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Marc Silvestri September Mourning

Marc Silvestri: ‘September Mourning’ Fuses Comics & Music

Back in the early ’90s some of the biggest names from Marvel left the company and forged a creator-owned company called Image. It was like the comic book equivalent of an NBA All-Star Team, featuring […]


No parent should have to watch his daughter enter the forest of bleeding trees.

‘Wytches’ Author Scott Snyder on Fatherhood & Fear

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble—-catchphrase for witches or a good description of babies? We wouldn’t know, since we don’t date overly religious gals and you’ll get our sperm when you pry it out of our […]


How empty can you be when you have a deer-fox for a friend?

Review: ‘The Empty’ #1 Is Full of Adventure

The Empty is a rare beast, indeed, a comic that evokes so much of what I love — The Last Airbender, Nausicaä in the Valley of the Wind, The Dark Crystal, Sergio Leone, even Moses […]


If you can't have high times and hard laughs, at least get high laughs out of hard times.

Eric Powell on The Goon’s 15th Anniversary

Very rarely is a comic book these days the product of a single man’s labors. Even rarer does that comic shoot to the top of the indie scene, and rarest of all, does it do […]


Dead demonic deer derps dramatically! Film at 11.

Darkness that Appeals: ‘Wytches’ Author Scott Snyder

Who’s the best writer in comics? Of course it’s a ridiculous question to ask. Writing is one of the most purely subjective art forms there is, so anyone trying to make a case for the […]


The London bar scene is a bit stifling.

Comic Reviews for 8/27/14

Hear ye, hear ye! Time for another round-up of reviews! We’ve got some mainstream, some indie, some old, some new, all of them worthy of the Man Cave once over. So let the recommendations, commendations, and […]



Preview: Mark Millar’s ‘MPH’ #2

Mark Millar’s new comic book series, MPH, introduced us to a fictional drug that enables regular people to sprint at supersonic speeds, set against the sobering–and unfortunately non-fictional–backdrop of modern-day Detroit. Book one set the […]


C.O.W.L. Clobber Collars Commie (man, this headline writes itself!)

Review: C.O.W.L. #1 is G.R.E.A.T.

From the Haymarket riots to the Summerdale Scandals, or from the Chicago Seven to the coining of the term “Chicago-style politics” during the ’08 presidential election, the city has a richer political history than any […]


Son, you can't run with a faceful of lightning. Pull over and talk to the police.

Preview: Mark Millar’s ‘MPH’ #1

The characters In Mark Millar’s newest comic, as always, are so vibrant they practically leap from the panels – but as the story progresses, it’s the backdrop that quietly takes center stage. While superhero tales […]



Sneak Peek & Review: Mark Millar’s Starlight #2

In the debut issue of Starlight (Image Comics, $2.99), Mark Millar pulled off something that is a rarity in the world of comic books: he tugged at our heart strings, and deftly took just a […]