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That guy's covered in blood and Asklepiades hasn't even thrown a punch yet. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Retirement Only Made Him Stronger

Marcus Aurelius Asklepiades is potentially the most famous pankratiast and possibly athlete in ancient history. However his name today is largely unknown, which is insane considering he never lost a single match, like, ever. Asklepiades was [...]


"Yes! Hahaha! This is so sweet! Who has time to stop crimes? Look what I can do!" (Activision)

The Man Responsible for Spider-Man Doing Whatever a Spider Can

Despite being released a decade ago, Spider-Man 2 is considered by many to be the definitive Spider-Man video game for pretty much one reason, its ridiculously kick-ass web swinging physics. With the Amazing Spider-Man 2 [...]



Victory or Death…or Both?

Ladas of Argos was a boss at the ancient Greek art of dolicho (long distance running). Now we’re guessing most of the people reading this rarely move three miles on foot in a month, let [...]


"Clothes just get in the way of my ass-kicking."

No Weapon Could Kill Him; but Shame Did

The only reason “Stone-cold badass” isn’t in the dictionary is because said dictionary would be 8 feet thick due to how many times Dioxippus’ name would be written beneath that entry. Also because it’s more [...]


Although Felix Baumgartner has him beaten for vertical.

The Best Jumper The World Has Ever Seen

Jumping is one of the most natural and yet unnatural things you can do. It’s natural because people have been doing it for thousands of years as an effective and more fabulous way of getting [...]


The best thing to come out of Turkey since stuffing.

The $5000 Gold Payday that Killed the World’s Best Wrestler

Some men have myths built around them. And some men are born mythical. Yusuf Ismail is the latter. Ismail was part of the so-called “Turkish invasion” a group of Turkish wrestlers who, like the Avengers, [...]


Some say he lost his hearing because sound was afraid to go near him for its own safety.

The Boxer Who Started a Riot by Winning

James Burke was the first British boxer to hit an American on his home turf, However, he’s best known for punching so hard he killed a guy and subsequently spending the rest of his life [...]


"Bendigo," sounds like a Canadian porn star name.

The Trash-Talking Boxer Who Backflipped to Victory

The art of showboating is lost on today’s athletes. Sure they have all their fancy shoes and training but when’s the last time you heard about an athletes insulting their opponent’s mother, by rap, in [...]


Pictured: the visible bandwidth shift as Sionis jumps so hard that gravity is siphoned off from  the surrounding area.

Ass-Kicking Athletes of Antiquity: Chionis of Sparta

Chionis of Sparta was an ancient Olympic athlete with leg muscles so dense and strong he couldn’t do squats in one location for too long for fear of kicking the Earth out of orbit. He [...]


This entire story is a metaphor for the Greek economy.

Ass-kicking Athletes of Antiquity: Arrhichion of Phigalia

If you’ve never heard of Arrhichion of Phigalia before, we can guarantee that his name will forever be burned into your memory after you read about how ridiculously badass he is. Arrhichion was a man [...]