Whatcha gonna do when Hulkster comes in at #2?

Ranking The Members Of The nWo

The nWo may go down as the most revolutionary idea in the history of professional wrestling. A group within the organization trying to take it over made matches that much more important and storylines so [...]


I am the one who knocks...down buildings.

‘Godzilla’ Explained by ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters

Despite being a pop culture icon with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (seriously), Godzilla is still kind of a mystery to us folks in the west, sure we know that he’s [...]


Poised for greatness.

‘Muscle Confusion’ but His Brain Is Sharp

You’ve probably seen Mike Vecchione on Last Comic Standing or The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, but now he’s releasing his very first standup comedy album, Muscle Confusion, and we should all be excited. The [...]


<em>Courtesy of SyFy</em>

‘Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge’ Wants You to Build the Next New “Thing”

Few reality shows, make than none, require their contestants to possess the kind of creativity, skill and overall chutzpa as does the SyFy network’s Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. That’s because it’s not about just [...]


This looks like a suicide, but he was framed

10 Weird Questions with Christian Finnegan

You’ve probably seen Christian during one of his numerous appearances on NBC, Comedy Central, VH1, and MSNBC on every show from Best Week Ever to Countdown with Keith Olbermann. His new comedy album, The Fun [...]


Behold: the most common movie logo fonts of your lifetime.

4 Movie Tropes that Remind You Real Life Exists

It’s no big secret that action movies and TV shows require the suspension of disbelief for really most things that happen. If the movie’s good enough we’re usually well invested to the point that we [...]


Jay-Z has nothing on Kermit.

The Secret History of the Muppets

When you take a step back and really consider the legacy of the Muppets, it’s absurd. Yet somehow, Jim Henson and his creative collaborators have invented a world where the idea of puppets sounds mundane, [...]


He's funnier than you. Deal with it.

10 Weird Questions with Theo Von

Comedian Theo Von is back for a new season of Deal with It. Let’s ask him some weird questions about it! 1. What are you doing right now at this exact moment? Trying to decide if [...]


Burn Notice exists in a weird world where sullen IRA members congregate in Dublin, and Miami cops don't bother responding to large-scale explosions.

The 5 Worst Irish Accents Ever Caught on Film

St. Patrick’s Day is once again upon us. The time of year where Americans celebrate  Ireland’s legacy to the world: its myths, legends and the fact that a country that’s only about the size of [...]


Courtesy of ABC/Disney

Why We Love Jaimie Alexander (and Lady Sif)

The Marvel Universe is filled with strong men but there’s more than a fair share of women you’d want standing in front of you when the horrors emerge from the wormhole. Lady Sif of Asgard [...]