Penis size

If you can't be comfortable in your own skin, try wearing a chicken's.

The One Thing that Truly Makes a Man

What makes a man in the modern world? Some say it was easier in the good old days, and it was: when the rampaging psychopaths tore through your village raping and killing, you were a […]


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STUDY: Good News about Your Penis Size!

That’s the last time we will mention your penis, we promise.


If you do it for a career, you have to substitute with one of the auxiliary manly skills.

Six Things that Make You A Man

As a dude, I sometimes look at women and think; wow, that looks like so much hard work. They must spend a couple of hours at least, daily, just doing the things that seem required […]


This is the most tasteful representation possible. (photo: Thinkstock)

The Worst Part of This “Olive Oil-Injected Penis” Story…

According to The Daily Mail: hyperbole, made-up celebrity gossip, misreported fact, outright lie, and a couple of true but bizarre stories. We’re really hoping this tale is not one of the latter, but here we go. […]


We look like this after the fifth hour of surfing for porn, too

Stupid Yahoo! Answers IV: Vegan Cocaine Edition

by Luis Prada It’s said that nothing is certain but death and taxes. I propose we add stupid questions asked on Yahoo! Answers to the list, as long after the world has ended and the […]