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5 Reasons To Care About ‘X-Force’

Marvel has so many X-titles that it would be difficult to tell them apart even if they used the rest of the alphabet. In the early nineties Marvel’s publication list looked like someone trying to […]


Whatever's going on here, we know we're not cool enough to be part of it.

Ed Piskor’s ‘Hip Hop Family Tree’

The sometimes controversial, historically accurate and wildly entertaining Hip Hop Family Tree–a comic strip by Ed Piskor–has been a mainstay at Boing Boing for several years. The weekly strip chronicles the birth of hip hop […]


"Oh--oh yeah? Well so's your FACE!...wait, wait, let me try that again, I can do better."

Penultimate ‘Starlight’ Preview!

Mark Millar’s epic space adventure thunders towards its conclusion: Starlight #5, the penultimate chapter in the six-issue limited series, hits comic stores everywhere on August 13, featuring covers by Tommy Lee Edwards and one of […]


Sir, show some dignity!

Iron Man’s 6 Dumbest Moments

Iron Man is the world’s most successful supervillain. He’s head of a gigabilion dollar corporation, owns multiple high-tech secret lairs, goes on a drunken/sexual/robotic rampages whenever he likes, and gets away with it because he […]


Here comes the boom.

Savage Hawkman #15 EXCLUSIVE Preview!

by Brendan McGinley When last we saw Hawkman, he and Green Arrow were smashing through Thanagarian warhawks to find Princess Shayera and ask her what’s up with this crazy frame-up of Hawkman for fratricide. Let’s […]



Savage Hawkman #14 EXCLUSIVE Preview!

by Brendan McGinley Another preview for you from the folks at DC. This time Hawkman and Green Arrow team up to track down Princess Shayera. Windows are smashed, faces are shot, memories are made. Enjoy! […]