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Burn Notice exists in a weird world where sullen IRA members congregate in Dublin, and Miami cops don't bother responding to large-scale explosions.

The 5 Worst Irish Accents Ever Caught on Film

St. Patrick’s Day is once again upon us. The time of year where Americans celebrate  Ireland’s legacy to the world: its myths, legends and the fact that a country that’s only about the size of [...]


If you can't strip the ball from the player, strip the player from this earth.

The 5 Craziest Moments in Rugby History

Rugby is not a game for the faint hearted. A rugby match is where you’d take a recently thawed-out Viking berserker to keep him from feeling homesick. When even the dullest match features enough carnage [...]


We can only guess what happened to his nose, but the immediate suspicion is an extreme case of Paddy Mayne.

Happy Birthday, Paddy Mayne: Sports Star, War Hero, Goddamn Lunatic

As my previous articles may have indicated, there are four things in life that I love to write about: feats of incredible badassery, Ireland, drunken shenanigans and rugby. So when I learned about a man [...]


Not as much fun as hanging out with Zach Galifinakis.

Working with a Hangover for Beginners

by Richy Craven So you celebrated the Fourth a little too hard, and now all the fireworks are inside your skull? Sounds like you need a lesson in working through a hangover to…work through a [...]


No exaggeration, they do gladiatorial combat every couple of years.

Super-Bat Bromance

by Richy Craven It’s been a good couple of years for comic book enthusiasts. Between the Dark Knight Trilogy and the Marvel movies you’d be forgiven for assuming that somewhere out there there’s a nerd [...]


Finally! A sport even more brutal than football and hockey.

An American’s Guide to Rugby

by Richy Craven Excited to watch the Lions vs. Western Force game on Wednesday? Of course not, you have no idea what those words mean. You’re an American and no one’s ever taught you what [...]


Chris Hadfield via YouTube

Commander Chris Hadfield’s Greatest Space-Hits

by Richy Craven A little while ago I wrote an article about Doctor Who and what I love about the character because I clearly discovered a genie at some point recently and these are the [...]


And all agreed they would never speak of this again.

Happy Leprechaun Day!

by Richy Craven It’s National Leprechaun Day! No, seriously! Apparently that’s a thing that exists and as Man Cave Daily’s resident expert on made-up holidays celebrating my nation’s offensive stereotypes it fell to me to [...]


The man can rock a bow tie, give him that.

Why Nerds Love Doctor Who

by Richy Craven Okay, let’s just get this out of the way. Doctor Who is a British Science Fiction series that’s been running for 50 years. It’s about a 1200-year-old alien who dresses like a [...]


And we're not just calling it epic because it takes place in Europe.

One Epic Weekend in Dublin

Ireland holds a very unique place in American culture. A combination of our very Catholic birth-rate and a historical urge to emigrate that rivals many species of migratory bird has led to one in ten [...]