Green Arrow

Or more appropriately, stuff from the ground is getting snatched up into the sky, THEN falling.

The Sky Is Falling in ‘Green Arrow’ #42

Green Arrow has always been popular for the sheer testostitude he displays, going up against demigods with a bow and arrow and a brash wit, and not much else, except for the occasional Robin Hood goatee that […]


It's not easy being green. That's why he just goes by Arrow.

It’s a Brother Blood-y Battle in ‘Arrow Season 2.5’ #8

Our quiver of comic previews is stocked with Oliver Queen today. Not only did DC just provide us with a peek at next week’s Convergence: Green Arrow #2, but they’ve nocked another one with his […]


Even the happiest family reunions end in dropkicks. Church.

It’s a Family Feud in ‘Convergence: Green Arrow’ #2

Green Arrow’s never been much of a family man: the emerald archer has a tough time committing to Black Canary, he refuses to acknowledge his son Connor, and we have it on very good authority he never […]


Yeesh. If that's what the rest of the Sarlacc looks like, no wonder he found the loneliest spot in the galaxy and buried himself.

Shape the Future in ‘Justice League United’ #9

Canada’s population is 35.16 million–but when you subtract moose from that number it’s much more manageable. Plus, Canadians are polite, so they have less violent crime than the United States. There, those are the two biggest […]


Tights and flights!

All Roads in the Multiverse Lead to ‘Smallville: Continuity’ Ch.11

For a tiny town, Smallville sure is the center of it all. Seems like just about every hero has passed through at some point. You’ve got a complete Justice League right there on the cover, including some […]


Injustice Gods Among Us Vol2

‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Is Superheroes Done Right

If you want a lesson in how to write superheroes, buy this book. If you want to enjoy some exciting action that will have you physically reacting to each turn of the page and its […]


Like the Matrix, but for arrows instead of computers.

Take the Outsider’s View in ‘Green Arrow’ #31

Green Arrow has been building for 2.5 years now to the revelations about Oliver Queen’s archery talents, how he ended up on a desert island, and what happened in his family’s murky history. It hasn’t […]


"This hurts you more than it hu--no, I can't tell a lie, this must be agonizing for you."

‘Injustice’ is Gorgeous, Brutal, Awesome

Fanboys start your engines! There’s a lot to love about Injustice: Gods Among Us, the latest fighting game from NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive. Twenty-four playable characters straight from the DC universe all with […]


It takes a great artist to make two government employees having a conversation more exciting than 90% of superhero brawls.

Review: ‘Justice League of America’ #1 Is Justice for the Jaded

  by Brendan McGinley On its surface, Justice League of America #1 is a standard first issue. We see introductory vignettes of the cast as Col. Trevor and Director Waller discuss the team they’re assembling: […]


Thanks, but we feel the resistance should either use no weapons or 21st century weapons.

Interview: DC Comics Artist Andrea Sorrentino

by Blake Northcott When recently awarded DC’s Andrea Sorrentino the Best Comic Artist of 2012, I’m sure the news took at least a few people by surprise. After all, he bested Batman’s Greg Capullo […]