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Confirmed. He's orange.

It’s A Dog Eat Hog World in ‘Larfleeze’ #10

Larfleeze has always been an odd duck in DC’s lantern lineup. The Orange Lantern wields an all-consuming power that has murdered and absorbed thousands of lives — including Green Lanterns — but he’s frequently the [...]


Austin Powers already used up all the good decapitation puns.

Enjoy the Weird World of Sports in ‘MAD’ #527

Spring is here, and we’re in a sporting mood. Let’s head down to the Sports Atrocity and see what’s on sale. Oh, you haven’t heard of Sports Atrocity? It’s only your one-stop shop for impractical outdoor [...]


This must be that alternative medicine everyone talks about. Okay, we can see the appeal.

Savor Brooklyn’s Best Borger in ‘Harley Quinn’ #5

Is Harley Quinn the DC Universe’s Deadpool? Hear us out: the similarities go beyond the red-and-black outfits. She’s mentally unstable, known to break the fourth wall, and hilarious in any setting. Both are wickedly, gleefully [...]


Bat-down, but not bat-out.

Review: ‘Batman Eternal’ #1

Batman Eternal #1 marks the beginning of a new weekly series that will run for a full year focusing on Gotham City, its citizens and of course the Dark Knight and his allies. This will [...]



Jon Goldwater, CEO of Archie Comics

He’s almost as old as Superman. In fact, he was created in opposition to the Man of Steel, on the theory that readers would enjoy an everyman like themselves just as much as an idealied [...]


"Loved you in Alien vs. Predator, guy."

Beware the Midnight Man in ‘Batgirl’ #30

Batgirl’s our kind of lady: she’s a librarian, a computer nerd, an MMA fighter, a redhead, and she prefers to wear skintight leather. So you’re really talking about a go-getter with huge brains and a [...]


Is there an Earth 4 where the "Forever Good" crossover is happening right now?

The Eye of the Hurricane Settles Over ‘Earth 2′ #22

What’s this? An email from DC! And it’s featuring alternate universe versions of your favorite characters. Who doesn’t love a good reimagining? In this world, Green Lantern is a geomancer, Superman is a corrupted agent of [...]


Ho ho ho. Now the Red Lanterns have a Kryptonian.

Angry Teen Proves to Be a Handful in Red Lanterns #29

Every week DC sends us a preview, and every week we say, “Hey, that’s neat! But it needs more Guy Gardner and Charles Soule.” So DC says to themselves, they says, “Oh YEAH, weisenheimer?” Then [...]


"Watch, in awe, as I perform the galaxy's most salacious invisible puppet show!"

Murder Wears an Alien Face in ‘Red Hood and the Outlaws’ #29

The outlaw life isn’t for everyone. For every 10,000 fans of Sons of Anarchy, there’s only one who would enjoy living a life without laws, limits, legal protection, or lifelong friends who won’t shoot you if [...]


Down in the ground where the dead men go.

Review: ‘Batman’ #29 Is Immersive, Amazing

Of the many problems plaguing DC’s New 52 reboot, almost none of them have to do with Batman. The caped crusader is enjoying a long streak of successes both before and after the continuity overhaul, [...]