Black Canary

Even the happiest family reunions end in dropkicks. Church.

It’s a Family Feud in ‘Convergence: Green Arrow’ #2

Green Arrow’s never been much of a family man: the emerald archer has a tough time committing to Black Canary, he refuses to acknowledge his son Connor, and we have it on very good authority he never […]


And this isn't even the biggest fight in this issue!

Fear Trumps Resolve in ‘Injustice: Year Two’ Chapter 22

As you know, we’re avowed fans of Injustice: Gods Among Us. This series is so good we wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually got incorporated into the multiverse of continuities that DC Comics is currently mapping. But […]


a.k.a. The Best Thor

Toni Darling, the Original Female Thor

It’s official: Thor is now a woman. And although this may seem like a strange and unusual concept to most people, for cosplay fans it’s been a long time coming. In the summer of 2012, […]


Injustice Gods Among Us Vol2

‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Is Superheroes Done Right

If you want a lesson in how to write superheroes, buy this book. If you want to enjoy some exciting action that will have you physically reacting to each turn of the page and its […]


You'd be forgiven for thinking this was Gail, but no, wrong redhead.

“Time to Do Something Different:” Gail Simone

Gail Simone is one of comic fandom’s true success stories. Beginning her career with Women in Refrigerators, a pointed criticism of how male-centric stories offer up female characters as little more than plot devices, Simone’s comedic talents quickly found […]


Do owls prey on canaries? They do now.

Birds of Prey #17 EXCLUSIVE Preview!

The Birds of Prey are an all-female (usually…the lineup fluctuates a lot) superteam of the toughest ladies in the DC Universe. Occasionally they let a guy tag along, but he’s always outclassed, because these superheroines are […]


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Team 7 #2 EXCLUSIVE Preview!

by Brendan McGinley Our buddies over at DC Comics just sent us some advance pages for the next issue of Team 7. This elite team of warriors exists to counteract superhuman threats…including the heroes. But […]