These days it's Ecto-Cold-as-the-Grave.

Ecto-Cooler Is a Beer Now

Children of the ’80s define themselves by their pop culture, and Ghostbusters is one of the major deities in our pantheon. But that didn’t mean we were suckers for just any food product meagerly tied […]


NYC comic Corinne Fisher

Podcast: Gals We Friended

Corinne Fisher is one half of the comedy duo Sorry About Last Night and the co-founder of its wildly successful podcast, “Guys We F***d.” She’s rad, so we hung out.


Beer! It's what's for breakfast.

“HefeWheaties” — Wheaties Beer Now Exists

Booze: the breakfast of champions?


If this isn't heaven, we're going to hell.

World’s Hottest Woman Guzzles Beer in Seconds

She might spill a lot of it on herself, but there’s no denying this talented tippler tosses a flagon of ale back in a way any of us would be proud to achieve. The bonus, of […]


Anything's a bottle opener if you're strong enough.

Open a Beer without a Bottle Opener, Explained

Congratulations! You have a beer! But oh, calamity! You have no way of opening said beer and surreptitiously drinking it at your desk when the boss isn’t looking! After all, you are not Man Cave, […]


Spicy and bitter go together--just like your ex!

National IPA Day: Hoppier Beer Improves Spicy Food, Sam Adams Finds

It’s the end of the work day and you’re feeling thirsty. Well lucky for you somebody created a faux holiday to enable your borderline alcoholism! 


Your love of beer may be your undoing, but at least it will always love you back.

Your Choice In Alcohol (Explained By Relationship Status)

We’ve all heard the expression “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?” from people dangling off the precipice of friendship. Well, we at Man Cave Daily have decided to do just […]


Chocoholics take note.

All-Chocolate Beer Coming Your Way…Or Is It?

You might think of beer as all barley and hops, or if you’re a Bud drinker, as corn and beer that has already passed through someone else’s urinary tract. But there are all manner of […]


Does the world still spin when you close your eyes if you're not actually on a world?

Booze in Space!

Drinking in space! Is there any way our species could better demonstrate our dominance over existence? Well, yes. There is one other thing we could be doing in space (hint: each other), but NASA haven’t […]


Cameron Russell just sounds like the name of two or three Academy Award-winning directors.

5 Weird Search Terms You Used, You Lickspittle

Let’s play the internet’s game! Giving the chilly-willies to hard-working Man Cave editors with your eerie search terms. But we’re going to hold hands, get through this together, and when we’re done, we’ll learn something […]