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Sneak Peek & Review: Mark Millar’s Starlight #2

In the debut issue of Starlight (Image Comics, $2.99), Mark Millar pulled off something that is a rarity in the world of comic books: he tugged at our heart strings, and deftly took just a [...]



RAT QUEENS: Sass and Sorcery

“It’s like D&D…if your campaign was a combination of Lord of the Rings and Sex & the City.” That was how Image Comics’ surprise hit Rat Queens was described to me before I’d cracked open the [...]


Courtesy of Mark Millar

Mark Millar on ‘Starlight’ (with Exclusive Preview!)

Some people spend their days excitedly awaiting special occasions – the events that are asterisked, circled and underlined on their calendars with an enthusiastic red marker: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Festivus…but not me. I just wait [...]


Haunted & hunted

Review: Literary Legends Haunt the Pages of ‘Five Ghosts’ #6

by Eric Palicki Recently promoted from limited to ongoing series, Image Comics’ Five Ghosts returned recently with a clever done-in-one illustrated by guest artist Garry Brown.  Longtime readers will find that neither story nor art [...]


Who can say no to the ol' 1-point perspective angle on a pistol?

Nine More Comics for Hardcore Geeks

by Ross C. Hardy A while back, I wrote an article naming ten solid creator-owned comic books you could read if you wanted to prove your interests lay outside mainstream superhero publishing. Some aspects of [...]


The hellraising quartet of Rat Queens

REVIEW: ‘Rat Queens’ #1 from Image Comics

Don’t get me wrong – I love the Big Two. Marvel and DC are responsible for some pretty bad-ass comic books on a very regular basis, and my pull list is never without at least [...]


VESCELL #6 Cover - by John ‘Roc’ Upchurch

Guns, Gals, & Astral Travel  

by Blake Northcott Comic book fans, at heart, are treasure hunters. It’s virtually impossible to purchase and read every single book that comes out each month; with time and money being a factor, fans are [...]



Three Degrees of ‘The Walking Dead’

by Patrick Emmel Nothing can cripple the anticipation a storyline creates more than a spoiler. Luckily, the storylines of the comic, television show, and video game versions of The Walking Dead are different enough that [...]


Lucky guy owns a cat AND a cape.

Interview with SAGA artist Fiona Staples

by Blake Northcott Looking back at 2012 it’s clear who claimed victory in the ‘Marvel vs. DC’ battle to determine the best comic book company of the year: Image Comics. What? Huh? Don’t look so [...]


Say "Ah!"

Interview with CHEW Artist Rob Guillory!

by Blake Northcott I first heard about Image Comics’ monthly title Chew when it won the Eisner Award for Best New Series back in 2010. When I read about the bizarre story revolving around a [...]