Amanda Waller

It takes a great artist to make two government employees having a conversation more exciting than 90% of superhero brawls.

Review: ‘Justice League of America’ #1 Is Justice for the Jaded

  by Brendan McGinley On its surface, Justice League of America #1 is a standard first issue. We see introductory vignettes of the cast as Col. Trevor and Director Waller discuss the team they’re assembling: […]


Nobody ever said being the world's hardiest merc would be easy. In fact, it was asinine to assume that, Grifter.


by Brendan McGinley Seems like Deadshot’s everywhere you turn these days. Although in Grifter’s case, that’s literal. The deadly pistolero finds himself unwittingly breaking out of prison after unwillingly entering it! Meanwhile, a familiar face […]