Harley Quinn

This must be that alternative medicine everyone talks about. Okay, we can see the appeal.

Savor Brooklyn’s Best Borger in ‘Harley Quinn’ #5

Is Harley Quinn the DC Universe’s Deadpool? Hear us out: the similarities go beyond the red-and-black outfits. She’s mentally unstable, known to break the fourth wall, and hilarious in any setting. Both are wickedly, gleefully [...]


Joker's always trying to get Batman to see they're exactly alike, but there is a difference. The Joker has a moustache under his guise.

The Red Hood Strikes in ‘Batman 66′ #3!

Holy Released Rights, Batman! DC’s new Batman ’66 title is a fun romp through the kitschy Gotham of the Adam West TV series, mixed with newer, beloved characters who hadn’t been created bat then. Er–back then. [...]


Awful puns like this are why we're forever alone.

Hot, Geeky and Scantily Clad: Cosplay Queen Liz Katz

by Blake Northcott If you’re a guy, and if you’re a geek (hey, who isn’t these days?) chances are you spend several hours a day Googling hot cosplay chicks. And they don’t get much hotter [...]


Impaled on a blade? Just another day's work for Deadshot.

Suicide Squad #17 EXCLUSIVE Preview!

by Brendan McGinley The Suicide Squad: super-powered criminals who have agreed to do the government’s dirty work in exchange for commuted sentences. It’s The Dirty Dozen with talking sharks. Oh, and they all have bombs [...]


King Superman?

Review: ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ #1

by Jeremiah Wallace Disclaimer: I have a deep fondness for video games and I also love comics, so naturally anything that combines the two of them immediately has my interest. Injustice: Gods among Us are [...]