In the future, everyone wears hip-huggers, even the dudes. It's just the style. Oh, and Overmind decreed it. DO NOT DISOBEY OVERMIND.

Fight the Future in ‘Justice League 3000′ #7

Things were better in the old days. In the 21st century, the Justice League still had all their powers, Superman wasn’t amoral, and Green Lantern was a full six feet tall. Yes, those were good […]


Yep, definitely not a good sign.

‘Future’s End’ Writers Brian Azzarello & Dan Jurgens

Future’s End is the latest DC Comics crossover, in which Terry McGinnis, star of Batman Beyond, hurls himself back in time to prevent an apocalyptic scenario from playing out. If that sounds like everything from Terminator to Days of Future […]


If we could multiply ourselves, our only crime would be against nature.

The Writing’s On the Bloody Wall in ‘Firestorm’ #18

by Brendan McGinley Kids, they grow up so fast, right? One minute you’re watching them take their first steps and watching out for their welfare…the next, you’re watching them fire their first radioactive blasts and they’re protecting you from […]


Firestorm's so powerful he doesn't even mind that his head's on fire.

The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #16 EXCLUSIVE Preview!

by Brendan McGinley Firestorm’s not like most superheroes. For starters, his power to make any non-living chemical compound renders him basically omnipotent, albeit with a weakness for carbon. But what really makes this teenager turned […]



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