Twelve Beauties of Mexican Heritage

Ana de la Reguera
Ana de la Reguera This striking looker from Veracruz broke through to the U.S. with a role in Nacho Libre, which despite her best efforts, ended up Nacho Libre. A congressional investigation cleared her of any wrongdoing in the film, cleared her name to give men mild heart attacks as the season two sexpot on Eastbound and Down. You might have also ogled her in Cop Out or Cowboys & Aliens, because heaven knows there was nothing else to see in those movies. She has a face that make bad men want to be good, and nice guys wish they were bad. (Hint: you are neither one of those.)
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba Jessica Alba, Mexican-American by way of her dad, is the kind of girl angels would take home to Mom if she weren’t out of their league. She’s got a smile that could boil ice and a body that makes Greek statues jealous. Fun fact: it is impossible to hate Jessica Alba. Disliking her only makes her lovelier. She’s like the anti-Hulk.
Lynda Carter
Lynda Carter To quote the Blue Beetle, "Man, oh, man, is that woman a wonder!" Lynda Jean Cordova Carter is Irish-English on her dad's side and Mexican on her mom's side by way of a grandma from Chihuahua--which explains a lot about why those dogs are always trembling, if Ms. Wonder Woman is representative of the beauty found there. But class and grace like hers? Brother, now you're talking one in a generation. She's also a talented singer and dancer. Basically, she's perfect, and we have an undying crush on her.
Dolores del Río
Dolores del Río Back in the silent era, Dolores del Río became the first Latin American international film star—and by the way, this was when the Mexican film industry was giving Hollywood a literal run for its money. The Durango-born damsel was a pioneer of on-screen nudity (Hooray!) and probably the first person to tout a two-piece swimsuit on the silver screen (we’ll take it!). Her career suffered due to studio racism, because people are stupid. She also dated Orson Welles, because you weren’t someone in Hollywood until you did.
Arianny Celeste
Arianny Celeste Arianny Celeste-Penelope Lopez is Mexican and Filipina, which is another way of saying there’s a bidding war for hotness inside her, and the currency is vacuum-tight muscles. She majored in fitness management and nutrition, which combined with her exposure to Ultimate Fighting Championship,is dangerously close to qualifying her as a ninja. But a ninja wouldn’t do something sweet like let a high school senior take her on a date to prom, would she? Celeste did. And then she brought a friend who needed a date just to break all those teenage boys’ brains. And then she turned it into a charity event. Dang, does Arianny Celeste know how awesome Arianny Celeste is?
Kate del Castillo
Kate del Castillo You might’ve seen her on Weeds or maybe as Sheriff Anita Torres on CSI: Miami. A couple years back she was part of the PBS series American Family, which featured Edward James Olmos and Raquel Welch. Her father is a huge star in Mexico, and this dame here is a star in one of Latin America’s biggest telenovelas, Muchachitas. Her figure, like her career, just won’t quit, for which we are all thankful.
Cassie Cassie Elizabeth Ventura sees Celeste’s Filipino/Mexican background and raises it some African-American heritage. It’s a Gorgeous Cocktail, garnished with several talents: singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and…is model a talent? Seems like more of a mutant power. Anyway, they call that a quintuple threat, because each one represents one unit of Girlfriend Envy if you were to ever meet her on vacation. In Miss Cassie’s case, you would get severe whiplash from how hard you’d double-take, followed by severe contusions administered by your lady. See why they call it a threat now?
Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato This singer/actress from New Mexico is the daughter of a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, so…dinner at the Lovato house is going to be awkward if you can’t keep your eyes to yourself. Wait a minute! What are you doing in their house? No one invited you! Get out before we call the police!
Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria Eva Longoria’s family has been in Texas longer than English speakers ever started colonizing, so she’s not only got some serious Mexican heritage, she’s more American than the United States of America itself. She is also hotter than Satan’s jockstrap. She’s so steeped in Hispanic culture she’s one of the folks in charge of establishing a National Musuem of the American Latino, wrote a cookbook of her family’s recipes, and got a Master’s Degree in Chicano Studies at Cal State. And just in case your lust for her hasn’t cracked the thermometer yet, she’s committed to so many charities, she may be the only force keeping the seventh seal from breaking and unleashing the apocalypse.
Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez Man, what is this, the second Barney & Friends star on our list? Way to make us feel like perverts, PBS. This just goes to show there’s nothing so simple and innocent that Mexico can’t make it sexy. Another Texan, she’s done a lot for Disney, which is a thing, we guess. She’s dating Justin Bieber, who according to Wikipedia is some sort of living Twitter hashtag. And he’s younger than her, so high five, kid! Landing yourself a college-age girlfriend!
Tamara Feldman
Tamara Feldman Here’s what we know about this Mexican & Cherokee actress. She’s a CW regular, star of the original Hatchet slasher film, and she looks like the kind of girlfriend who’s lovelier in your sweatshirt than in all the red carpet glitz on Earth. Dang, girl, why do you gotta be beautiful and adorable? That’s a sucker-punch move.
Here’s Lynda Carter again
Here’s Lynda Carter again We told you our crush won’t die. She’s the Wonder Woman on the left. Are you ready for No. 1...?
Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek What can be said of Veracruz native Salma Valgarma Hayek Jiménez de Pinault? The woman is an absolute goddess who’s slogged through some lousy films to make some incredible ones. (Seriously, Frida is way more exciting than you’d expect any biopic of a painter to be, and Bandidas is more fun than its own plot would allow.) She has a figure so lush you have to scale it down in your fantasies to keep them realistic. Hayek does a ton of charitable work protecting human rights, as well as promoting Latino culture in the mainstream U.S. She’s the legend legends look up to. But we have one more surprise for you...
Okay, so he’s not beautiful. He’s not even a dame, but damn, if Louis C.K. isn’t hilarious and smart and thought-provoking. He holds dual citizenship and is our choice for a road buddy to someplace south of the border…after all these ladies, of course.
Bonus! Louis C.K. Okay, so he’s not beautiful. He’s not even a dame, but damn, if Louis C.K. isn’t hilarious and smart and thought-provoking. He holds dual citizenship and is our choice for a road buddy to someplace south of the border…after all these ladies, of course.

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