We like our women like we like our coffee, but we like them even more when they make a good cup of coffee.

Jessica Larson’s Hottest Instagrams

Jessica Larson is a model, Instagram celebrity, and bikini barista at Bottoms Up Espresso. That’s…what, three of your top five fantasies right there? Too bad for you she’s dating horrorcore (ah-ha! THERE’S our tie-in to Halloween for […]


"Waiter, why is my coffee blue?"
"I couldn't say, sir. Why is your cocktail brown?"

Four Coffee Cocktails for Pure Productivity Power

Caffeine and alcohol are our modern magic potions, and just like the old days, people who don’t understand how they work think a long incantation will summon something better: “Tall mocacchino venti cup double foam […]



Happy International Coffee Day!

by Andrew Slafta Java.  Joe. Black Tea.  Sweet Colombian Mouth Candy. Coffee is a beverage known by many names, but by only one general sentiment:  sweet unadulterated love and affection.  Millions of people enjoy it […]


Is This Weird Ad a Real Brazilian Starbucks Commercial?

Update: YouTube has no sense of humor and has taken the video down, even though it contains neither nudity nor sex. So here it is on Vimeo instead. We no longer like our coffee like […]


Enjoy it, because it's only going to get weirder from here.

How a Story about Coffee Enemas Got Even Weirder

by Luis Prada Some days a cup of coffee isn’t enough, so you arch your back and ram a tube up your ass and siphon warm coffee into your rectum. That’s what a couple from […]


Caffeine is your god, and god loves you

Things Your Barista Wants You to Know

The Caramel Macchiato is not a real drink. Let’s just get that out of the way. It is a trademark owned by Starbucks, and when you leave a Starbucks, it ceases to exist. Or at […]