Our alternate headline for this was "Goy vey!"

Hanukkah for Gentiles

The other day I was lighting my menorah with my children when I suddenly burst into tears. “Why are you crying, Daddy?” my youngest son asked. “Is it because of this long parade of sadness […]


She is at the top of the list.

Holiday Gifts We Really Want in 2014

We review a lot of stuff. We also get sent press releases about a lot of things that never make it to us for review. Where the best of one meets the longing for the […]


Socks were probably a great gift back when people owned four things and none of them was called Assassin's Creed.

The Gifts You Really Want

Hey there, Frosty the Frownman, why so sad? Is it because Hanukkah’s over and you’re the not-so-proud owner of eight new electric razors? Or is it because the only package under the Christmas tree with […]