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The boss. 
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Batman Day: Jim Lee

Jim Lee is one of the biggest artists in comics, and his role goes well beyond the drafting table: He’s the co-publisher of DC Comics, along with Dan DiDio. And this year is a big [...]


It's Christmas in July here.

Get Raging Drunk in ‘Red Lanterns’ #33

Atrocitus is conducting a campaign of attrition against his former acolytes, the Red Lanterns. Seems the alien hemomancer thinks the rules don’t apply to him: he battled Guy Gardner for control of the rage-fueled ring-slingers, got [...]


a.k.a. The Best Thor

Toni Darling, the Original Female Thor

It’s official: Thor is now a woman. And although this may seem like a strange and unusual concept to most people, for cosplay fans it’s been a long time coming. In the summer of 2012, [...]


Sir, you can't smoke in the hospital.

Regret Nothing in ‘Batman Eternal’ #16

One day, the entire DC Comics Bat-team got together, and said, “You know something? We should just make a book that’s everything Batman is. Like–the whole shebang, the full scope of Gotham, the teammates and [...]


"No" is one of the few words we know in Korugarian.

Fear Comes to Earth in ‘Injustice: Year Two’ Chapter 15

Clean lines, dirty deeds. That’s what’s up in the bloody return of Injustice: Gods Among Us, with artist Bruno Redondo bringing his smooth art to Tom Taylor‘s diary of the DC Universe’s descent into despotism. Darkseid [...]


First qualification to be Wonder Woman: an unbreakable resolve in the face of a challenge.

“A Sense of Determination:” Nicola Scott

My favorite Nicola Scott story goes back to before she ever entered comics. Scott, who had cherished Wonder Woman her entire life, at one point found herself in auditions to play the armored Amazon. Xena: Warrior [...]


Dude--on a scale of 1 to imaginary numbers, how high are you?

Get Quantically Entangled in ‘Federal Bureau of Physics’ #12

When you break the law, you go to jail. When you break the laws of reality, you go to a pocket universe. That’s why the Federal Bureau of Physics spends a lot more time retrieving people [...]


Kirby crackle!

“I Just Want to Draw:” Mike McKone

Mike McKone is a veteran comic artist whose bibliography reads like a Top 100 of hot comic book titles. I still remember picking up my first issue of his (which turned out to be his first [...]


Injustice Gods Among Us Vol2

‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Is Superheroes Done Right

If you want a lesson in how to write superheroes, buy this book. If you want to enjoy some exciting action that will have you physically reacting to each turn of the page and its [...]


We can't get enough of these DC Bombshell variants. Sadly, this is the last of the batch.

Blast to the Past in ‘Batman/Superman’ #12

Everybody wants to be Superman or Batman, but nobody wants to become an orphan in tragically preventable circumstances. In the latest issue of Batman/Superman we follow the world’s finest team to Earth 2, where Superman’s adoptive [...]