Ng Mui, a.k.a., Five Plums, was a legendary female martial artist known for inventing more ways of shattering a man’s collar-bone than college football and Jägerbombs combined.


Most knights are only iron after they don their armor. But Francois WOKE UP THAT WAY.

Meet the Real-Life Mountain: The Iron Knight

François de Vivonne was a 16th-Century, French knight who is famous for being the last man killed in authorized single combat in France. That’s a shame because we think he should be better known for being […]


High five back at you, friend groundhog. High five indeed.

Surprisingly Badass Facts About the Groundhog for Groundhog Day

For many people their only (limited) exposure to the creature Google assures us is called a groundhog and not a land hamster is probably the film Groundhog Day, which is kind of a shame because groundhogs […]



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