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Green Lantern's going to get this Kinder Egg toy even if it kills us all.

‘Earth 2: World’s End’ #22 Is Going Down Fighting

“Darkseid is.” Your English teacher might correct that sentence is incomplete, but he fails to realize the crushing totality that is the concept of Darkseid. It is insufficient to say any adjective or present participle. To […]


Okay, we wish for even more Deadshot. And Michael Jai White to play Bronze Tiger everywhere.

5 DC Superteams We Want to See on Film

The Avengers was really the Revenge of the Nerds, avenging comic book fans on a world which spent two decades saying superhero movies were stupid. Now Marvel movies make more money than several countries. And […]


Come on, Flash, staying away from his jaws is the only thing you had to do.

There’s Blood in the Water in ‘The Flash: Season Zero’ #13

Catch him if you can–Barry Allen is the fastest man alive. And you’d better be fast when you’re wrasslin’ King Shark! The selachian supervillain is a fan favorite for his sanguine personality in Secret Six, but now […]


Well, that's our sleep for the night eliminated.

Reveal Your True Self in ‘Bodies’ #8

If you’re missing out on Bodies, we can’t be friends. It’s a murder mystery spanning centuries across London, involving Jack the Ripper, a post-apocalyptic future, ancient god cults, modern-day political party yahoos, and probably fish […]


Sure, this seems painful, but guys--it will build the sickest core FAST.

Redemption Has a High Price in ‘Trinity of Sin’ #5

Is there anyone more qualified to write about the afterlife than J.M. DeMatteiss? The comics scribe has tackled spirituality, morality, and mortality in his comics for almost 40 years. Unfortunately for the Trinity of Sin, committers […]


Yeesh. If that's what the rest of the Sarlacc looks like, no wonder he found the loneliest spot in the galaxy and buried himself.

Shape the Future in ‘Justice League United’ #9

Canada’s population is 35.16 million–but when you subtract moose from that number it’s much more manageable. Plus, Canadians are polite, so they have less violent crime than the United States. There, those are the two biggest […]


Half woman, half pop icon, all cop.

‘Effigy’ Writer Tim Seeley

Man, no sooner did we schedule our interview with Tim Seeley than DC asked us if we’d like to talk with him about his new title for Vertigo, Effigy. Two weeks of Seeley back to back? Can […]


Future Barry is a jerk, but he's a sharp dresser.

Reflect on the Past in ‘The Flash’ #38

Barry Allen is not a guy with a lot of time on his hands. Fortunately, he has plenty of space, since he can circle the earth in the time it takes you to say “circle the […]


Crisis on Infinite Batmen!

‘Future’s End’ Writers Dan Jurgens & Keith Giffen

[Spoilers abound, so don’t read this interview until you’ve set your peepers on The New 52: Future’s End #38.] The last time we interviewed Dan Jurgens and one of his The New 52: Future’s End co-writers, Green Arrow got himself […]


Also, his name is an anagram for Slimey Tee, but that's not relevant here.

‘Grayson’ Writer Tim Seeley

Tim Seeley is a self-made man. The writer and artist made his name in comics with a hard work ethic, a creator-owned vision, and a willingness to prove his craft rather than get boxed into a […]




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