"Loved you in Alien vs. Predator, guy."

Beware the Midnight Man in ‘Batgirl’ #30

Batgirl’s our kind of lady: she’s a librarian, a computer nerd, an MMA fighter, a redhead, and she prefers to wear skintight leather. So you’re really talking about a go-getter with huge brains and a [...]


This is what fun looks like.

Batman: Li’l Gotham #7 Makes a Splash

by Brendan McGinley If you like thrilling to the daring adventures of Batman but without all that grim self-pity, check out Batman: Li’l Gotham, in which adorable, almost-chibi versions of the caped crusader & co. wade [...]


Do owls prey on canaries? They do now.

Birds of Prey #17 EXCLUSIVE Preview!

by Brendan McGinley The Birds of Prey are an all-female (usually…the lineup fluctuates a lot) superteam of the toughest ladies in the DC Universe. Occasionally they let a guy tag along, but he’s always outclassed, because [...]


Danse Macabre

Review: ‘Batman’ #17 Is a Stunning Must-Read

by Jeremiah Wallace “The Punchline,” written by Scott Snyder, penciled by Greg Capullo, and inked by Jonathan Glapion, is the aptly named title of the conclusion to the “Death of a Family” story arc that’s [...]