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That guy on the right? That's Vykin, DC's first black superhero. Thankfully they're no longer calling him "Vykin the Black."

See Red in ‘Infinity Man and the Forever People’ #5

We know what you’re thinking: Infinity Man and the Forever People, that was that high-concept prog-funk megaband from the late ’70s, right? You would be incorrect. The Forever People are a batch of New Gods better […]


"I have now allied three of your vertebrae with your trachea."

Barry Kitson: Building an ‘Empire’

Words like “legendary,” “epic,” and “amazing” are thrown around so haphazardly, it seems, that they’ve lost all meaning in everyday conversation. This was made all too clear when I was at Starbucks this morning, and […]


"Prepare yourselves...for a toilet so advanced that the innovations of Japan are but as child's play to one of New Genesis!"

Life Winds Away in ‘Green Lantern: New Guardians’ #36

Life is what happens while you’re making other plans. Except in Soviet New Genesis, where plans are what happen while life is making other yous! White Lantern Kyle Rayner and his special lady Carol Ferris venture […]


Could we love Harley Quinn any more than this?

It’s Total Insanity in ‘New Suicide Squad’ #4

Been a long while since we’ve checked in with those lunatics in the Suicide Squad, but you’ll be happy to know this issue features one of comics’ most beloved face-to-faces in Deadshot vs. Deathstroke. Except Deadshot’s […]


Tights and flights!

All Roads in the Multiverse Lead to ‘Smallville: Continuity’ Ch.11

For a tiny town, Smallville sure is the center of it all. Seems like just about every hero has passed through at some point. You’ve got a complete Justice League right there on the cover, including some […]


All we're saying is give peace a chance and then blow it to smithereens.

John Ficarra: MAD as Hell

Man Cave Daily: I’ll start with a softball question: Who are your satirical influences? John Ficarra: The Marx Brothers, Soupy Sales, Johnny Carson, and Woody Allen. Those are the four–the Mount Rushmores. MCD: So many […]


So...Superman's counterpart is Roxy from Gen-13?

Face Your Demons in ‘Justice League 3000′ #11

Demons–nobody likes ‘em, except at Halloween. Then suddenly everyone wants to be one. Well lucky you, fanboy, Etrigan has arrived in Justice League 3000, and assuming they still celebrate Halloween in the future, you’ve got the […]


Great writer, total bad Azz.

Brian Azzarello’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Finale

Brian Azzarello doesn’t mince words. The Chicago native and DC Comics veteran has cut out a reputation as a dynamic storyteller with an unmatched command of dialogue. Between the two, he’s got a left hook and a right jab […]


Sorry, Supes, but if a guy who looks exactly like the devil is on your shoulder explaining why kindness is a no-no, you're a bad guy.

It’s Only Cruel to be Kind in ‘Injustice: Year Three’ Chapter 5

Once again, we turn our gaze to the mighty panels of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Year Three is all about magic, and what could be more magical than a ring that grants wishes? Well, for story […]


Sound advice from the book itself.

Peek Behind the Veil in ‘Secret Origins’ #6

We’ve got previews atop previews this week, as we reveal the secret origins of not one but three of DC’s raddest characters: Wonder Woman, Deadman, and Sinestro. Three characters that have absolutely zero to do […]




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