This joke will pay off later.

The Terrifying Future, Part 2!

Remember when we gave you an awful glimpse of The Terrifying Future? Your ordeal isn’t over, Sam! You’re destined to bounce through time like a quantum ping pong ball, until you’ve comprehended every awful thing [...]


Greening knows how to survive this game -- but he's not telling.

How to Survive: A Video Game Primer For Killing Zombies

by Marshal Rosenthal It’s a post apocalyptic world and there are zombies. You’ve made it off of the mainland and have arrived onto an island off the coast of Colombia. It’s desolate but not devoid [...]


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Slash Talks About His New Horror Movie, ‘Nothing Left to Fear’

by Rob Fee Not only is Slash one of the most iconic and talented musicians to ever live, he’s now ventured into the world of horror films with his production company, Slasher Films. Just in [...]



The Creepiest Things You’ll Find at a Horror Convention

by Rob Fee I recently attended a large horror and sci-fi convention in Louisville, KY called FandomFest. If you’ve never been to one, I highly recommend finding a show close to you because, not only [...]


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10 Weird Questions with The Vicious Brothers

by Rob Fee If you’re a fan of horror then you’re probably already familiar with the work of The Vicious Brothers. If you haven’t heard of them yet, don’t worry, you will. Their debut film, Grave [...]


This is what he looks like to all the Terminator cosplayers in the audience.

10 Weird Questions with Film Critic Scott Weinberg

by Rob Fee One of my go-to movie critics is Scott Weinberg. He’s one of the few critics that review even the most obscure horror movies while still being honest enough to admit when he [...]



The 7 Most Wanted Movie Adaptions

by Patrick Emmel With Hollywood finally realizing what fans want to watch, it is time to revisit some story-lines that have been pushed to the wayside for too long: Army of Darkness 2; Deadpool; Preacher; [...]


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Fast Forward to Fear: V/H/S/2

by Patrick Emmel After a failed film experiment to find the perfect movie, Patrick Emmel’s mind fractured into two opposing parts: Jekyll, the film study critic, and Hyde, the critic who wants eye candy. These [...]


Terror is a Swedish caricature?

The Most Terrifying Upcoming Movies of 2013

by Rob Fee 2013 has been a hit or miss year for horror thus far. While the Evil Dead remake thrilled audiences (myself included) another Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake was barely noticed. Lower budget projects [...]


20th Century FOX

5 TV Series That Suffered Their Own Arrested Development

by Patrick Emmel It finally happened. We’ve cried. We’ve pleaded. We’ve quoted. We’ve memed to FOX about being a chicken. Now, finally, Hollywood has listened. Arrested Development returns for a fourth season, this time on Netflix. [...]