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When Supergirl first appeared, Superman was all, "A flying GIRL!" like that was the weirdest thing he, a flying man who fights radioactive gorillas, had ever seen.

Sacrifice Is Demanded in ‘Convergence: Adventures of Superman’ #1

Earlier this week we showed you what happens when the original Superboy gets called to fight for Metropolis‘s right to exist. But what about his lesser-known spin-off character, Superman? The so-called “Man of Steel” enjoys […]


The La-Z-Boy of the future will be almost unrecognizable.

Lost Sun of Krypton: It’s ‘Convergence: Superboy’ #1

Superboy! Not technically the last son of Krypton, but the first son of Krypton + Earth DNA. But it’s a different kind of sun that concerns him — the kind that’s supposed to be fueling his […]


Batgirl really blue it.

It’s a Bat-tle for All Reality in ‘Convergence: Batgirl’ #1

Batgirl wasn’t always about having fun and dominating social media. Sometimes you’ve just gotta fight a giant gorilla. And that’s what Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown intend to do. It’s a test of womanhood, and good practice […]


Only one of those guys is Blue Beetle,  though all of them are pretty blue.

‘Convergence: Blue Beetle’ #1 Exclusive Preview

There sure have been a lot of versions of Blue Beetle. Superman’s always an invulnerable alien, Batman’s an orphaned detective, but Beetle has been a cop, an inventor, a high school student, and, by turns, given an […]


So many conflicted feelings right now.

Make a Connection in ‘The Names’ #8

The Names is probably Peter Milligan’s most cogent work to date, aided in no small part by artist Leandro Fernandez’s versatility and the fact that printing methods (and art standards) are up to their most minutely […]


We made 51 other versions of this header but we've only got time to show you a few.

Grant Morrison Monitors the Multiverse

I have this theory about the inception of Vertigo Comics. It’s that there’s a Holy Trinity of British writers: Alan Moore is a mass of beard that nobody ever sees but creates the groundwork for what’s to come. Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is full of inspired […]


Few #@*&s given = much $#!+ accomplished

Hidden Influences: ‘Gotham’ Writer Howard Chaykin

Gotham‘s Howard Chaykin is himself a hidden influence. The writer/artist embodied the ’80s in comics on both the independent comics scene and the gathering whirlwind that was the Big Two, DC and Marvel. Chaykin’s creator-owned American Flagg! was […]


When you actually understand the blackfish's anguished cries, this movie gets a lot more personal.

Lava and Let Lava in ‘Aquaman’ #40

Aquaman, Aquaman! Does whatever an aqua can! Spins a trident in his hand! Talks to fish, not tuna cans. Atlantean royalty Aquaman! 


Rose McIver's talent drives a show that's mostly laudable and will likely continue to improve.

Review: Is ‘iZombie’ Too Close to ‘Veronica Mars’?

iZombie is an intelligent, engaging, and exciting show with some genuine shocks, and characters who effectively keep us guessing as to their true motivations, only to make the audience want more when their intentions are […]


Lost, but never forgotten.

All Is Lost in ‘Teen Titans’ #8

What is it with the Teen Titans today, eh? They run around in silly clothes, they have weird nicknames, they’re always neck-deep in major, life-ruining drama…Hunh. Now that we think about it, being a superhero is exactly […]