Indian chefs give final touches to the "Ginger Bread House" ahead of Christmas celebration at the Le Meridien hotel in Ahmedabad on December 23, 2010. This pastry house is made up of some seven hundred ginger biscuits and it took seven days to prepare with the help of three chefs.

TGF: Gingerbread House Takeover

Gingerbread is a holiday tradition. And these record holders have tons of holiday spirit.


Why do we love Syd Wilder? Because she does pratfalls at any opportunity.

Syd Wilder Shows You Victoria’s Holiday Secret

by Brendan McGinley What kind of week would it be in the Man Cave without checking in our favorite funnywoman, Syd Wilder? Not the kind that starts with happy and ends with holiday, that’s for gol-gee […]


Everything in Australia is upside-down, inverted, and poisonous, including Christmas.

Why Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere Is Amazing

by Aaron Dennis-Jackson Greetings to our Northern Hemisphere brethren! This is a dispatch from Down Under, and today we want to bring to your attention the pure awesome that can come from the wonderful combination […]


Kind of surprised #1 isn't National Do PCP & Steal a Car Day (April 31st, if you're wondering!)

The 5 Hardest Days to be a Cop

The police have one of the hardest jobs on the planet. Their day-to-day consists of dealing with the people who commit crimes, break the rules, and have a general disregard for, well, just about everything. […]


Strap in--Christmas is going to get hairy.

The 5 Creepiest Christmas Songs

by Patrick Emmel Everything has its dark side, even the holiday of light and giving. If you don’t believe us, try being the clerk buried under the feet of 500 overeager Black Friday shoppers. Or […]


"Oh, sorry, did you want us to still be shocked by things in a world where you can see 90,000 species of pornography? Sorry, honey, here you go."

Stop Pretending Ordinary Crap is Mind-Blowing

Nothing’s truly new anymore, in both reality and fantasy. After a few hundred thousand years of civilization, and over 100 billion people having come and gone during that time, it’s safe to say that the […]


Admit it--you were going to drink your way through the winter holidays no matter what.

EveryCon: A Guide to Holiday Bar Crawls

Enjoy bar-hopping? Enjoy dressing up in ridiculous outfits for the holidays? With these enjoyments combined seek out your local drinking conventions: holiday-themed bar crawls that come once a year. Pub crawls are one of the […]


Eternal happiness: one dollar.

Miracle at the 99 Cent Store

by Lauren Reeves So there I was, roaming the aisles of 99 Cent Creations on 23rd street in Manhattan. Was I scared? Yes, but I knew what I had to do. I had to find […]



Why Die Hard Is The Greatest Christmas Movie Ever

by Luke McKinney Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie ever made, and not just because it’s the only one where the season is saved by badassery instead of singing. Most holiday movies drone on […]




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