DC Comics

We like our burgers like we like our Batmen: bitter over the death of their parents.

Batman: The Burger

Comic Book Resources reports that two different companies are licensing DC Comics heroes to create some fast food dishes that frankly, like superhumanly tasty. As reported by CBR’s Robot 6, patrons can enjoy the dark taste […]


Yeah, rib tattoos hurt, guy. Sorry you had to learn that the hard way.

No News Is Good News in ‘Gotham by Midnight’ #8

If you’re not reading Gotham by Midnight, you’re a fool. And not the amusing kind, but the kind that walks, unguarded into the shadows of this cursed city, yea, though all portents warn him to […]


Well...that or Stamford. But Stamford's doing okay.

Where Is Gotham City Located? The Answer, at Last…

Is Gotham City more New York or more Chicago? It’s an eternal debate in comics, and one not resolved by the Dark Knight trilogy shooting in both cities. Turns out it to be neither. One […]


Awwww, we wish evolution had favored us with cool exo-armor.

‘Martian Manhunter’ #3 Gets Under Your Skin

It’s never been easy being J’onn J’onzz. Even though the Martian Manhunter has all of Superman’s powers plus some sweeter ones the Man of Steel never dreamed of, he lost everything before he could put […]


Martian Manhunter knows if you don't have anything nice to think, don't think anything at all. Hey, we never think!

Wrestle Your Demons in Private in ‘Section Eight’ #3

If Man Cave Daily were a superhero, we would plainly be Six-Pack. Not because we have one, but because we regularly empty one. That’s Six-Pack’s only power. He is an incredible lush prone to stabbing […]


You've never seen King and Kalista in the same room. Are you really sure they're not the same person?

‘Omega Men’ Writer Tom King Just Keeps Getting Better

You all know The Omega Men writer Tom King. The author spoke to Man Cave recently about the other best book DC publishes, Grayson, which he writes in collaboration with Tim Seeley. And then last week we previewed The Omega Men #3 with some […]


Say, this isn't Omega Men, it's X-Women!

Save (Yourself from) the Princess in ‘Omega Men’ #3

Omega Men is not a title that plays around. It’s evil empire versus intragalactic rebels, but this ain’t Star Wars. Everyone’s hands are dripping with blood here. It’s a nuanced title about two sides that see […]


"Daddy's lil' monster" is exactly the shirt you'd expect a girl to wear if her boyfriend has "Damaged" tattooed on his forehead.

Excerpts from the Leaked Suicide Squad Script

We won’t see Suicide Squad until it hits theaters next summer, but fans are chomping at the bit to get their hands on any images or footage they can find. Well, we found the next best […]


Don't tell Batman he carries a gun.

Grayson Writers Tom King & Tim Seeley

Grayson is everything a comic book should be. Fun, smart, and tighter than a Ramones single, it’s far fresher than another story about a dashing spy ought to be, even when set in a superhero […]


Grant Gustin Flash new costume

Grant Gustin S.2 Flash Costume REVEALED!

Grant Gustin is still the Flash, and that costume is still nifty. But it’s been updated and we’ve got a first look at the picture of Barry Allen’s new threads. Enjoy! The Flash will return […]