This isn't even the fight. This is just how Nai Khonom Tom says hello.

Ass-kicking Athletes of Antiquity: Nai Khanom Tom

by Karl Smallwood All of the athletes we’ve covered here at MCD have had a distinct advantage over Nai Khanom Tom–mainly that their exploits are verifiable by history. Then again, if we know Nai, which [...]



10 Weird Questions with Anberlin’s Stephen Christian

by Brendan McGinley Anberlin is a band that can make you feel nostalgic even in the moment, as you’ll observe in their new video for “City Electric,” but they’re also fine with kicking it into [...]


Just because she doesn't judge us doesn't mean we weren't found wanting.

Ten Weird Questions with Internet Icon Judge Christine Lakin

Christine Lakin isn’t judging you. But she is judging the contestants who hope to take over YouTube in this summer’s second season of Internet Icon, alongside Ryan Higa and Timothy DeLaGhetto, as they try to [...]


This is the most tasteful representation possible. (photo: Thinkstock)

The Worst Part of This “Olive Oil-Injected Penis” Story…

by Brendan McGinley According to The Daily Mail: hyperbole, made-up celebrity gossip, misreported fact, outright lie, and a couple of true but bizarre stories. We’re really hoping this tale is not one of the latter, but [...]