Chew (comic)

Rose McIver's talent drives a show that's mostly laudable and will likely continue to improve.

Review: Is ‘iZombie’ Too Close to ‘Veronica Mars’?

iZombie is an intelligent, engaging, and exciting show with some genuine shocks, and characters who effectively keep us guessing as to their true motivations, only to make the audience want more when their intentions are […]


The hellraising quartet of Rat Queens

REVIEW: ‘Rat Queens’ #1 from Image Comics

Don’t get me wrong – I love the Big Two. Marvel and DC are responsible for some pretty bad-ass comic books on a very regular basis, and my pull list is never without at least […]


Say "Ah!"

Interview with CHEW Artist Rob Guillory!

by Blake Northcott I first heard about Image Comics’ monthly title Chew when it won the Eisner Award for Best New Series back in 2010. When I read about the bizarre story revolving around a […]