Chocoholics take note.

All-Chocolate Beer Coming Your Way…Or Is It?

You might think of beer as all barley and hops, or if you’re a Bud drinker, as corn and beer that has already passed through someone else’s urinary tract. But there are all manner of […]


Does the world still spin when you close your eyes if you're not actually on a world?

Booze in Space!

Drinking in space! Is there any way our species could better demonstrate our dominance over existence? Well, yes. There is one other thing we could be doing in space (hint: each other), but NASA haven’t […]


Cameron Russell just sounds like the name of two or three Academy Award-winning directors.

5 Weird Search Terms You Used, You Lickspittle

Let’s play the internet’s game! Giving the chilly-willies to hard-working Man Cave editors with your eerie search terms. But we’re going to hold hands, get through this together, and when we’re done, we’ll learn something […]


A view this good is worth a reviewing.

The Spring Review of Everything

It’s spring for several more hours, and you know what that means. There’s still time for another reviewin’ o’the products by the CBS Local crew. Stuff lands on our desk, we pass it on to these incorrigible […]


Mom said you can't have this one and to choose something else.

The Father’s Day Gifts Guys Really Want

Things! Everyone has things. Some people want things. Not dads, though. Dads are always trying to clear out the things they already have. Probably the best gift you can get your pop is some kind […]


BBQ awaits!

Keep It Weird in Austin

Over 100 people a day are reportedly moving to Austin, Texas. This may seem like a heck of a lot of hipster hopefuls and Dell grunts, but with its relatively low cost of living and […]


Every day is a celebration round these parts.

Dos de Mayo Adventure!

I don’t always get laid but when I do, it’s with the help of The Most Interesting Man in the World.* *This lede is lying.


One Mariota round!

The 2015 NFL Draught Guide

Put down your calculator because no matter how much you manipulate the numbers, one thing is clear: you can’t afford an Apple Watch. Aside from the watch, nothing is as stark a reminder of your lack […]


"Friend to animals" is more of a hobby, but still a great gig.

Podcast: You Get Benefits with That

We’re doing things a little differently this time out! Our all-interview show finds us sitting down with people who have some of your dream jobs: a pro poker player, a porn star, a beer brewer, a […]


Putin on the spritz

Ukrainian Brewery Makes “Putin Is a D***head” Beer

Well somebody’s been taking their iodine pills. First Ukrainian astrologers named a star “Putin-Huilo” and now that unflattering phrase has made it to that other treasure of the heavens: beer. Ukrainian brewer Yurko Nazaruk explains how […]