Putin on the spritz

Ukrainian Brewery Makes “Putin Is a D***head” Beer

Well somebody’s been taking their iodine pills. First Ukrainian astrologers named a star “Putin-Huilo” and now that unflattering phrase has made it to that other treasure of the heavens: beer. Ukrainian brewer Yurko Nazaruk explains how […]


Any burger within arm's reach is officially Man Cave's, though.

Gaze Upon the Official Man Cave Burger!

You know Jeff Mauro from The Food Network’s Sandwich King and The Kitchen. Do you know what it takes to command a show called simply The Kitchen on The Food Network? It’s like sitting on the Iron Throne. Sure there […]


The best thing to come out of Ireland since redheads.

3 Brilliant Beers to Try in Ireland

Ireland is more famous for drinkers than drinks, but one must surely imply the existence of the other. If only temporarily. And over the last decade we’ve brewed more than ever before. Ireland has undergone […]


Come on, man, just 1100 more and you're done!

Kyle Gurkovich, the 4,234 Pull-Ups Man

The Big Bang Theory wants you to believe smart nerd types who love science and math automatically hate physical fitness–which is weird since none of them are overweight even though no ever diets. In fact, several episodes […]


Up, up and down the hatch!

Comic Book Beers You Must Try

As reported by our pals at Live 105, Rogue Brewing just released a Hellboy beer in honor of the beast’s 21st birthday. Hooray! You’re old enough to drink now, Hellboy! The red ale (of course. What […]



Hellboy Turns 21 And Gets A Rogue Ale Named In His Honor

Mike Mignola’s iconic comic book character Hellboy has just turned 21 and in honor of the occasion Oregon’s Rogue Ales has launched a Hellboy themed brew.


Not that Pumpkin Peach Ale sounds like a brilliant drink, either.

Budweiser Accidentally Insults Self in Super Bowl Ad

Budweiser is chasing its own tail. The once mighty king of beers suffered some market research this autumn when it was found that nearly half of American millennials had never tried the King (?) of […]


We lager like that.

It’s National Lager Day!

As if you needed an excuse to drink beer, today is National Lager Day. And there’s no better day for this cold-brewed beverage than the middle of December, when Old Man Winter shakes his fist threateningly at […]


There is no such thing as too much fun. We proved that. We proved that math here.

The Masquerade Is On Till the Masks Come Off

I don’t always drink Dos Equis. But when I do, I usually end up attending a hidden masquerade party, hobnobbing with lovely, well-dressed people, and eating reptiles. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.