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Why We Love Jaimie Alexander (and Lady Sif)

The Marvel Universe is filled with strong men but there’s more than a fair share of women you’d want standing in front of you when the horrors emerge from the wormhole. Lady Sif of Asgard [...]


In fact, don't call anyone, because ghosts aren't real. (Please don't hurt us for saying that, ghosts.)

The Backward Logic of Ghost Hunting Shows

Who doesn’t like a good scare every now and again? It’s human nature to look into the darkness with both fear and intrigue. Campfire tales, haunted houses, movie franchises that go on for 3 movies [...]



Interview: ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Erica Rose

The thing about reality television is more often than not; you don’t really see all that much reality. Ironic, yeah? Take for instance the blonde-tiara-wearing Houston hopeful, Erica Rose, first seen on ABC’s The Bachelor, [...]


We salute you, Dominican Republic!

13 Beautiful Actresses for Dominican Independence Day

Tomorrow is the 170th Dominican Independence Day: a day when the Caribbean nation celebrates its culture and history. Better minds than ours could explain those two subjects to you, so we’ll stick with what we’re [...]


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Dawn Wells: Why It’s Always Mary Ann On Gilligan’s Island

Few television shows endure in the public’s mind as the years go by — especially if the show was only on for 3 years. So who would have thought a comedy set on a tropical [...]


"I swear upon my parents' graves that I won't rest until crime's knees are broken!"

TV/Movie Mashups So Crazy They Just Might Work

In a parallel universe inside of an infinite space and time, there is a world where anything is possible. Imagine for a moment that inside of this world is a place where our favorite shows [...]


Kevin Brown is adding filmmaker to his extensive resume.

Kevin “Dotcom” Brown: “I Created Def Comedy Jam”

Many people may know Kevin Brown from his role as Dotcom in the critically acclaimed and Emmy Award winning comedy series 30 Rock, where Kevin’s character was a highly intelligent member of Tracy Morgan’s entourage. [...]


The most trivial interview you'll ever a good way.

10 Weird Questions with Ken Jennings

Some things in life just aren’t fair. One of those things is how Ken Jennings can be so incredibly smart and also ridiculously funny. The game show guru and Alex Trebek’s arch-nemesis was kind enough [...]