Luke McKinney

biosize Luke McKinneyLuke McKinney writes about games, drink, science, and everything else that makes life amazing. He’s a columnist on Cracked and writes for several beer magazines. He’s also available for hire. Follow him on Tumblr and Twitter @lukemckinney.

Would you like a replicator while we're promising impossible stuff?

Mars One vs. Fighting a Dragon: Which is Less Realistic?

Welcome to Dragon One, a mission to send humans to fight a dragon in 2025. Which is plenty of time for the checks to clear. This is the tale of human progress, the heroic story […]


If you're prepared for Mad Max's life, you're prepared for anything except human kindness.

The Mad Max Guide To Self-Improvement

A Mad Max Guide to Life could be leathering up to leave your life behind, cruising the highways with other equally liberated souls. And if that’s what you were looking for, go for it! Be […]


The only thing Albert really had in common with Wolverine was a questionable tendency to hang out with underage girls.

The Idiotic Ultron Imperative

Tony Stark tried to build something as pleasant to use as Windows, with the market domination strategy of Apple, and now Ultron is trying to kill everyone. But why would Tony do that? Building a […]


Just men with faux-hawks.

Not All Men’s Health Magazine

graphic by Brendan McGinley Look out, Man Cave Daily, and other, lesser men’s interest sites! There’s a new publication on the horizon — one for self-proclaimed real men. Guys who lament, as real men do, that […]


"Hey, this is plainly midday! Shenanigans!"

6 Ways To Be A Better One-Night Stand

We fixed sex! It used to be genital roulette, which is way worse than Russian Roulette because when you lose that lose it’s the end of all your problems. Sex ran the risk/reward ratio of […]


Huge guns, rad mutants, and top-tier writing.

5 Reasons To Care About ‘X-Force’

Marvel has so many X-titles that it would be difficult to tell them apart even if they used the rest of the alphabet. In the early nineties Marvel’s publication list looked like someone trying to […]


She's a pair of clover sunglasses away from St. Patrick's Day bingo.

The 5 Worst St. Patrick’s Day Products

St. Patrick’s Day is Christmas without the obligations: an excuse for an entire day of indulgence, but you get to spend it with whoever you like, and the gift-giving is reduced to its simplest and […]


The best thing to come out of Ireland since redheads.

3 Brilliant Beers to Try in Ireland

Ireland is more famous for drinkers than drinks, but one must surely imply the existence of the other. If only temporarily. And over the last decade we’ve brewed more than ever before. Ireland has undergone […]


And another thing--turns out he was lying about getting rid of all the snakes!

St Patrick’s Replacements

St. Patrick was a foreigner who came to Ireland to tell everyone to live in moderation and not have sex. That is every possible opposite of St. Patrick’s Day. We couldn’t have a worse patron […]


Okay, we wish for even more Deadshot. And Michael Jai White to play Bronze Tiger everywhere.

5 DC Superteams We Want to See on Film

The Avengers was really the Revenge of the Nerds, avenging comic book fans on a world which spent two decades saying superhero movies were stupid. Now Marvel movies make more money than several countries. And […]