You know how to review, don't you? You just put your lips together and blow.

The Winter Review of Everything

Welcome back to Man Cave’s seasonal review! Companies send us products, and we tell you why they’re horrible. Or maybe great–in which case we show you their picture and recommend them. But more likely bad, in […]


Nobody wants to look at product shots. Have a beautiful woman instead and remember that halcyon summer you first learned what love was.

The Autumn Review of Everything

When last we guided you, dear reader, through the piles and piles of stuff out there your for consumption, it was What to Serve (and Ignore) at your Labor Day BBQ. And we ate much salt on […]


Sorry, we got here by searching for pr0n.

Prawn’s Tony Clark & Jamie Houghton

Prawn, an indie/emo/post-rock band formed in the summer of 2007 is now in the middle of a summer tour promoting their new LP ‘Kingfisher’ via Topshelf Records. The band self-released their first full length album, […]


Although the beer is making it blurry as well.

The Future Of Drinking

We know that thinking about the future is always better with a drink, but how will drinking become better with the future? We mixed ourselves a Manhattan, while gently chiding the world for the lack […]


Everyone loves mustaches. EVERYONE.

The New Manly Holidays

When it comes to holidays, it’s fair to say that men don’t always get the recognition that they deserve. Sure there are the few that can be geared towards guys, but they aren’t always up […]


man with hangover

Top 10 Ways to Avoid a Hangover

Want to tailgate without the consequences. Here’s how to sidestep that hangover.


An extraordinary gentleman of The League.

10 Weird Questions with Ike Barinholtz

by Rob Fee You probably recognize Ike from his hilarious TV roles in such hit shows as Eastbound & Down, The League, and The Mindy Project, but what you may not realize is, according to his IMBD […]


Not as much fun as hanging out with Zach Galifinakis.

Working with a Hangover for Beginners

So you celebrated the Fourth a little too hard, and now all the fireworks are inside your skull? Sounds like you need a lesson in working through a hangover to…work through a hangover. Hangovers are […]


Ow. OW. Owwwwww....

The Evolution of (Hungover) Man

by Richy Craven It’s a long path back to humanity after a night out. Let us guide you through the stages. 


The worst part of any hangover is that 15-second period upon waking when you think you got away with it...and then it comes for you.

How to Beat Hangovers like a Viking

Most guides to surviving hangovers are as useless as guides to surviving asteroid impacts: badly underestimating the scale of the catastrophe, and full of technical details you won’t be able to focus on. If you’re […]