Although the beer is making it blurry as well.

The Future Of Drinking

We know that thinking about the future is always better with a drink, but how will drinking become better with the future? We mixed ourselves a Manhattan, while gently chiding the world for the lack [...]


Florida State Spring Game


You think you have it rough out there working 9-to-5 developing the next app that successfully identifies the closest happy hour with an open parking space out front? Think you deserve a day off for [...]


Everyone's first round pick (Photo: Thinkstock)

Draft Day? No, Draught Day!

Hey sports fans! Draft Day is upon us, so we thought we’d drink our way through it, one round at a time. Remember–the draft itself takes place over three days long, so it’s a good thing we’ve [...]


You will survive. You will rebuild.

Homebrewing: The Unexpected Pitfalls

Here at Man Cave Daily, we love beer. We love beer like Sgt. Kilgore loves the smell of napalm in the morning. Like Michelangelo loves being a turtle. Like Brick loves lamp. So it stands [...]


You don't know how long we agonized over using "Bock in black" since it's not a roasted stout.

The Best Bock Beers, Period

If you’ve never had a bock (and Shiner doesn’t count. More on that later) then here’s the quick primer: “bock” is the general term that can be used to describe a number of sub-varieties, like [...]


Even his name is cool. Like, literally, "Son of Cool."

Forget St. Patrick, Learn From a Real Irish Hero

St Patrick is the most famous Irishman in the world, and almost as famous for not actually being Irish. But that’s not the problem. The problem is how St Patrick the man is utterly unsuitable [...]


No one ever burned us like you, but we'd do it all again.

Why Brandy Is The Best Friendly Fire

Brandy is what happens when wine stops screwing around and wants to get drunk.  The most famous image of a financial elite enjoying life is sitting around a roaring a roaring fire with snifters and [...]


Man's newest best friend?

How Beer-Making Robots Are Going To Change The Way You Drink

Most of us don’t follow Kickstarter, because there are only so many “roomy” jeans pitches and crappy iPhone wallet designs you can see before your sanity starts slipping. But it’s a compelling site in many, [...]


Dogs, pigs and skeletons. What do they have in common? Deliciousness, apparently. (Photo: Steve Stevenson for Man Cave Daily)

Judging a Beer by Its Label

These days we can thank the various demons of fate that we have more beer choice available to us than in any other time in history. The world is practically awash with flavorsome, malty, golden [...]


Both of our countries are just the United Kingdom’s storage lockers, aren’t we?

America vs. Australia: Which Nation is Better?

by Alli Reed and Aaron Dennis-Jackson This weekend is Australia Day, a holiday extremely popular in Australia and nowhere else for perfectly understandable reasons. But while Aussies gather eagerly to see which of their number [...]