Peter Frampton’s Own Wardrobe Malfunction



...we just forgot everything we were going to ask her.

10–no, 11 Weird Questions with DJ Paola Shea

Alright, it’s Ten Weird Questions and you know the drill; we ask an interesting person some off-the-wall inquiries, and they do their best not to say what they really think of us. But curveball! Today’s [...]


"I call this one, 'Your Girlfriend's Coming Home with Me Tonight."

John Mayer Has Slept With All Your Celebrity Crushes

It’s disheartening to know that no matter how successful you are in life, you’ll never date the women that John Mayer has dated. We may never truly understand what it is that draws all of [...]



4 Ignoble Deaths in Classical Music History

Classical music has a long, rich history of talented people creating magnificent art. There have been composers of noble birth who, after a lifetime of moving audiences to tears with splendid music, are honored upon [...]


"Boom! You just got Paganinied, bitches!"

The Devil’s Violinist

Niccolò Paganini who today often goes by his far less pimp, but arguably more metal nickname of “The Devil’s Violinist” was a violin virtuoso with such a mastery over his instrument, he was capable of [...]


We'll toot his own horn now that he can't.

Trumpet of the Gods

Here at MCD we’ve spent the last few months talking about athletes who could beat the Grim Reaper in a dead sprint, punch hard enough to turn their fists into knives made of wind and [...]


Is your ex in love with him? Our ex is in love with him.

Beyond Eve 6: An Interview with Max Collins

You may recognize Max Collins as the tattooed, redheaded singer from Eve 6. While still with that band, Collins has ventured into a solo project. With his first album, Honey From the Ice Box, on its way, we [...]


BLR NatandRob bpm

Nat & Rob Rufus of Blacklist Royals

Having just returned from an impressive showing at SXSW, Blacklist Royals (Nat and Rob) take a few minutes to sit down with us to answer some burning questions. But they can only spare a few [...]


Seiichi_Daimo bpm

Seiichi Daimo

Dominating the indie-folk scene with style, Seiichi Daimo has a sound reminiscent of artists such as The Decemberists, City & Colour, and The Lumineers. Having just released his debut EP In The Inbetween, now available [...]



Tyler Welsh of Driver Friendly: Spoken like a True Austinite

No stranger to Austin, TX and all its oddities, is Hopeless Records signee, Driver Friendly, who also just had a great showing at this years SXSW festivities. Taking their friendship and garage performances a step [...]