Art is no excuse for mistreating other people.

Candy Crush Saga, Shia LaBeouf, and How Not to Create

February has been great for people who love hating things (scientific name: “the internet”). The current entry in the Hate of the Month Club is “extremely powerful people who blatantly plagiarize from The Everyman.” Two [...]


We salute you, Dominican Republic!

13 Beautiful Actresses for Dominican Independence Day

Tomorrow is the 170th Dominican Independence Day: a day when the Caribbean nation celebrates its culture and history. Better minds than ours could explain those two subjects to you, so we’ll stick with what we’re [...]


"I swear upon my parents' graves that I won't rest until crime's knees are broken!"

TV/Movie Mashups So Crazy They Just Might Work

In a parallel universe inside of an infinite space and time, there is a world where anything is possible. Imagine for a moment that inside of this world is a place where our favorite shows [...]


Anything his name doesn't say, his glare does. (Source:  Legendary Pictures)

The Manliest Names in Film

Battle of the Damned comes out tomorrow! And if that’s not one of the most badass titles ever, it stars one of the most real-life badass actors, Dolph Lundgren, as the even more impossibly badass [...]


Kevin Brown is adding filmmaker to his extensive resume.

Kevin “Dotcom” Brown: “I Created Def Comedy Jam”

Many people may know Kevin Brown from his role as Dotcom in the critically acclaimed and Emmy Award winning comedy series 30 Rock, where Kevin’s character was a highly intelligent member of Tracy Morgan’s entourage. [...]


The future of American justice looks a lot like a substandard remake of its past.

The Little-Known History of RoboCop

Two men enter a room. “Ok, so, first imagine robots. You with me? And now imagine cops, ok? Now…combine them.” “Okay…” “But wait wait wait….this robotic cop? Is basically Jesus.” “Yeah, and Detroit is Jerusalem! [...]



These Iconic Movie Moments Were Entirely Ad-Libbed

By now, you probably know how Indiana Jones and his insufferable bowels made for one of the best moments in motion picture history. The following examples, however, should take you by surprise. Behold, some of [...]


Credits, L-R: Warner Bros., Gramercy Home PIctures, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox

Movie Reboots, Sequels & Remakes That Must Never Happen

If you’re like me you’re wildly, deeply and profoundly unsuccessful. And because you’re unsuccessful you’ve got very few pleasures in your deeply unsatisfying life. One of my few pleasures are movies, I love movies. In [...]


Jurassic Park wisely abandoned its plans to reanimate all the dinosaurs with a witch's curse upon the Museum of Natural History. The idea would later be used for a Ben Stiller film. 
Photo: Thinkstock

Movies with Enormous Last-Minute Changes

There are people in this world, I’ve been told, who have their lives together. They’re five minutes early to every appointment which has been scheduled neatly in pencil in their Moleskine day planner, and their [...]


Everything is going to be awesome forever! (Photo: Thinkstock)

Our Top Stories of 2013

by Brendan McGinley As we come to the end of 2013, we look back in fondness at the beer & body part jokes that sustained us through so many a dreary day. Or a bright, [...]