Tuesdays with Carissa Rosario: Oct. 15, 2013

You have your own perfume now?
carissa rosario reclines at the bar
Yes, I sure do, It is called Young & Fresh.  It is a mix of grapefruit zest, rose petal and provocative musk.  I love all three of those scents so combining them into one was the perfect combination.  My perfume is a unisex scent so I wouldn't mind a guy wearing Young and Fresh!
<span style="color:#a91a1a;"><em>You have your own perfume now?</em></span>
What's a fact about you that nobody would ever guess?
carissa rosario amused with your antics, you crazy guy, you
I love to ride four wheelers, I grew up riding with my brother...it's always fun to go out into the woods and ride.
<span style="color:#a91a1a;"><em>What's a fact about you that nobody would ever guess?</em></span>
What's a secret you've managed to hide from your parents?
Carissa Rosario leaning against a wall
I never really had any secrets I kept from my parents and if I did I eventually told them.
<span style="color:#a91a1a;"><em>What's a secret you've managed to hide from your parents?</em></span>
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