Harley Quinn

Could we love Harley Quinn any more than this?

It’s Total Insanity in ‘New Suicide Squad’ #4

Been a long while since we’ve checked in with those lunatics in the Suicide Squad, but you’ll be happy to know this issue features one of comics’ most beloved face-to-faces in Deadshot vs. Deathstroke. Except Deadshot’s […]


#@^& yeah, "Love & Rockets" shirt!

Hidden Influences: ‘Sex and Violence’ Writer Jimmy Palmiotti

We’re unabashed fans of comic writer Jimmy Palmiotti around these parts (and what would we have to be abashed about? Nuthin’! The man was story consultant on Injustice: Gods Among Us for crying out loud), so […]


What are the odds that blood stain on her leg would be the exact size and shape as the one on her leg but flipped upside down? Come on, we believe that a man can fly, but that defies probability.

Skate and/or Die in ‘Harley Quinn’ #10!

Highfather knows we love us some Harley Quinn round the Man Cave — she’s the Joker if instead of being a total creep he were a fun-loving, surprisingly sensitive gal. There’s nothing worse than a comedian […]


"No" is one of the few words we know in Korugarian.

Fear Comes to Earth in ‘Injustice: Year Two’ Chapter 15

Clean lines, dirty deeds. That’s what’s up in the bloody return of Injustice: Gods Among Us, with artist Bruno Redondo bringing his smooth art to Tom Taylor‘s diary of the DC Universe’s descent into despotism. Darkseid […]


Injustice Gods Among Us Vol2

‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Is Superheroes Done Right

If you want a lesson in how to write superheroes, buy this book. If you want to enjoy some exciting action that will have you physically reacting to each turn of the page and its […]


We love Harley Quinn.

Mad Love: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are comics’ all-time power couple. The wife-and-husband team are longtime collaborators but even taken separately, either one commands long lines of fans waiting to meet them at comic conventions. It’s no wonder why–both have […]


This must be that alternative medicine everyone talks about. Okay, we can see the appeal.

Savor Brooklyn’s Best Borger in ‘Harley Quinn’ #5

Is Harley Quinn the DC Universe’s Deadpool? Hear us out: the similarities go beyond the red-and-black outfits. She’s mentally unstable, known to break the fourth wall, and hilarious in any setting. Both are wickedly, gleefully […]


Joker's always trying to get Batman to see they're exactly alike, but there is a difference. The Joker has a moustache under his guise.

The Red Hood Strikes in ‘Batman 66′ #3!

Holy Released Rights, Batman! DC’s new Batman ’66 title is a fun romp through the kitschy Gotham of the Adam West TV series, mixed with newer, beloved characters who hadn’t been created bat then. Er–back then. […]


Awful puns like this are why we're forever alone.

Hot, Geeky and Scantily Clad: Cosplay Queen Liz Katz

If you’re a guy, and if you’re a geek (hey, who isn’t these days?) chances are you spend several hours a day Googling hot cosplay chicks. And they don’t get much hotter or geekier than […]


Impaled on a blade? Just another day's work for Deadshot.

Suicide Squad #17 EXCLUSIVE Preview!

by Brendan McGinley The Suicide Squad: super-powered criminals who have agreed to do the government’s dirty work in exchange for commuted sentences. It’s The Dirty Dozen with talking sharks. Oh, and they all have bombs […]




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