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Suiciders 4 preview

Lee Bermejo on ‘Suiciders’ & ‘We Are Robin’

If comics have a Baroque master, it’s Lee Bermejo, whose style defies the evolutionary taxonomy of other top-selling talent. Long before Batman ever donned thick but dynamic battle armor in video games and movies, he did so in Bermejo’s art. The […]


That's a lot of bullet holes for a hand-to-hand combat tournament.

Prepare for War in ‘Mortal Kombat X’ Ch. 21

Mortal Kombat! The very name compels one to shriek martial arts noises, shout “Finish him!” and then pull out someone’s spine. Okay! Whoa! Maybe not that last part. But the rest for sure. DC sent […]


Amanda Conner can draw and write the entire DCU forever, as far as we're concerned.

Get Sneak Attacked by ‘Convergence: Action Comics’ #2

The modern superhero began with Action Comics, and now it’s apparently ending with it. All of DC Comics’ continuities (yes, continuities, not just one) are heading straight for a brick wall called oblivion. All of the various […]


He just beat a dragon to death with a baseball bat and a motorcycle. You could get elected president with credentials like that.

‘Convergence: Green Lantern Corps’ #2

We’ll catch you up on where things stand: Guy Gardner has legitimate beefs with Hal Jordan. The Green Lantern Corps newbie got blasted to another dimension by an equipment malfunction, and when the veteran space-cop […]


It's not easy being green. That's why he just goes by Arrow.

It’s a Brother Blood-y Battle in ‘Arrow Season 2.5′ #8

Our quiver of comic previews is stocked with Oliver Queen today. Not only did DC just provide us with a peek at next week’s Convergence: Green Arrow #2, but they’ve nocked another one with his […]


Even the happiest family reunions end in dropkicks. Church.

It’s a Family Feud in ‘Convergence: Green Arrow’ #2

Green Arrow’s never been much of a family man: the emerald archer has a tough time committing to Black Canary, he refuses to acknowledge his son Connor, and we have it on very good authority he never […]


On Earth One Batman might be capable of killing and Aquaman can marry a woman without gills.

Geoff Johns & Gary Frank Re-Imagine Batman in ‘Earth One’

If you could find anyone in the western world who hasn’t heard of the caped crusader, Batman: Earth One would be the title you’d give them as an introduction.


Beware...Flare Man! Able to illuminate any scene for police investigation!

Arsenal Takes His Shot in ‘Convergence: The Titans’ #2

Don’t call them teens! These Titans are mature adults and full-fledged heroes, capable of losing loved ones left and right to the murderous machinations of malevolent marauders, same as anyone. …Adult Titans have been through […]


We promise you here and now we will never make a "howling good time" pun about this book.

Pore Over ‘Fables: The Wolf Among Us’ Ch. 21’s Buckets O’Blood

Last time we showed you Fables: The Wolf Among Us, the Big Bad Wolf, a.k.a. Bigby, was keeping everyone’s secrets for them rather than huffing and puffing and blowing their house of lies down. That may have […]


Men die. Legends are forever.

The Good Ol’ Days Are Back in ‘Convergence: Justice Society of America’ #1

Hey, fankid–going to Chicago this weekend for C2E2? No? Aw, don’t be sad. DC is throwing you a comic convention right here in their “Convergence” crossover, that brings back legendary creators from every era of […]