...except we want to see these people way more than the summer blockbusters.

If Summer Blockbusters Were People at the Beach

Ah summer time. The season of barbecue, beach houses, and boardwalks. Of babes, boats, and beers. And most importantly, of bright lights. Whether they be from our galaxy’s closest star; one so powerful and awe [...]


She IS infinity and beyond.

Comic Book Girl 19 Strikes Back!

February of 2013 doesn’t seem like that long ago, but since my last chat with Comic Book 19 her career has changed dramatically. Her self-titled YouTube show has exploded in popularity thanks to her Game [...]


Pictured: what every single moment of adolescence feels like.

Review: ‘The Signal’

Midway through our screening of The Signal, a brownout caused the video to disappear while the audio kept playing. The dialogue that continued perfectly described the darkness as well as the erstwhile imagery, while the film criticized shoddy, outdated technology. A funny [...]


Lights! Camera! Abduction!

An Exclusive Look At The Vicious Brothers’ ‘Extraterrestrial’

I keep up with a lot of horror, so it’s always exciting when you stumble upon something truly remarkable. Back in 2011 I experienced just that with The Vicious Brothers’ found footage scarefest, Grave Encounters. [...]


Also, no government with female employees would persecute Michael Fassbender, so that's unrealistic right there. Twentieth Century Fox

What Would Really Happen If Mutants Existed?

X-Men: Days of Future Past comes out on Friday, in which the mutants face discrimination again not only in the swinging ’60s but the far-flung future of whenever 10 years from now is. But how [...]


courtesy of Lou Simon

Directing the Thriller — Lou Simon and HazMat

What makes a movie a “thriller” relies on the director — after all she’s the one who must direct the audience’s attention to the film in a way that differentiates it from being just another [...]


I am the one who knocks...down buildings.

‘Godzilla’ Explained by ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters

Despite being a pop culture icon with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (seriously), Godzilla is still kind of a mystery to us folks in the west, sure we know that he’s [...]


HOLLYWOOD, CA - AUGUST 7: Actors Carl Weathers (L) and Sly Stallone (R) pose at singer Frank Stallone's (center) CD Listening and Release party at Capital Records on August 7, 2003 in Hollywood, California.

TGF: Top 5 Movie Roles Played By Athletes

Want to be an actor? Just get really good at sports. It worked for these guys. Check out the top 5 movie characters played by athletes.


We'll miss your realistic animation and your lack of personality.

Ten(ish) Reasons Everyone on Pandora Is Dead by Avatar 2

It’s been four years since audiences were amazed by Avatar’s stunningly beautiful computer graphics, and James Cameron’s equally stunning decision to not even bother writing a plot. Millions of viewers were moved by the struggle [...]


Behold: the most common movie logo fonts of your lifetime.

4 Movie Tropes that Remind You Real Life Exists

It’s no big secret that action movies and TV shows require the suspension of disbelief for really most things that happen. If the movie’s good enough we’re usually well invested to the point that we [...]