The only woman worthy of a callback to our article praising brandy.

Musicians Who Became Good After Their Popularity

If you think a music act sucks, few feelings are more satisfying than when they finally go away. No longer will you be bombarded by horrible sounds that you can easily avoid with just the [...]


Sylvana Joyce & the Moment

Girl-Crush: Sylvana Joyce’s Valentine’s Day Mix

Remember that time we asked Sylvana Joyce (of “…and the Moment”) ten weird questions, and she was totally cool about the whole thing like we weren’t weird? That made us think we had a chance [...]


She turns tables and heads.

10 12 Weird Questions with LA DJ Brandi Garcia

Have you ever met someone who can factually say they party for a living? I met the always-smiling Brandi Garcia a few years ago when she was a DJ in Houston. Garcia had a pretty [...]


Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

Australia Goes Pop: Interview with Strange Talk

Lately bands have begun to evolve the concept of ’80s pop into the sort of music that sounds intellectually vintage as well as pogo-y fun. One of the bands that takes this style to heart [...]


A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no rapper's more coarse than a horse of course, but cursing in verse can be worse than a curse if you're too terse to disperse your words.

The Unintentionally Hilarious Side of Rap

Rata-tat-tat! That’s the sound of my gat. Rappers love to be viewed as hardcore gangsters who will not only shoot you once but hundreds of times because they’re overachievers at heart. The most notorious rappers [...]


Strap in--Christmas is going to get hairy.

The 5 Creepiest Christmas Songs

by Patrick Emmel Everything has its dark side, even the holiday of light and giving. If you don’t believe us, try being the clerk buried under the feet of 500 overeager Black Friday shoppers. Or [...]


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Electro Swing Acts You Should Be Listening to

It’s that time again, when we, the middle-aged and semi-hip, inform you, the old and out-of-touch or young and easily misled, as to what musical tastes you should be cultivating. This week’s incursion into the [...]


To be honest, any guy who owns a fedora has probably heard weirder questions than these.

10 Weird Questions with Kevin Rudolf

by Brendan McGinley Even if you don’t know who Kevin Rudolf is, you’ve heard his single “Here’s to Us” in MLB promos for the World Series. And if you haven’t heard promos for the World [...]


A gentleman of politesse and noblesse.

10 Weird Questions with Saves The Day’s Chris Conley

by Rob Fee The lead singer of Saves the Day, Chris Conley, was kind enough to hang out for a bit and answer some questions. When you’re done reading check out their official site where you [...]


Ever have one of those days where you're like, "Wow, my life is one great big ball of $#!+ and going nowhere fast"? I know I have. Usually, for me, this state of mind comes as a result of the job I'm currently employed at. And believe me, I have worked my fair share of $#!++y jobs to produce that mentality: grocery store bagger, car washer, dog walker, clothing store salesman, waiter, cell phone salesman, raking rocks at a golf course (yes, that's a real job), and the list goes on and on. But the one thing that always lifts my spirits while doing these kinds of jobs is knowing someone else has been here before and gone on to success.

Crappy Jobs Celebs Had Before They Were Famous

Ever have one of those days where you’re like, “Wow, my life is one great big ball of $#!+ and going nowhere fast”? I know I have. Usually, for me, this state of mind comes [...]