Alberto Ponticelli

Just a typical Bat-urday night in Gotham

There Are No Words for ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ #27

The latest issue of Batman: The Dark Knight somehow kicks even more ass than the movies. How much ass, you ask? Happy to tell you, using our scientific metrics of ass-measurement. But before we do that, you […]


Elephants and frogs and superheroes, oh my!

Things Get Weirder in ‘Dial H’ #14

by Brendan McGinley The last time we checked in on Dial H, would-be superheroes Nelson and Roxie were trying to figure out how their dials summoned a new set of superpowers while the creepy Centipede stalked […]


We always choose cake over death.

Dial H #8 EXCLUSIVE Preview!

by Brendan McGinley If you’ve never read DC’s Dial H, it’s the fascinating premise about a device that turns its bearer into a different superhero every time she or he uses it. It’s pot luck […]