Men die. Legends are forever.

The Good Ol’ Days Are Back in ‘Convergence: Justice Society of America’ #1

Hey, fankid–going to Chicago this weekend for C2E2? No? Aw, don’t be sad. DC is throwing you a comic convention right here in their “Convergence” crossover, that brings back legendary creators from every era of […]


Not all Batmen are created equal, though all are created by the death of their parents. (Source: DC)

The Worst Alternate Universe Batmen Ever

With Arkham Origins coming out in a couple days, we figured we’d get a jump on all the alternate universe versions of Batman you can get as DLC costumes. If you have no idea what […]


It takes a great artist to make two government employees having a conversation more exciting than 90% of superhero brawls.

Review: ‘Justice League of America’ #1 Is Justice for the Jaded

  by Brendan McGinley On its surface, Justice League of America #1 is a standard first issue. We see introductory vignettes of the cast as Col. Trevor and Director Waller discuss the team they’re assembling: […]


Here comes the boom.

Savage Hawkman #15 EXCLUSIVE Preview!

by Brendan McGinley When last we saw Hawkman, he and Green Arrow were smashing through Thanagarian warhawks to find Princess Shayera and ask her what’s up with this crazy frame-up of Hawkman for fratricide. Let’s […]



Savage Hawkman #14 EXCLUSIVE Preview!

by Brendan McGinley Another preview for you from the folks at DC. This time Hawkman and Green Arrow team up to track down Princess Shayera. Windows are smashed, faces are shot, memories are made. Enjoy! […]